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Eclipse Season 2019: Redefining What “Home” Means

new moon solar eclipse in cancer

Hey, lunar loves! I’m here to give you a heads-up about the first of our summer 2019 eclipses.  This solar eclipse in Cancer is all about redefining what “home” means!

On July 2nd, the new moon will occur at 3:16 pm Eastern, and because it happens in a conjunction with the north node, it creates a solar eclipse. If you’re in the Southern Hemisphere, you may get a glimpse of the sun’s corona, or ring, but the rest of us in the North won’t get a view this time.

That doesn’t mean we won’t feel it, though. This is a North Node eclipse that falls in homey Cancer at 10 degrees. With the sun and the moon conjoining at the same zodiacal point in the sign of Cancer, alongside the north node of fate, this particular new moon brings high octane energy. Yes, you don’t want to miss setting intentions this new moon. At the time of the eclipse, authoritarian Saturn is exactly conjunct the South Node, while elusive Neptune trines the North Node. Meaning, focusing on your dreams now, goes a very long way.

The North Node represents our highest destiny, and with Cancer here, this eclipse asks us to consider how we define “home” as well as what will bring us to a place of safety and security within ourselves.

Ask yourself this:

What do I need to do to create more stability and security in my life?

How can I free my most authentic self?

What can I do to come “home” to myself even more?

What does home even mean to me?

What does redefining what “home” means, mean to me?

To reach your fullest potential, we have to start at your roots. Don’t be surprised if family stuff comes up for you this week. You may even find you have a sudden urge to dig through your transgenerational lineage or sit down with your mom to hear her story (Cancer is ruled by the Divine Mother and the moon, after all).

On the other hand, the South Node represents lessons already learned, and wisdom gained. With Saturn positioned here, you can expect this eclipse to have you dig deep within yourself. Now’s a great time to claim the lessons you already know to be true. What’s the wisdom you’ve fought long and hard to claim in your life? Name it. Where are you rock-solid strong in your understanding of who you are? Tap into that, and own it!

When it comes to politics, we can expect a lot of talk about borders, values, and patriotism. As a collective, we have to ask ourselves what it means to care for our country and our neighbors genuinely, and how we honor and express those values. It’s possible you may encounter someone with a xenophobic mindset, especially with Independence Day butting up against this eclipse. (If you want a progressive activist view on this, I highly suggest following Paola Mendoza on Instagram.) But here’s the bottom line: At the end of the day, this eclipse is asking us to get clear on our definition of home, security, and freedom. It’s up to us to bring the love. (Yup, we’ll be redefining what home means one way or another!)

Solar eclipses, like this one, also mark the beginning of a fresh nineteen-year cycle, so take the time to consider how far you’ve journeyed when it comes to creating a home and carving out your freedom, then set intentions regarding where you wish to go from here. It’s a big deal!

As we roll into the 4th of July, I’m celebrating with the support system I’ve created: my husband and best friends. Cancer season is all about community, and in my mind, there’s no better way to honor this season ruled by the moon than through soulful connection with the people we love.

No matter what you’re up to this week, be sure to give yourself a little space to honor how far you’ve come and call in where you’re going. Remember: we’ve got another eclipse coming later this month, and Mercury goes retrograde in Leo on the 7th. Topsy-turvy energy is afoot. A little break and a pat on the back are critical.

I’ll be back with another blog later in July with more info on the upcoming lunar eclipse in Capricorn. Until then, you can catch me on Instagram or Well + Good. Happy 4th!

Now over to you. What’s coming up for you this eclipse? What are you conjuring and creating? How are you redefining what “home” means to you? Leave me a comment below.

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  • Christina D. #romanceguru

    Read your email about the solar eclipse in Cancer. And about fell over. Literally, 5 minutes before I had just shared with a group how I feel that things have aligned to show a clear path. And to make the changes the right time. For months I have been saying it was coming. And today(July 2) I woke knowing this was it. Peace, joy, hope, love and grounded feelings. Thank you for giving me the science behind the why. Always look to the Stars.

  • KiKi

    This seems timely for what’s happening in my life right now! Just one month ago I made a surprising (even to me) decision to stop working for myself – after 7 years as a freelancer – and to look for a job that would allow me to best use my talents and skills while providing more stability and security. It was like a light switched on and suddenly my need for freedom and the chance to learn from many different experiences seemed less important than it once was priority-wise and the option of working a regular job was extremely appealing. I’m a Sagittarius sun, Capricorn rising. I went from thinking I knew EXACTLY what I was doing and where I was heading at the beginning of the year to completely shifting direction in a way even I wasn’t expecting. It’s a very strange time for me right now as all kinds of signs are saying I am doing exactly what I should be, but I am feeling stuck and frustrated with wanting to just get to the next point (landing the new job, landing the TEDx talk, making progress on the book) and to have things settled for a while. Thank you for the insight into this eclipse. Maybe it is connected to this experience I’m having. It certainly seems like the themes match up!

  • Langtry

    I have had an almost exactly 19 year struggle in a beautiful but politically treacherous, wealthy, sophisticated spot in the rural western US. I have been advocating to keep precious natural resources intact, and have come out of it solidly knowing who I am. Seeing the definition of “home” coming into focus little by little, I now feel like a ripe fruit ready to explode. Not quite clear path, but now understand that is about love and community that is also coming together. People are beginning to understand what is precious. I am so amazed by what you have framed about defining home during this eclipse. Thank you, Jennifer.

  • Kristine

    I’m in the beginning of a divorce process in which family has really come into play. I was offered a job back home with my family, and the person I have been married to didn’t want to go. I prayed and meditated about the situation, considering I have a four year old son, and ultimately decided that the family I have been surrounded by in my present location isn’t the supportive family I need in my life. At this time, I’m pushing to break free of my current situation and move back, with my son, to a nurturing, stable environment. This eclipse is really pushing me to redefine what home truly is.

  • Amanda

    Thanks for the cosmic heads up Jenn! So timely as I started a job that was made for me Monday after years of being a stay home mum and freelancer. Commuting 3.5 hours a day is rough (single mum) so I’ve decided to move back to my home city – Sydney – from the coast where we moved 7 years ago to rebuilt our lives. May sound silly but Monday when I got off the train in Sydney a voice in my head said “you’re back.” Not just in the city but within myself – I’ve felt a shift very recently and feel I’ve got my mojo back! XO

  • Diana

    My partner and I spent the weekend looking for a new place as he’s just started a new job and wants to move closer to his work. Last night-the eclipse -we got accepted so although still renting, we will be moving into a much bigger and nicer place than where we currently are. How’s that for Canceran solar eclipse synchronicity😊

  • Meredith bazirgan

    I’ve been transitioning to a life coach path from being a therapist, and it was further dialed in today that I want time and financial freedom. I want to make my own schedule and set my own hours and spend time at the beach or with my kids or both when I choose to. It’s been a VERY emotional time for me since this past Thursday though, and I think it’s nudges to come home to myself; to listen to my inner wisdom more and carve out time to truly connect with my inner knowing.

  • Kathryn Cartwright

    I spent time sunk into parts of this. This morning a song came on the radio and I was singing to it… and tears came. Powerful, moving, telling and now to understand and move forward.

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