Why We March

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” —Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. As we approach Donald Trump’s inauguration, my body shakes with deep concern for our democracy. I have wrestled with this insecurity since November 8, 2016. Since then, sustaining peace of mind about politics has felt like… Continue Reading

The Full Wolf Moon: Howl

As we find ourselves back in the grind of life, we experience the first full moon of 2017 in the sensual, security driven, feminine sign of Cancer. Under normal circumstances, a full moon in Cancer—a sign ruled by the moon—would signal a fabulous lunar ritual: a reverent moment to connect with the mystery and power… Continue Reading

Welcome to 2017: Let’s Slay

Opening a new year can feel a bit like opening a present. Full of excitement and wonder, hopes and giggles, maybe even a bow or two. Yet, creating a year (or a life for that matter) doesn’t just mean receiving. It means crafting with incredible intention. So while 2017 remains vitally young, and still in… Continue Reading

New Moon in Capricorn: The End of an Era, and a Precious New Beginning

The other night I found myself at a table for 12 on the Upper West Side of Manhattan at a holiday gift exchange. The topic of numerology—a sister science to astrology—came up, reminding me that 2016, a tumultuous year for so many, represents a nine-year. A nine-year in numerology brings endings and completions. If we… Continue Reading

New Moon in Sagittarius: Welcome to Our New Reality

Over the last lunar cycle, I led nearly 1300 hundred participants through the Moon Cycle Manifestation Challenge. We worked succinctly with the eight phases of the moon, towards the manifestation of one burn-your-gut-from-the-inside-out desire. With the Taurus supermoon that occurred on the 14th of the month, we had some serious lunar eye candy to sink… Continue Reading

Manifesting: What Does It Really Mean?

One of the biggest buzzwords in the personal development world is manifestation. Everyone from Deepak Chopra to Gabrielle Bernstein tells us that the secret to having the relationship, money, career, health, and life of our dreams is placing a very well-intentioned “order” into the Universe.i.e. Dear Universe, I’d like to call in my soulmate now.… Continue Reading

The Eight Phases of the Moon: The Ebb and Flow of Conscious Creation

There’s nothing more soul-crushing than feeling like you’ve done “everything right” to call something important into your life, and it just doesn’t show up. The promotion passes you by. The romantic partner is nowhere to be found. The credit card debt deepens. The opportunities dry up. The weight doesn’t budge. Perhaps you’ve even spent months… Continue Reading

The Full Supermoon in Aries: Connect with Courage

  Take a moment to consider this. There is a 14.6 million square mile ball of light and matter floating in space, shining down on us night after night. It’s scientifically proven that this mysterious object has a powerful effect on us and our planet. The tides rise and fall with the moon. Women’s menstrual… Continue Reading

When Your No Becomes a Yes: Indulging the Journey of Self-Care

  I love to eat, but I hate to chew. I live to taste, but digest? Now that’s something that doesn’t come easily to me. My unconscious pattern: get food in my mouth and swallow—not necessarily grind it in my teeth and rip it to shreds as a way to kick-start the digestion process. Nope.… Continue Reading

New Moon in Libra: Luck is in the Stars

Luck is in the stars, and it’s coming your way. With the Sun and moon aligned at the same degree in Libra beside good luck and expansive Jupiter, the new moon happening on September 30th at 8:11 pm ET kicks off on a particularly strong note. The Sun and Jupiter aligning is often dubbed as… Continue Reading

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