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Own Your Creativity: Full Moon in Sagittarius

full moon in sagittarius

Owning your creativity isn’t always easy. It requires a deep dive. Speaking of which, back in December, I took a deep dive. Literally.

My husband and I spent a few days in the Caribbean scuba diving. Each morning, I’d wake up still blurry-eyed and waterlogged from the previous day, both feet firmly planted on land, curious but resistant to the day ahead. Diving scares me. By the end of the trip, I had spent hours beneath the sea with nothing but the sounds of my own breath and beating heart.

There was one dive that stuck with me in particular. I found myself hovering over this vast open space under the waves. It was so enormous and so expansive, and I felt as if I was both a part of this space and just an observer to it. I remember thinking to myself, “This is Jupiter’s square to Neptune. I’m right in the middle of it.”

The Full Moon in Sagittarius and Jupiter Square Neptune

Flash forward to now. This full moon in Sagittarius, the truth-teller, occurs the same day that the second Jupiter square Neptune aspect of 2019 perfects. Traditionally, this full moon is usually one big ol’ celebration—benevolent Jupiter does rule Sagittarius, after all. (Even more so in 2019 because this full moon happens in distinct proximity to Jupiter.) Plus, it typically occurs just before the solstice, when the sky is full of buttery soft daylight. But with Neptune in this placement to Jupiter, this full moon is asking us to take a step back from the chill summer vibes for a second and remember that we still have work to do.

I don’t know about you, but I can’t help but notice the explosion of art that 2019 has gifted us. From all of the fresh music that’s been released this year to some of the best television we’ve ever had, it seems like artists have heard the call to get their work into the world—and fast. We can partially thank Jupiter in Sagittarius for that, but Neptune, the planet of music and art, has been hanging out in high-minded Pisces for a long time too. Where Neptune asks us to create from our deepest center, Jupiter gives us the push to get it out into the world.

Taking a Deep Dive with Jupiter Square Neptune

On June 16th, Neptune makes his second exact square to Jupiter just as the moon crests to its fullest point, bringing this steadily accumulating energy to a peak. This astrological transit is all about taking that deep dive into your cavernous, courageous center and remembering what lives there. It asks us to be brave enough to see through our turbulent waters, find out what matters to us, and share our creative gifts with the world.

Jupiter is a planet of expansion, and Neptune is about illusion and dreams. These two together can create a myriad of experiences, ranging from the spiritual to the profane. It can be both ecstatic and duplicitous. This transit requires learning to swim deep, in the hollow interior of our lives while plumbing the depths of our spirituality, and leaning into our impulse to grow.

Jupiter Square Neptune as a Glimpse of What’s Ahead

I won’t lie to you, love: astrologically, 2020 is going to be a shitshow. I don’t tell you this to scare you, but for you to be aware of what we’re up against. Next year brings a political arena that will no doubt be contemptuous. That, along with an increasingly erratic climate, polarized communities, and human rights violations, makes for a complicated view of 2020. The only way forward is to own your creativity. After all, your creativity is our future.

The creative Renaissance 2019 has brought us is both a gift and a calling. It serves as a method of reclaiming our center and using our voices, but it also warns: The fight for justice isn’t nearly over. Jupiter’s super close position to both the moon and Earth reminds us that our art is a tool for cutting through the confusion. From the fog eventually comes hard-won illumination.

We’re still here. We’re still alive, vibrant, and we won’t give up. Keep creating.

So please use this transit to dig deep into your creative center within. What do you ready to cultivate? Go deep and commit.

As always, I love to hear from you. Please leave me a comment below and let me know what’s coming up for you this full moon.

All of my love,


P.S. Own your creativity!

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  • Elizabeth Wallace

    I love your insights so! I appreciate the view of both 2019 and 2020. I like having a head’s up so I’m not blindsighted-when possible; thus the 2020 update is appreciated and while I felt the bubbling of the turmoil that is on the horizon, I hadn’t yet put words to it so this is very helpful!

  • Dr Dan Muffoletto. ND (RET)

    When would be the best date to file as aN Eco-Green Republican for President?
    520 1955 3:25 PM Baltimore,MD.Sun & Moon in Taurus raising sign Virgo/or Libra.

  • Kim Trager

    Hi Jenn,
    The ideas and “what if we tried this” concepts of various health programs and coaching are finally manifesting into physical form! 🦋🦄So glad that Neptune left Pisces and we are able to focus, create, and (very soon) get something out there!! For too long, Candace and I have been overly concerned about our workshop or program being perfect. Now we are more focused on helping others! 💕
    Any concerns around Mercury going retrograde in July? Short retro though….
    Love you and love your work,

  • Andrea

    I’ve been enjoying your posts and am new to your site. I’m on a journey to healing some parts that are broken, and the combination of Astrology, science and nature have usually helped. Looking forward to new intentions and happy Summer Solstice.

  • Nahal

    Just wanted to say that have been reading your blogs and newsletters for a while now and have really enjoyed them 🙂 Thank you for your sharing!

  • Niamh Kane

    Hi Jennifer you are so very brave for facing your fear of diving head on. I remember facing one of mine years ago horse riding. I remember the build up to even leading the horse by the reigns being in charge of such a beautiful animal and terrified hed sense my fear and buck me off. I had a different comment in mind but you just brought me back there. My practice has drawn me in quite deep this month with multiple sitting practices being gently demanded from deep inside. I haven’t felt creative of late bar my journaling so maybe it’s just channeling differently than to how I want it to look. PS loved the 2019 Renaissance it sure does feel like one.

  • Cristina

    My friends and I are having a full moon gathering on our rooftop tonight. We’re all in the theatre and performance community and for the entirety of 2019 I’ve experienced some of the best acts and been able to surround myself with some of the most talented people I’ve met through my life. We’ve all connected creatively and I myself have been having a rockstar year on stage. I set out into 2019 with the intention of diving deeper into my creativity and being the artist I know I can be. I could feel it, and I still can, this is MY year! I’m excited to share this article with my crew!

  • Vivianne

    Appreciate your insights as always, Jenn! We have so many distractions readily available nowadays that I think we often ignore our inner climate and deeper emotions. This new moon is a good reminder to spend time in that place of discomfort in order to tap into more creativity and connect further with our higher self.

  • Pat

    Hearing that 2020 astrology will be a “shit show” does scare me. It’s been a lot the last few years and I’m wondering when they’ll be some relief. How do we navigate it so it’s minimized?

    • Pat

      Sorry about the typo above…I meant “I’m wondering when there will be some relief” not they’ll 😉

  • Mike

    In true irony, I didn’t open the link to this article when my wife passed
    Itmalong to me because i was spending time gifting my e-books to all of the new friends I made this weekend at a music conference.
    Then I read this.
    Thank you for your sagely wisdom.

  • Massiel.

    I just read your blog, I was supposed to read earlier but got caught up with creativity! I decided to go into work instead of spending the day outside. I usually am outside for my full moons but I was really motivated to complete tasks and Get Shi#* Done . So this makes sense thank you.

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