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Full Moon in Libra: Resilience + Resurrection

full moon in libra

The full moon happens at 7:12 am Eastern on the 19th at 29 degrees of Libra: the second full moon in Libra in a row. Given how rare it is to have back to back full moons in the same sign, the universe is providing us with a cosmic opportunity to digest Libra’s lessons. Libra, the symbol of balance and harmony, represents cardinal air—it initiates a season, is driven by values and a deep love of beauty.

Understanding Libra

Libra embodies dichotomy. While this sign of the scales represents a quest for balance, embedded inside of its archetype also lies a ferocity. This tough air sign fights for justice, and equanimity. However, at the same time, known to have the disease to please, Libra can also become over accommodating—bending over backward to keep the peace—prioritizing homeostasis with others over having homeostasis with themselves.

This full moon corresponds with both Good Friday and Passover, and represents another opportunity to rectify the “me” with the “we”. It’s about equanimity and balance. It’s the symbolism of the ocean’s choppy surface and her deep stillness.⁣

This is a time of massive release. Liberation and resurrection.⁣

I love this quote by Thomas Merton, and I feel like it applies to the sentiment of this full moon.

“The rush and pressure of modern life are a form, perhaps the most common form, of its innate violence. To allow oneself to be carried away by a multitude of conflicting concerns, to surrender to too many demands, to commit oneself to too many projects, to want to help everyone in everything, is to succumb to violence…It destroys the fruitfulness of our work because it kills the root of inner wisdom which makes work fruitful.”

Thomas Merton, Conjectures of a Guilty Bystander

This Libra full moon asks us to look at the violence of life that stems from rush and pressure of modern life—to understand Libra’s influence of wanting to be everything to everyone, and to understand that the attempt to do just that is a form of violence. It asks you to navigate the needs of the other without abandoning yourself!

To support you with unlearning this habit of overdoing, I highly suggest checking out Kate Northrup’s book, Do Less.

Poignantly, this full moon asks for you to step into your ferocity, and take a stand for your beliefs and desires in an uncompromising fashion. Rather than over-committing and rushing, this full moon commands truth. It may mean being willing to disappoint others, as you stand in your own convictions.

Breaking Down The Full Moon

With this full moon occurring at the last degrees of Libra, it connotes an ending. Couple this with the fact that the sun is in an applying conjunction with Uranus—the planet of revolution, evolution, and change, while squaring Pluto— this full moon brings with it the winds of change. The moon, after all, opposes the sun/Uranus conjunction and squares Pluto, too. On top of that, Mercury, the planet of communication recently cleared his retrograde shadow, and left Pisces, a sign he traveled in for a more extended than usual period due to his retrograde. He’s now in Aries, about to conjoin Chiron, the wounded healer. This combination of Mercury and Chiron supports the ability to discern the actions you need to take to bring about a deeper understanding of self. It also invites you to use your pains of the past to step into the BOSS of who you are now. And, at the same time, it also asks you to acknowledge the historical pain that has held you back too. (If things feel tough this weekend, remember this common recovery slogan/12 Step phrase: “If it’s hysterical it’s usually historical.”)

On April 20th, the sun moves into Taurus, and we begin phase two of spring (or fall for those of you on the other side of the world). We enter into a profoundly fertile period of the year, supported by the earth awakening from its deep winter slumber. YES! As we do we get ready for the sun and Uranus to meet up, which they will on Monday. This means that while the full moon is on Friday the breakthrough and impact will be felt for several days after—especially with the sun conjoining Uranus in Taurus on Monday. Take time to hold your vision of who you are becoming, and how you are breaking free from the constraints of your past!

Embrace Your Resurrection + Be Free

This full moon precedes Easter and commences Passover, two sacred holidays that celebrate the spirit of eternal life and freedom from servitude. Whether you celebrate these holidays or not, my suggestion is to spend time this weekend embracing your resurrection. Let go of what’s no serving you, own the spirit of resilience within yourself and rise. Take command. It’s YOUR life no one else’s. Which means you have sovereignty and the ability to decide how you use your life force energy— and what you allow. Own it! Now’s not the time to settle, but rather, release! Radically surrender what’s no longer working, and step up to what is.

How to Use this Full Moon To Your Advantage

While there are many things I can suggest you do this weekend as a ritual since the holy days prevail, my suggestion this full moon is not typical; but spiritual no less. Religious holidays have a lot of rituals already in them, so this is a bit less labor intensive…Ready for it?!

Carve out two and a half hours to watch Beyonce’s Homecoming.

Beyonce’s non-traditional festival performance as the first black female headliner at Coachella, in my opinion, embodies the divine feminine— and this performance symbolizes the energy of this full moon by displaying a story of resurrection, resilience, and freedom. Whether you are a fan of her music or not, there’s so much to learn from this movie.

She’s raucous, revolutionary, and damn does that woman embrace her rebirth.

She also makes a poignant statement about having pushed herself too hard in preparation for this performance. She talks about learning her limits; which is SO important to see. Another lesson of this full moon—learning how not to succumb to violence against self in the name of achievement, or pleasing others—is a hard one to grasp. While I am in awe of Beyonce’s achievements, I also really appreciate her honesty about she pushed herself harder than she will in the future.

Embracing The Energy of this Full Moon

Like Beyonce who didn’t back down from the vision, she had for her Coachella performance—which was to showcase black performers, pay homage to black history and bring her most elevated performance to the stage, let this full moon in Libra encourage you to do the same!

  • Take a stand for what you believe in.
  • Don’t over accommodate others at the sake of yourself.
  • Learn your limits.

And get ready; because the next new moon which occurs in Taurus on May 4th, is incredibly fertile! And, Monday, April 22, offers a potent moment to begin seeding what you want even earlier.

What’s Coming up for you this Full Moon

Now over to you: What’s coming up for you this full moon? What are you releasing? What behavior or pattern are you clear no longer serves you? In the comments below, let me know what you are releasing this full moon!

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  • Noelle Cormier

    I am working on a “what do i believe?” And a “whats not working” List right now. I was always of service to others and have not been for two years. What i thought i could do to be of service has slowly been closing (doors closing for me). So, after getting inspiration while on the treadmill, and then reading this post, i am making a list bc i think i have been denying a lot of myself and also listening to others opinions too much. These last few moons that are about planting new seeds….well…. i have not had any to plant so far. So i hope this list helps. Thank you, Jen!

  • sharon caminero

    This post is really interesting and I have been hearing the same theme reiterated in several places that I resource for astrology guidance. This idea of today being a big day of release with the Full Moon. For the past couple months, (and over the past year if I really think about it) I have been coming up against wanting my work and my beliefs to be more lined up, finding real joy and fulfillment in my day to day and just being really honest with myself about what I want from this crazy ride called life. (PS – I am also a Taurus, however that factors into the equation + I have a sort of culminating birthday coming up -40!)
    As a result, I have been doing a bunch of work around releasing and manifestation rituals and just easing my way into something new, something that feel more authentic and joyful.
    One of the practices I like to do is putting a date on it, and months ago I wrote on my calendar that I was going to give my notice at my current job today. And I am not versed enough in astrology to have researched that information (thank you intuition!!) And while it doesn’t look like I will be calling up my boss today to hand in my notice, it does seem like a perfect day energetically release myself and ask the universe to catch me.
    So, thank you for that reminder that my intuition is such an important guiding light, and that the energy is aligned and that it is time for a big change. Just curious, is there anything significant for May 31? Bc I wrote that on my calendar as my last day.

    • Tiffany

      I am feeling the exact same way as Sharon. I’m gemini, trying not to quit Monday but my last day too is scheduled for the 31 st how serendipitous.

      • Jodi Dey

        me too! i am retiring May 31. i am excited about the full moon. i am ready to release all this sadness over what has changed and look for the new beautiful things that come in the place were old things once were. Its a leap for me, but i know i have help.

  • Stacey

    I really wish I would have had this information a week ago. At this exact moment including yesterday and I am sure tomorrow and Sunday there is tension in my house between my husband and I because of my lack of communication and people pleasing tendencies. I see now how my mother orchestrates what she wants and I allow it and don’t speak up. I sacrifice my own family to please my mother. Wow writing it out I feel a weight lift. My husband has a very bad cold and I am noting feeling 100% (probably stress) but the tension is so thick as he is very mad at me. Now with my parents arrival, well I have no idea how this will play out. Reading about standing up for myself is so resonating. I did want to cancel everything two days ago but my husband said that was the easy way out. Now I feel lost and things are out of control. Based on this article this weekend may be very interesting….guess we will see how this plays out. One thing for sure is this behaviour and pattern of lack of communication and people pleasing in my part needs to come to an end. I need to surrender yet want to lock my doors and hide…thank you for sharing your wisdom Jennifer! This one hit home hard.

  • Candice Urban-Green

    Personal growth: Currently doing a lot of internal trauma healing – working through coping habits that are no longer working for me and replacing them with new.

    In growing my business I realize I cannot do it alone – but in building this support team I need to stay on top of those who are helping to craft my vision. I need to be kind to myself in both processes and realize it is a LEARNING journey and will take time

    I love the mantra I can do anything but I can not do everything.

  • Laura

    AMAZING blog Jen!

    What you have talked about feels so real to me, I can honestly feel REBIRTH and I am embracing the true woman that I am! The fact that I am focussed and clear on where my energy is going is really paying off.

    Can’t stop re-reading and love your links to queen bey!!! THANK YOU 💛

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