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Full Moon in Sagittarius: Tell the Truth

full moon in sagittarius

As we approach the halfway point of 2017, we reach the full moon in Sagittarius happening Friday, June 9th at 9:09 am ET. Sag, or the Archer, represents a need to point and aim with precision on the quest for knowledge, truth, and adventure. Sagittarius highlights the deeper yearnings of our souls and bodies, as well as our motivation to go the distance on behalf of our truth.

With the Sun in Gemini, opposing the moon in Sag, spring fever awakens within. Spring, the season of fertility and growth, prepares us for the exaltation of summer. And in the northern hemisphere, we are just weeks away from the brightest, lightest moment of the year, when the Sun reaches his zenith as he moves into Cancer on the 20th/21st (depending on your time zone).

Gemini, a mutable air sign, readies us of for the bounty of light. The sign of the twins uplifts and inspires our minds, asking us to articulate and communicate our thoughts amidst community. Mercury, the planet of communication, also in Gemini until June 21st, cooperates on behalf of this goal and mission.

Sag, like Gemini, is an eager communicator, but is also a mutable fire sign that is intensely driven by the quest for truth. This sign also has a deep need for the expression of physical power. Through athleticism (or sexuality), this courageous sign who answers to Jupiter—the biggest planet in the solar system— beckons forth physical and intellectual prowess.

Together the Gemini and Sagittarius axis highlights the need to push the expectations of routine. Neither sign deals well with restrictions or fierce discipline. They both contain elements of wanderlust—limit-busting, truth-seeking, globe-trotting inclinations—and are driven to communicate with blunt honesty.

Yet, this full moon in Sagittarius, a micro-moon (meaning it’s far from Earth and will appear smaller in the sky than most full moons) highlights boundaries—even though neither Gemini nor Sagittarius likes limits or rules.

I know, a bit strange, right?!

Understanding this helps us make the most gains this full micro-moon.

Since the full moon in Sagittarius is next to Saturn, the planet of hard work and purpose, our emotional world may feel a bit restrained and cumbersome. Saturn asks us to focus on where we need to grow, and it behooves us to concentrate on our lessons before forging ahead.

With Neptune squaring the Sun and the moon, this full moon brings with it a mutable T-square in the sky, asking us to look out for information in our blind spot that may trip us up. Neptune, the planet of illusion, mysticism, music, and art, also known as the god of the sea, offers potent medicine. On the positive side, Neptune elicits a deep connection to psychic intuition, dreams, and spirituality. On the challenging side of things, Neptune calls forth confusion, duplicity, and addiction. So we want to embrace discernment and sobriety as we assess the opportunities before us.

On the upside, Jupiter—the ruler of good luck, fortune, and abundance—finally goes direct after being retrograde since early February. As I mentioned before, Jupiter rules Sagittarius, so Jupiter going direct on the Sag full moon feels massive. Something to celebrate, indeed!

So what’s a girl to do this full moon in Sagittarius?

  1. Lean into growth. Take time to look at where your soul is growing. Don’t shy away from hard work or tough lessons. Instead, dig deep and do the work. Need some inspiration around this? Check out Dr. Carol Dweck’s Ted talk on the power of “yet” and a growth mindset.
  2. Go on a field trip. This full moon in Sagittarius brings an extra emphasis on hard work and a sense of purpose. I encourage you to experiment with what freedom means to you. Push up against the boundaries that hold you back from feeling free. Lean into what feels adventuresome.
  3. Find some alone time. During this moon, you may feel your emotional world is naturally pushed to the side, so you must actively engage it. If you are feeling stifled there, embrace being alone. Take yourself out to dinner, go to a movie, sit in silence. Getting to know yourself in the absence of others will be one of the most rewarding practices of your life, and ultimately one that creates way more freedom, too.
  4. Exercise. Sagittarius, one of the most athletic signs of the zodiac, requires movement. So under this full moon, you want to prioritize activity. Have fun with it, but do take it seriously, too.
  5. Build an altar for Jupiter. Jupiter, the ruler of Sagittarius and the harbinger of good luck, fortune and abundance, goes direct this full moon. Awaken your Jupiter within by building an altar that represents growth, wealth, and wisdom. Call forth your higher self and embrace your growth mindset so that you can see yourself thriving in your efforts to support your well-being and expansion.
  6. Tell the truth. Be bold and admit the truth of what’s happening for you. How have you been deceiving yourself? Where have you been holding back your truth? Use this Sag full micro-moon to honestly assess where you are with your goals and to divulge what’s in your heart and mind. Use the Gemini influence and write it out in your journal, or call your bestie and tell them your honest, blunt truth. Let yourself feel seen, heard, and witnessed. Then listen to them, too.
  7. Write down your dreams. With Neptune extremely active this full moon, pay attention to your dreams. Your subconscious mind speaks in pictures and symbols, so notice what you remember from your sleeping states. Let this wisdom guide you forward!

Now I’d love to hear from you. In the comments below, let me know what’s in your heart and soul this full moon!

As always, I send you my sincere love.



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  • Joyce

    Thanks for this guidance Jenn.

  • Suzy

    A lot of your posts can go way over my head, but this one is resonating with me. Thank you! Maybe I’m getting better at interrupting after reading them for awhile. Lol

    • jracioppi

      Lol, Suzy. Cheers to you for hanging in there with my astrological speak! I appreciate it tremendously. All of my love.

  • Shelley

    Thank you! After many years away, I was drawn back to the moon and stars and planets a few weeks ago and found you.
    While I prepare to launch my business on 10 July, I see how my time in the home-stretch is being supported and honored outside of me. By truly beginning to acknowledge and honor my internal rhythms over the last two years (completely forgetting the energetic influences from the sky), I see how where I am at has almost effortlessly aligned with the heavens. wow

    • jracioppi

      Hey Shelley, so much good luck and good fortune to you as you launch this next venture of your life. Congratulations. So cool on how conencting to rhythms feels effortless to you. So exciting. Please keep us posted as things unfold for you. Big hugs…

  • Maru Garcia

    ¡So useful!, Thanks you Jennifer.

  • Angelica

    Che cosa curiosa io sono del Sagittario lui è del Gemelli potrebbe avere un effetto più potente questa luna su di noi?

  • Sandra Keros

    I like this post! How would you go about creating an alter for Jupiter? I have a shelf of crystals and was thinking of putting up my manifesting drawing next to it and wonder if there are specific crystals or things I can do to magnify the manifestation. Thanks!

    • jracioppi

      These are beautiful ideas. When building an altar I always suggest following your intuition. Per connecting with Jupiter, I really like chanting to him too. You can google chants to connect with Jupiter and see what comes up (if anything) that you feel connected to. Another suggestion is to print a picture of Jupiter and put it on your altar too! Please keep us posted. So excited to hear from you. All of my love.

  • Sarla

    Such a good and precise “reading”! A revelation as always 🙂
    Thank you Jenn for sharing <3

  • Kristina

    Thank you for the guidance ♡

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