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The Eight Phases of the Moon: The Ebb and Flow of Conscious Creation


There’s nothing more soul-crushing than feeling like you’ve done “everything right” to call something important into your life, and it just doesn’t show up.

The promotion passes you by.
The romantic partner is nowhere to be found.
The credit card debt deepens.
The opportunities dry up.
The weight doesn’t budge.

Perhaps you’ve even spent months meditating, visualizing, reciting positive affirmations, and even taking thoughtful action towards the very thing you desire. But the moment you take one big step forward, it feels like something comes up to bring you three steps back.

Who wouldn’t consider giving up when things continually feel painful and disappointing?

I feel you.

But here’s the thing: the process of creating the life you want is just that—a process. It’s messy. It’s filled with bright moments of progress, and equally dark ones that are full of challenges. And whether we like it or not, creation is a beautiful unfolding we can’t rush. An idea does not magically turn into a result on the timeline we’d like.

There is a rhythm to life, an exquisite cycle of ebbs and flows, pain and triumph, hustle and ease. And this rhythm is moving around us and through us all of the time. When we take a step back, we can recognize it in two incredibly natural phenomena: the seasons and the phases of the moon.

This is where the magic of the number 8 fits in.

While there are four seasons, there are also turning points within them that power their transition: the equinoxes, solstices, and cross-quarter days. Within these seasonal shifts lie periods of high light or extreme dark. Both are essential to our life cycle.

For example, the winter months are needed for hibernation and introspection, while spring slowly arrives to bring us back to life with light and opportunity for growth. Collectively, it’s these eight points in the year that ultimately dictate how we cultivate the forces of creation in our society.

And then, there’s our beloved moon. The moon has its own eight-part cycle that happens every month—a much shorter cycle yes, but equally impactful. Just like the seasons, the moon has periods of bright light (the Full Moon) and empty darkness (the New Moon). It’s a dance between ease and challenge as well as clarity and uncertainty. And those very aspects are what teach us that all forms of opposition are opportunities to refine our vision.

The point is: our desires don’t manifest from idea to result. There is a lot of work in between. Creation requires that we go from idea, to execution, to the first challenge, to the workaround, to more opposition, to the subtle shifts that support us, to the major changes that catapult us, into the ease of things coming into existence, and finally into the start of a brand new cycle.

The eight phases of the moon are the perfect roadmap, and when we align with them we are able to work with the natural forces that be to clarify and continually refine our vision until it arrives. When we tune into the phases of the moon, we are able to not only powerfully manifest our desires, but to find peace in the unfolding. We owe it to our dreams to stick with them and we owe it to ourselves to genuinely understand creation.

Ready to align yourself with the power of creation? Start with the eight phases of the moon.

The first phase is Conjunction. This is when the Sun and moon are in alignment creating the New Moon. It represents a moment of fertility and a time to plant the seeds of intention. Start fresh and think about what you really want to call into your life.

The second phase is Opening Sextile. This is when the Sun and moon are at a harmonious angle, helping one another. This is the perfect moment to solidify your intention and hold it close to your heart throughout the next 28 days.

The third phase is Opening Square. This is when your first challenge arrives. Don’t panic or lose hope. A challenge or setback is always an opportunity to see what you could be doing differently to bring your desire to fruition. Take time to breathe, notice what’s not working, and make a change.

The fourth phase is Trine where the Sun and moon are harmonious once again. The solution to the challenge has arrived, and you’ve put it into action! Ease and faith return.

The fifth phase is Opposition. The full moon has arrived. Whether your intention has come to fruition or not, recognize the great progress you’ve made in manifesting your desire. It may not be perfect or anything like you imagined, but you’re on the right path. Know that and let go of disappointment and frustration.

The sixth phase is Closing Sextile, the waning phases of the moon. Continue to release the limiting beliefs and old patterns of behavior that are blocking you from what you desire. This is a time to be gentle and nurture yourself with self-care and self-compassion.

The seventh phase is Closing Square. Another challenge arises, triggering your insecurities on a deep level. You question everything and you wonder if what you really want will ever arrive. Don’t give up! This is another opportunity to refine your vision, to take a step back, and to see what you need to change in order to feel good.

The eighth phase is Closing Trine. This final cycle helps you reconnect with faith and your vision. You’re able to remember why this intention is so important to you, and that no matter what challenge you’re faced with, it’s worth holding onto. This recommitment prepares you for the next moon cycle and infuses your intention with more energy and power.

As you can see, creation is messy. It’s an ebb and flow. Can you notice those patterns of ups and downs in your own life? Wouldn’t it be satisfying to deeply understand how you can use each phase of the moon to focus and fuel your desires?

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  • Gina

    This really hit the mark for me. I had been following all the actions required, doing all the “right” things to attract and manifest and as the long awaited goal date passed it fizzled out. I couldn’t figure out why and of course all the emotions you explained came to a head. I am beginning to understand the beautiful mess of creation. Your explanation of the 8 cycles is the first time I have understood how powerfully dramatic and important they are to manifest change. Thank you Jenn!

    • jracioppi

      Yes! Sometimes manifestation call feel simple, and other times it takes more effort. I am glad you found this helpful and I am so grateful for the comment. I am looking forward to continuing this conversation. Sending you so much love! Warmly, Jenn

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