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Aquarius Full Moon: An Almost, Sort of, Kind of Eclipse

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Ladies, as we gear up for what scientists are calling an almost Lunar Eclipse, culminating in the sign of Aquarius on the morning of August 18th, the moon bestows upon us a time to let go so we can begin again.

With the Sun in Leo making a gorgeous angle to Uranus in Aries, our best intentions become blessed, especially since Uranus rules the sign of Aquarius, the portion of the zodiac expanding our creativity this full moon. With Venus in Virgo trining pluto in Capricorn, and Jupiter and Mercury about to meet up in the sky at the exact same degree, the universe seems on board with our ambitions. Thank the goddess!

Yet, while this full moon bequeaths cosmic blessings upon us to take action and initiate, it also asks us to decipher what we need to wrap up, say no to, and complete.

This almost, kind of, sort of full moon eclipse punctuates the month of August with a massive emphasis on integration, completion, resolution, and preparation for what’s to come. As we round out the final days of the Sun traversing the sign of Leo—famously known for fashion, fun, parties and play time—the duty of Virgo makes her presence known, as the Sun will scoot into this fastidious sign of the healer just five days after the full moon.

So what exactly are we wrapping up?

On the most basic level: summer. Here in the North, our beloved season of sun gives way to the back-to-school mentality. As we wrap up our vacations, the rhythm of life reminds us of our devotion to the details, asking us to reset our daily schedules and sync up with the Sun that is now setting earlier and earlier each day.

Before we know it, the equinox will be here. So pay particular attention to the rituals of summer that sweeten life for you. Have you gotten to the beach, hiked that mountain, swam in the lake, breathed enough fresh air, eaten the perfectly sweet corn, or had the most amazing peach yet? If not, get on it. Clear a day or two on your calendar to simply do the things you love this time of year. We have to play; it’s one of the greatest ways to elevate our lives.

On a more complicated level, we are wrapping up some other major stuff, too.

Think back to October of 2014 when our dear friend Saturn, the planet that rules purpose, discipline, and soul growth, traveled through the depths of Scorpio. Saturn in Scorpio gave us hands-on instruction on how to deal with the death and rebirth cycle of life. Saturn, now in Sagittarius, just stationed direct at 9 degrees after a multi-month retrograde journey. Saturn will be meeting up with Mars, also wrapping up a retro journey, on the 23rd to initiate a whole new leg of purpose in our lives. Mars went retrograde this year from mid-April through the end of June, but won’t clear his shadow (resume normal speed) until he meets up with Saturn next week.

Over the last few weeks I have heard so many incredible stories of frustration, feeling on the verge of giving up, wanting to throw the towel in. Even those in my life who are consistently steady have felt the treacherous frustration of Mars not fully up to speed, Saturn waking up from a long retrograde, Uranus and Eris creating a new cycle, Saturn in the midst of squaring Neptune, and a list of other configurations whose names only make sense to well trained astrologers.

Have you too felt the urge to quit? To slash and burn your hard work and go back to the drawing board? Felt the frustration of the summer slow down instead of the gust of life it pushes through? Check in with yourself! Does this feel true to you? If so take time to nurture the part of you that feels cosmically forgotten. I promise you aren’t! Yet, I know this is a long time without our dear powerhouse Mars.

Here’s the good news: we are wrapping up a massive story that started back in October of 2014, and initiating a new dream! Mars will finally be back to full strength! Having gone on the inward journey with the planet of forward motion, much of 2016 up until now has been about finding our blind spot and realigning our ambition with our truth. We are almost ready to move forward full speed. But until then, we need to cement our knowing into our soul.

What did we just learn? What do we need to release?

Just as Mars catches his full speed, our dear friend Mercury prepares for his retrograde cycle, happening from August 30th through September 21st. In addition we’ll have two eclipses in September: a new moon eclipse in Virgo on the 1st, and a full moon eclipse in Pisces on the 16th.  The eclipses and Mercury retrograde will move our lives like a broom, taking away all of the debris cluttering the floor of our lives, while asking us to find and hold our center. There are other astrological things occurring in September that will complicate things then, too.

With that in mind, I suggest we do some preemptive cleaning and get organized in advance. Why wait? Get things organized and situated metaphorically. Understand the lessons you are learning, and let go of the behaviors, thoughts, and allegiances that no longer work.

With the eclipses upon us, it’s also essential to look back 19 years ago to 1997. What major chapter of your life are you wrapping up? 1997 marked the year I received my first cancer diagnosis, so this cycle has pertinent resonance for me.

How about you? What cycle are you completing? What vision are you initiating?

In the comments below, l would love to hear what you are releasing this full moon, and/or what you are manifesting.

Stay strong. You are resilient, powerful, capable and divinely supported.

All of my love,


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  • Michele Anderson

    Your explanation and recommendations were clear to me. I can see the structure of about what’s been going on since 2014 and 1997. 🙂 Thanks…

  • Tania da Costa

    Wow! 1997 was the year I officially started my career. Now the vision I am creating is one of following my dreams and taking the next steps towards making them a reality. xo

    • jracioppi

      As Debra Silverman would say, you can’t make this up! Oh those Nodes of Fate! It’s the ending of a 19 year cycle. It’s time to move on. Congratulations. How wonderful?! Thanks for posting…

  • Ruth

    This gave me chills! One of those months when it feels as though everything resonates – especially the wanting to give up and endings of things.
    Thanks Jenn. Looking forward to new beginnings and magic in the next cycle!

  • Hollis

    Thank you so much, Jennifer. After 2 years of exciting forward momentum with my new business, I’ve totally been thinking about throwing in the towel. Thank you thank you thank you for your words. I know it’s not truly what I want, just frustrated by the sudden stagnation.

    And in 1997 I bought my first house! I’ve been a renter the last few years and dreaming of owning my home. Time to make it part of the plan!!

    Thanks again–I look forward to every single post!

    • jracioppi

      I am glad you found this post helpful. So many people came to me this month asking about throwing in the towel, so I knew it was a theme. Only you know when it’s time to pivot, but if your heart still wants to hang in there, the truth is– you may just be beginning! Keep a positive disposition, enjoy the waning days of summer, and look to the fall for an easier time launching and leading. Here for you!

  • Dena

    very interesting, thank you!
    Oct 2014 I was hospitalized with a viral infection that almost killed me. 1997 was the year my daughter was born. Both very impactful. Is there a correlation between the two or in what is to come?

    • jracioppi

      Hi Dena, Thanks for commenting. I wouldn’t try to find the correlation between the two. Instead, I would look at the impact both had on you and the lessons you learned that are culminating in your life now. From there I’d make plans for your future based on the knowledge and wisdom acquired via both cycles. Eclipses are totally unpredictable, so as we go through the next month be willing to pivot. However, in your heart cultivate your wisdom and truth so you stay connected to center, core, and spirit. Sending you so much love!

  • Laurel

    Hi Jennifer!

    Love your blog and work. I discovered you on Facebook Live with the founders of Soul Camp :). As for the full moon I am letting go of my former career for good as it no longer serves me and initiating my new heart-centered career path of teacher, healer, coach, writer, speaker and leader in my community.

    • jracioppi

      Amazing! Thank you for commenting. I hope to meet you at Soul Camp:) And, here’s to your new career. So awesome.

  • Sylvia

    Dear Jennifer.
    Wow! In August 1997 the guy I loved died by suicide. That threw me for a loop and chose that love was not for me. 2001 I had to change and began slow cleanup and found love but now want to close the chapter of 1997. Delaying grief didn’t help either. 2016 is the time to move to another chapter 🙂

  • Karla

    This past week has felt like a cosmic storm and I have been struggling immensely with frustrations, being over-sensitive and emotional. So many moments that I have just sat back and thought why am I reacting like this – when normally I don’t sweat the small stuff at all. I have felt conflicted in a lot of situations and just not felt like myself.

    In 1997 I was finishing high school and had no idea what to do with my life. This year has marked me commencing a university degree which I am hoping will lead me towards my hearts true desire to be able to heal and help people.

    I needed to read your blog today – thankyou

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