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Capricorn Zodiac Sign: The Expert, Strategist, Executive.

capricorn zodiac sign

Capricorn (December 22nd – January 19th)

Expert. Strategist. Executive.


Capricorn Sun Sign

Infinite calm settling a snowy field. Tree roots that cling to the earth. Soft, patchy grass growing and striving beneath the frozen ground without anyone knowing. Quality over quantity. Ambition over ambivalence. The ability to manifest not only a seat at the table, but an entire institution into being. This is the essence of the Capricorn star sign.

Ruled by authoritarian Saturn, you aren’t one to take responsibilities lightly, and with good reason. Capricorns are here to learn what it means to fulfill their responsibilities, even when—especially when—the process requires inordinate amounts of patience and perseverance. Things may not always come easily, but they always come when you put in the hard work.

Traditionally, this Cardinal Earth sign is associated with maintaining the status quo and patriarchal hierarchies. In reality, you’re not so much into convention as you are into efficiency, Cap. You deeply understand the amount of hustling it takes to bring something into being, so you naturally respect what is already in place. You can see all of the minuscule moving pieces that had to come together to build a major institution. You aren’t sure if there’s value in burning it all down. Why not build upon what’s already there and change it from the inside out?

Capricorns get a bad rap for being stuffy and rigid.

But just because you don’t wear your heart on your sleeve, it doesn’t mean you don’t feel deeply. In fact, it’s this impeccable sense of duty that pushes you to explore intuition and soul wisdom. You recognize that if you’re truly going to be at your best, you’ll have to develop all of you. When you do receive an intuitive hit, you take it very seriously. More than any other sign, you aren’t afraid to face what this wisdom is telling you head-on and make practical steps to change.

To reach your highest potential, you must embrace the paradox of practical wisdom. You’re here to show others what it means to achieve through mastering the less flashy things of life—routine, habits, and structure. While you may not make your accomplishments look easy, that’s not the point. You show others that anything is attainable with time, patience, and the proper inner resources. And when you show others what’s possible, you’ll inspire others to join you all the way at the top.

Capricorn Rising Sign

As a Capricorn rising, it’s best if everyone just gets out of your way while you handle it all. At least, that’s the way people tend to perceive you. Like you know what you’re doing and it’s only a matter of time until you rise to the top.

When you get there, it won’t be by accident. You’re dedicated and devoted. You know that it’s only a matter of time until you can add CEO to your email signature. Some people may see this attitude of inevitable success as arrogant, but that’s only because you haven’t clued them into just how many behind-the-scenes hours you’re really putting in, Cap.

You prefer order over discord, and structure over winging-it. Because of this, others may see you as a bit of a fun-governor. It’s not that you don’t enjoy a good time… once you’re there. It’s just hard to pull you away from your desk, especially when you’re passionate about your projects. Be sure to pencil in a night out once in awhile, love, and let yourself unwind.

Capricorn Moon Sign

If your moon sign falls in Capricorn, you’re not one to wear your heart on your sleeve. In fact, at times you may wonder why everyone else seems so torn up over everything from rom-coms to the state of the world… when you just aren’t.

It’s not that you don’t care; it’s just you prefer to do something about a problem rather than dwell on it. You’re most emotionally satisfied when you’re actively working toward a kinder, more thoughtful world. (Bonus points if it involves color-coding.)

While you feel good after you’ve reached the top, pay close attention to how you feel when you’re in the middle of the climb. Out of any moon sign, you’re most likely to stuff down your feelings and endure straight-up bullshit all in the name of actionable goals. You’ll deal with it when you get there, you tell yourself. But with your drive and work-ethic, you’ll never really “arrive.” You’ll always be striving for the next thing, so you might as well teach yourself to play, wander, and explore while you’re pushing forward.

Are you ready to embody your cosmic destiny?

If you’re blessed with a Capricorn sun, moon, or ascendant in your chart, it’s time to demonstrate what true work-ethic really looks like, and what it means to rise on your own merit. And it’s time to build structures, systems, and a society that allows us all to reach our potential.

As women and woman-identifying people, we’ve come to a crossroads in our political and social history. It’s time for us to fully embody our highest potential and put to use our greatest spiritual gifts for the betterment of our world. It’s time for us dive deeper into our personal soul-traits so that we can leave a wider, more powerful imprint on this critical moment in time.

Join me for my annual Moon Cycle Embodiment Challenge starting on November 7th. The very next day, Jupiter, the planet of good luck, good fortune and abundance enters into Sagittarius, we’ll begin. You’ll learn how to harness the 28-day cycle and unparalleled energy of the moon to renew your feminine connection, deepen self-care practices, reclaim your health rhythm, and learn more about astrology. *This challenge is for anyone who identifies as female.

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