Virgo Zodiac Sign: The Mentor, Engineer, Editor

Virgo (August 23rd – September 22nd) Mentor. Engineer. Editor *** Virgo Sun Sign Every stitch in a carefully sewn sweater. A bookcase sorted in alphabetical order. Clean lines and edges, the faint scent of antibacterial soap, and perfect cursive writing. The Virgo star sign rules all of these things, and all require a steady hand… Continue Reading

Leo Zodiac Sign: The Sovereign, Motivator, Leader.  

Leo (July 23rd – August 22nd) Sovereign. Motivator. Leader.   *** Leo Sun Sign All eyes on you, love—just the way you like it. Or not. Truth is most Leos attract attention even though they often don’t want it! Like the sun is central to our solar system, Leos often find that others naturally orbit… Continue Reading

Cancer Zodiac Sign: The Empress, Breadwinner, Nurturer.

Cancer (June 21st – July 22nd) Empress. Breadwinner. Nurturer.   *** Cancer Sun Sign It’s easy to spot a Cancer star sign by the way guests are treated in their home. You’d be hard pressed to find someone ruled by the intuitive, divinely feminine moon who doesn’t make at least some kind of preparation for… Continue Reading

How To Use The Rhythms Of Nature To Heal Yourself—And The Planet

As the leaves finally begin to change, I’m watching it all happen from my home in upstate New York. I’ll be honest, it hasn’t been as peaceful and nourishing as autumn tends to be for me. Usually, by now, the leaves are well past their peak colors and have started to drop. But this year,… Continue Reading

Gemini Zodiac Sign: The Networker, Teacher, Writer.

Gemini (May 21st – June 20th) Networker. Teacher. Writer. *** Gemini Sun Sign That spark you feel when you’ve made a connection—to a person, place, or when you’ve threaded together a string of ideas? That’s the very essence of the Gemini star sign at work. As an air sign ruled by the messenger planet of… Continue Reading

Taurus Zodiac Sign: The Epicurean, Gardener, and Aphrodite.

Taurus (April 20th – May 20th) Epicurean. Gardener. Aphrodite. *** Taurus Sun Sign Lush, warm woods. Smoky leather couches, plush afghans, and dark chocolate squares in delicate bowls. The sensations of luxury and comfort are associated with the Taurus star sign, and oh, how the sign of the bull knows how to use them. Your… Continue Reading

Aries Zodiac Sign: The Pioneer, Director, and Athlete.

Aries (March 21st – April 19th) Pioneer. Director. Athlete. *** Aries Sun Sign As an Aries star sign, your archetypes are associated with passion and movement. You’re the first sign of the zodiac, which places you in the precarious position to foresee the next big thing before everyone else catches on. Not only can you… Continue Reading

Even Oprah Magazine Is Talking About The Moon. Here’s Why.

From pop culture’s emerging obsession with the moon signs to lunar rituals showing up on mainstream television like The Affair, everyone seems to be talking about the moon. Even the Queen of TV herself, Oprah, is publishing articles about setting new moon intentions with the same authoritative and compelling tone as her magazine has touted… Continue Reading

Venus Retrograde 2018: The Divine Feminine in American Politics

On Saturday, Brett Kavanaugh was sworn in as the 114th Justice of the Supreme Court. I, and most women and woman-identifying people I know, did not take it well. We mourned, we panicked, and we grieved. I wanted to talk through it with friends, wanted to rally myself to get the eff up and get… Continue Reading

New Moon in Libra: Balance Is A Myth

With the new moon in Libra occurring on October 8th at 11:46 pm ET at 15 degrees, the cosmos present us the opportunity to call forth a new version of balance, truth, and justice. Reflecting on Equilibrium This Libra Season If anyone was looking at my life from the outside in this year, they’d probably… Continue Reading

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