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Full Moon in Cancer: Kick Off the New Year Right

Photo by Danial Bhatti (@danial_bhatti)

Happy New Year! Welcome to 2018—a year that I couldn’t be more excited to embrace. Like many of you, I took some time this holiday season to decompress, and while I’m slowly coming out of my holiday cocoon, I want to wish you a happy new year, and a happy full moon.

While I have so much to share with you about the year ahead (I seriously cannot wait!), today I will be keeping it pretty short.

However, if you’re curious what the year ahead holds, please don’t miss this special event: the 3rd Annual LIVE & ONLINE Forecast Marathon Event from Astrology Hub. Happening January 9th-11th, and featuring 13 astrologers—myself included—this event will give you an exclusive insider’s look into 2018. Seriously, you don’t want to miss this.

But for now, please know this: 2018 begins on a very auspicious note, with a full supermoon in the feminine sign of Cancer. And since the moon rules Cancer, we’re in for some fun tonight!

A Dreamy Combination Fit For a Queen

On top of tonight’s full moon in Cancer, the moon is also in a perfect angle to Neptune in Pisces, ruler of spirituality. Simultaneously, the moon also trines Mars in Scorpio (right next to Jupiter), creating a grand trine in water. This dreamy combination helps us to access our intuitive capacities and empathetic qualities. Adding to the already intuitive planetary lineup, the Sun sextiles Neptune, too, offering even more mojo to conjure your desires. It’s the perfect combination for tuning in to our emotional world and asking ourselves what we wish to bring forth this new year.

Yet, with no major planets in air signs, please be aware that this full moon might feel impassioned, and not that articulate. We are primarily dealing with a lot of earth—the Sun is in Capricorn, along with Venus, Saturn, and Pluto—and a heavy dose of water. While there’s a bit of fire to offset all of this water and earth, this full moon could feel a bit muddy—heavy, soothing, and rich in minerals.

Full Moon in Cancer: Embrace Your Feminine Strength

With Saturn now in Capricorn, a place he’ll stay until 2020, the Universe is askingus to mature. Saturn rules our growth and Capricorn asks us to embrace a more stoic approach to life.

So consider the soul growth you intend to create for yourself this year.

The full moon, happening at 11 degrees of Cancer at 9:34 pm ET on January 1, 2017, asks us to take some time at home (in true Cancer style). Spruce up your altar and prepare your full moon ritual. Envision what you wish to create in the year ahead, and commit to releasing the things that stand in your way that no longer serve you.

 Spend time visualizing the life you desire and the soul-driven goals you wish to accomplish in 2018.

How you wish to mature over the next 12 months?

How do you want to grow?

What is holding you back from achieving the success you desire?

Are you ready to banish blocks from the past along with 2017?

My Favorite Rituals

For this full moon in Cancer, I’ll be doing a fire ritual. Since it’s way too cold to go outside here in the Northeast, I’ll line a pot with tin foil, put a cup of epsom salts in it, douse it in alcohol, and then burn a few sentiments on paper that represent what I am releasing this full moon.

I encourage you to consider doing something to cleanse your psyche of what you no longer need, too. I love burning sage, palo santo, beautiful incense, and diffusing essential oils. Clearing clutter and physically moving things out of my space that I no longer need is also incredibly beneficial.


Because doing so will support you to make BIG THINGS happen for yourself this year!

It’s a physical manifestation of the energy you’re cultivating.

So, please, consider how you can lighten up your psyche, your soul, your space, and enter into this new year feeling more buoyant, luminous, and alive!

New Year, New Chapter, New Lessons

As we enter this year, we enter an entire new chapter of our lives. January packs a serious punch, and over the next couple of weeks I’m going to be telling you all about it. But for now, I’m going to crawl back into my blanket fort and enjoy this holiday.

However, if you want to find out exactly how the cosmic energies of 2018 will influence your life, including:

  • how you can catalyze positive transformation in your life
  • how you can flow with the energy, rather than against it
  • how you can harness the power of each transit
  • how you can make manifest your dreams
  • how you can serve the collective

… then you’re going to love the 3rd Annual LIVE & ONLINE Forecast Marathon Event from Astrology Hub. It’s going to be an absolutely beautiful event.

Now over to you. What are some of your favorite rituals this time of year? How will you honor the full moon in Cancer?

As always, I send you all of my love and wish you an abundant and successful New Year!

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  • Chely

    Last night I gave thanks for all the positive, inspiring moments of 2017. I wanted to remember the good to make letting go of ALL that didn’t serve a bit smoother. 2017 was not gentle by any means and I wanted to make the transition into 2018 with ease and grace. Tonight I will be diffusing essentials oils to ease the release of all that didn’t serve me well and to usher in confidence and peace into 2018.

  • Raechel De Marchi

    Wow, this was incredibly insightful as with the time difference (I’m in Australia), I woke to your email. Since NYE I have had an undeniable energetic nudge to clear, rearrange & nest in my apartment. Plus I am born in the sign of Cancer, so your insights were so poignant for where I’m at and how I’ve been feeling.

    So in prep for the SFM as I said since NYE I have been clearing out the old in my space, rearranging, nesting & setting up the new. In the psyche I have done a demanking session (cellular energy clear out of 2017 & back to 1999), burned my fears & saged etc. Then on the night of the SFM I did two powerful meditations around awakening to the spirit realm & meeting my angelic guides.

    So today I’m set to do a little more clearing & reorganizing of my office space, then look at writing out my intentions with more depth, read & keep going with my flow.

    Just thought I’d share, as your beautiful insights & check in helped me see how in flow I am, which I knew because it feels great however always nice to have outside perspective & confirmation.

    Enjoy the rest of your break gorgeous & may your 2018 be prosperous & bright xo

  • Emma

    Thank you for your beautiful words and encouragement for Luna rituals. Like Rachael (above commenter) I am in Australia. I thus struggle sometimes with the seasonal difference between us and was hoping you may be is a position to recommend someone I could follow who works in the Southern Hemisphere? Best wishes for your new year and as you climb back into your blanket forte I shall re position myself next to the kids paddle pool with a ice cool martini (chin chin!)

    • jracioppi

      Enjoy that martini! Happy New Year. Aside from the seasonal differences, the astrological information is exactly the same. I don’t know of anyone to point you to in the southern hemisphere, but should I hear of someone, I’ll let you know! Big hugs.

  • Janet Sunderland

    Jennifer, I was truly impressed with you on today’s Astrology Hub presentation. I joined AH when it first began.

    You have a clear and distinct presentation style, and I wanted to thank you and send you kudos.


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