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Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Leo: Roar Like A Lioness

full moon lunar eclipse

As we approach the upcoming full moon lunar eclipse in Leo occurring on February 10th at 7:32 pm ET, we can expect to feel the feel the power of a full moon multiplied by three as well as some outrageously positive aspects.

This eclipse for you may bring on a sense of excitable chaos. Things will get upended, and it’s not so much about putting the pieces back together, but realizing that some things may never be the same again.

Let’s take a closer look.

We’re in for a fiery eclipse as the full moon makes a trine to Saturn in Sag as well as Uranus in Aries, forming a grand trine in fire. In astrology, this represents action! And Jupiter, also positively aspected, supports this new moon immensely as well.

With all of this positive alignment, it’s easy to get excited, even ballsy. But I recommend treading cautiously because things will move fast. Eclipses connote often taxing changes and surprises. These changes may be for the better (especially because the Sun is trine Jupiter!) but it possibly may mean success for things we don’t want or like.

So, as you welcome the full moon lunar eclipse, expect the unexpected and preserve your energy. There’s not a lot of earth in the sky, so we want to pace ourselves appropriately. Slow down and check in before proceeding. Take care of you, accept change with grace, and exercise. Move all that lunar energy through your body.

Now let’s take a step back and look at the bigger themes here.

Full moon lunar eclipses illuminate things that have culminated, while new moon solar eclipses open us up to new beginnings. While intense, this full moon lunar eclipse may bring radical breakthrough and new discoveries that serve us well for the remainder of the year.

But how do we know what to look back on, exactly? Here are three ways to navigate reflections of the past (and the things that have culminated), so that you can fully harness the lessons and wisdom of this full moon lunar eclipse.

Three Ways to Reflect on the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

1. Look to the Saros cycle.

Saros cycles, the cycle in which an eclipse will repeat itself, happens in 18 years, 11 days and 8 hours. This current eclipse belongs to Saros Series 114, bringing us back to the late nineties—specifically, January 31, 1999. Take time to consider the chapter you began then, and see how possibly you are wrapping it up now. What were you going through? What were you learning? How does this, if at all, relate to where you are in your life right now?

During the 1999 eclipse, I found myself studying the transition from apartheid to democracy in South Africa. Interestingly enough, just a few days ago I participated in Sister Giant, where I reexamined the meaning of democracy amidst a fierce intellectual conversation on the protection of our freedom. During my time in South Africa and Sister Giant, I analyzed and digested government through the lens of democracy, altering my viewpoints on the world. I remember returning home from South Africa completely awestruck by how much I had taken for granted throughout the course of my life. Similarly, as I dive deep within myself to assess how I want to relate to the current administration, I do so from the framework of understanding what a privilege and a right it is to live in a democracy—a system that requires my participation.

Eclipses force us to digest emotions, experiences, and news that we might otherwise ignore and they highlight themes. I certainly see how Saros 114 emphasizes democracy for me. What about you? What theme are you working with?

2. Look at the current lunar phase family.

According to astrologer Dietrech Pessin, the Lunar Gestation Cycle divides the “Moon Phase family” by 9-month intervals beginning the series at any new moon. The first nine-month segment of this specific lunar phase family brought us to the first quarter, May 16th, 2016. And now nine months later we are at the full moon!

This full moon brings the results of the actions we started to take at the time of the new moon of this particular lunar phase—18 months ago. What goals or intentions did you set for yourself on the Leo new moon of August 14th, 2015? Chances are, things you set in motion then are in full culmination now!

3. Look back on the last set of eclipses.

The last and final way I propose you think about this full moon lunar eclipse (and I have to admit, much simpler than what I describe above) is to think back to September when the last set of eclipses rolled through our lives. Consider what has shifted for you since then. What big news did you digest in September, and how is that theme reemerging now?

To illustrate this point, in September I returned to Brooklyn after having spent several months upstate. Immediately entering my condo, I realized that energetically I had completed the chapter of living in this home. I called my husband to let him know what I felt, and he agreed. For months we hemmed and hawed over what this meant. Now here I am in February packing up to move out, with plans to spend a bit of time in California before moving upstate for the spring, summer, and fall of 2017. Come the August eclipses, I am sure I’ll be back in deep conversation regarding when and where I’ll relocate to next. But for now, our finalized plan is amidst execution.

What about you? What decisions are you making? What theme is emerging as you think back on the eclipses of September 2016?

Later this month on the 26th we have a new moon eclipse, and at that time we’ll look forward! Until then, digest how far you’ve come.

Now, I’d love to hear from you! What are you shedding, releasing, or digesting this full moon? Let me know in the comments below!

All of my love,


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  • Kat

    This was the most helpful astrological insight I have ever received. Seriously. And applicable. Thank you, Jennifer. I have just found you recently but I already love you.

    • jracioppi

      Hi Kat, Thank you! This comment means the world to me. I am so grateful. Welcome to the blog. Looking forward to getting to know you better! All of my love, Jenn

  • Maureen

    Hi Jen: I really appreciate your monthly blog and the brave sharing of your own personal epiphanies and transitions. This month, this week in fact, I experienced a huge, positive jolt/breakthrough in my creative activity — specifically regarding a dream & goal I have been working on for many months and years. Looking back to September of 2016, I see and feel that a major “shadow” has been released. I feel this “freeing” very strongly, this week in particular. For some reason, in addition to the joyful excitement and anticipation of “what may come’. I find myself strangely calmer with a peaceful “knowing”. Thanks so for your valued, ongoing insights!

    • jracioppi

      Thank you, Maureen, for commenting! This is so huge. I am so excited to hear more. Yes to the calm and the knowing– all signs that you are on the right path. Allow your intuition to guide you. Big hugs and so much love, Jenn

  • Crystal O'Gorman

    I’m learning to release my strong desire for independence and replacing it with an openness for love, help, and a circle of supportive partnerships with friends and family. I’m learning to not fight what is, but accept it and work from there to be proactive to make positive improvements while loving myself in my current state.

    • jracioppi

      And SO IT IS! Boom. Such a powerful revelation and integration of wisdom. Please do keep us posted on how this unfolds for you. Thank you so much for commenting. All of my love, Jenn

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