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New Moon in Aries: And So We Begin

The new moon in Aries, happening on Sunday (the 11th) at 10:30 pm Eastern, is the first new moon of the zodiacal new year, and thus, an essential one. Happening at 22° of Aries, this new moon commences the spring season in all earnest: calling us into fresh starts and new beginnings. The new moon’s… Continue Reading

Tune into Chiron + Embrace the Moon’s Waning Magic

The waning moon provides an awesome opportunity to let go of the old and ready yourself for what’s to come. But that doesn’t mean the moon’s waning cycle is easy. In the aftermath of last night’s full moon in Libra, a full moon that invited the embodiment of deep soul-level healing, it’s normal to feel… Continue Reading

Full Moon in Libra: Self-Love on Behalf of Collective Healing

The full moon on March 28th at 8° of Libra perfects at 2:48 pm Eastern, and it provides a profound invitation to cultivate self-love. In the pandemic era, where the hope for a better future is constantly met with an unrelenting traumatic news cycle, understanding and living with self-love can become even more complicated. I… Continue Reading

New Moon in Pisces: Unlock Your Healing Magic

Welcome to the new moon in Pisces, happening on March 13th at 5:32 am Eastern. This 23° new moon occurs with Venus, the planet of love, in exact conjunction with Neptune, the planet of dreams, both in Pisces. This hypnotic blend of spiritual and emotional prowess creates the perfect time to connect deeply with your heart’s… Continue Reading

Get Ready for A Radical Breakthrough: Full Moon in Pisces 2020 + A Major Book Announcement

As we shift from summer to autumn in the Northern Hemisphere, the cooler weather brings with it the realization that we’re almost three-fourths of the way through 2020. Can you believe it? Meanwhile, thanks for your patience– it’s been a couple of months since I’ve posted a blog. I’ve been pouring all of my words… Continue Reading

Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn 2020: Grieving What Can No Longer Be

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you know that I almost always cover current astrological events, including what’s going on at the new and full moon. I’ve loved contributing to the collective knowledge of astrology, positive psychology, and wellness in this way, but like the rest of the world, it’s time to… Continue Reading

Solar Eclipse in Cancer 2020: Safety, For Everyone

The recent south node lunar eclipse in Sagittarius, which happened on June 5th, put a light on police brutality, and the unjust ways Black America remains oppressed. But the thing is, while eclipses generally bring light to things that are hidden, systemic racism was never hidden, it’s just been normalized. And now, with the new… Continue Reading

Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius 2020: Historical Shifts

Since I wrote the new moon in Gemini post two weeks ago, the world has changed. America is raging. This reckoning asks white America to own that our country is built via systems of oppression intentionally put in place, in their favor. An Eclipse In Sagittarius: Revealing The Truth Of What’s Real Last night, on… Continue Reading

New Moon in Gemini 2020: Own Your Voice

Alas, the new moon in Gemini has arrived. New moons happen when the sun and moon align at the same degree of the same sign, and they commence a new cycle governed by the sign they occur in. (This new moon happens on May 22nd at 1:38 pm ET at 2 degrees of Gemini.) Right… Continue Reading

Astrology of the Shadow 2020: Part Three

Where Do We Go From Here? Hey love,  Since this series started, we’ve gone through a very brief review of Pluto and its potential connection to COVID-19, and talked about what we can do to get through this intense time.  As the fog lifts along with social distancing requirements, and we resume some forward motion… Continue Reading

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