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Tune into Chiron + Embrace the Moon’s Waning Magic

The waning moon provides an awesome opportunity to let go of the old and ready yourself for what’s to come. But embracing the moon’s waning magic doesn’t mean the moon’s waning cycle is easy.

In the aftermath of last night’s full moon in Libra, a full moon that invited the embodiment of deep soul-level healing, it’s normal to feel a bit raw and tired. If you do, know that you aren’t alone. Lean in, and see for yourself what comes from embracing the moon’s waning magic.

After all, full moons have the potential to disrupt sleep and awaken messages from within. And as the moon wanes we may feel more tired, and cranky.

This particular full moon opposed Chiron, the wounded healer, who also conjoined Venus and the sun. Chiron has a way of bringing things up to be witnessed and healed. While his meaning and messages aren’t simple, they do hold the key to unlocking deep and spirited healing within.

(FYI, Chiron’s chapter in Cosmic Health is full of information that you don’t want to miss out on, so if you haven’t purchased it or read Chiron’s chapter yet, I strongly encourage you to do so. It will help to make sense of our current transits immensely!)

Today, Chiron continues his dance with the sun, asking us to acknowledge what needs to shift and change from within so we can be more congruent with who we are becoming, and at our core, really are. Meanwhile, Mercury, the planet of communication, conjoins Neptune, the planet of dreams, heightening intuitive wisdom.

Mercury and Neptune’s conjunction may potentially make for great sleep tonight and vivid dreams. Consider keeping a notebook beside your bed so you can record your dreams upon waking.

Leverage the moon’s waning phase by shedding what’s no longer in preparation for what’s to come.

As we move into the current week, it’s essential to acknowledge what needs to be released when the moon wanes.

When I teach how to work with the moon’s phases, I often say that the moon’s waning phase is often the most under-utilized and under-appreciated phase of the moon. After all, new moons are when we get to set intentions for growth, and full moons are times when we can tap into our power and acknowledge what has come to fruition. Yet, the moon’s waning phase is when we clear things out, let things go, and make room for new beginnings. Not always the sexiest, but undoubtedly important.

Take time today or this week to consider the following questions:

  • What came up for you this full moon?
  • What are you releasing this waning moon?
  • What wisdom are you integrating?

The following new moon happens in Aries on April 11th. As I write in my book Cosmic Health, it’s traditionally seen as the most important new moon of the year, as it’s the new moon that kicks off the zodiacal calendar.

So, take time this waning moon to clear out the old, and ready yourself for what’s to come!

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