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The New Moon in Gemini. So many ideas, so little time.

Ideas, energy, motivation, creativity—a few words to describe the energy brewing with today’s new moon in Gemini. This fertile new moon in the sign of the twins brings new opportunity in. Having just completed Mercury Retrograde, I get the sense we are totally ready for it!

As we inch our way towards the upcoming solstice (the official halfway mark of the year), this fertile energy begins to peak. The summer solstice happening on June 21st (or the winter solstice for the southern hemisphere currently experiencing opposite seasons) marks the longest day of the year—a pinnacle waxing period. Between today’s new moon in Gemini and the Solstice, the moon will gain light as the days become even longer. This turning point in the year marks a crucial point to check in and affirm our intended direction.

Are you on the path to achieve your most heartfelt goals?

Thank goodness we just had a twenty-five day Mercury Retrograde period. Now that Mercury is direct we should all understand what needs to shift and change in our lives for us to move forward accordingly with your highest good. Mercury Retrogrades are integration periods. They ask us to visit the past, tie up loose ends, and catch up with ourselves. Assuming we took the time to turn inward over the last few weeks and tidy up our lives, we are ready to leap forward.

If you didn’t take the time to look within during the retrograde, it would behoove you to take time out today and check in with yourself. Remember: new moons are times to set plans for where we intend to head next. The total darkness that occurs during the night of the new moon creates the perfect opportunity to go within so we can assess where and how we need to shift. Use it to your advantage.

Are you on track to achieve your most meaningful objectives? Allow the yin energy of the new moon to percolate within you. I promise your intuition will be both alert and thankful. From there, choose your path. What we intend to create, accompanied by where we put our attention, influences precisely how our future unfolds!

This new moon assures a breakthrough.

While all new moons signify new beginnings, some are stronger than others. I particularly like today’s new moon. Here’s why. The Sun and the Moon at the same degree in Gemini, snuggled up next to Mars—the planet of action, signifying a time when new ideas and new beginnings can blossom.

With Mercury—the planet of communication—heading direct, we should all feel ready to put our attention on the future. Mercury in its home, Gemini, wants us to look forward and see what’s next for us, especially now that he’s moving forward. (Technically we are still in Mercury Retrograde’s shadow for another couple of weeks; but I still feel we can move forward!)

This happens while Jupiter, the biggest and most benevolent planet in the solar system, makes an incredibly supportive angle to Uranus, the planet of revolution and breakthrough. This aspect will perfect, which means culminating at an exact degree, right after the solstice on June 22nd.

Between now and then, we have this beautiful alignment happening in our lives. This rare and exceptional power beckons our breakthrough. Further, Venus—-the planet of love, beauty, and sensuality—-is moving quickly towards Jupiter as well. Jupiter and Venus close together making a harmonious, friendly angle to Uranus assures a breakthrough. The second half of June promises both fertile and abundant energy! Yay.

With a plethora of new ideas to bouncing around the room right now, it’s time to narrow down on precisely what you want to focus on and commit. The Gemini new moon brings with it a slew of opportunity. Set firm intentions for exactly what you wish to see blossom in your life. It’s time!

Let’s set some new moon intentions! (This is the fun part.)

I have been setting intentions with the new moon for over a decade now, and I’ve taught many women how to do the same. I have seen so many miraculous things come into form from the ritual of doing this, both in my life and the life of others. Here are five steps to help you make the most of this benevolent energy.

Step One: Take out a clean piece of paper that feels sacred to you, preferably a special piece of stationary if you have it. Similarly, find a writing utensil that has a special feel to it. If you can’t find either, don’t worry. It’s not that huge of a deal. I just find it nice to write your intentions in a way that feels sacred.

Step Two: Write your list of new moon intentions. Remember, these should be reflective of your intentions for the rest of the year. Keep your intentions focused and concise. As you write out your intentions, visualize them coming into being. See them happening. Evoke a strong sense of vision for yourself.

Step Three: Now that your intentions are written out, read them out loud. If you can, do it in front of the mirror. Use your name and state your intention affirmatively. As a rule of thumb, read each of your intentions three times.

Step Four: When you feel complete, and have successfully conjured a sense of knowing for yourself and a feeling for what you are creating, allow yourself to sink into gratitude. Spend a few minutes savoring the positive feelings of what you are creating, what you have already created, and for your present even as it exactly is.

Step Five: Fold your intentions and place them somewhere special. Over the next couple of days, take them out and read them aloud again.

As the moon waxes back to full, it is time for action. With the solstice upon us and the other supportive astrological energy, it’s a great time to make things happen.

As always, I send you all of my love. Thank you so much for welcoming me into your life. It means the world to me. 🙂

I’d love to hear from you. In the comments below, claim your intentions for the remainder of 2015. What are you creating?

Big hugs,


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  • Yari

    Can’t wait to get home and write my intentions down!

    Btw, curious what the difference is between setting intentions on a full vs new moon. I see a lot of full moon circles.

  • Sandra

    Love this! Thank you for the clear direction in this article. I would love to learn examples of firm intentions. For instance, I am in a time a flux in my life as far as where I’m living (staying at a friend’s in Belize with no place back in the states to come “home” to) and am looking for ways to make a sustainable income. I think I might want to move to X or Y, but really, I want to be wherever is in my highest and greatest good. Depending on where I live, a sustainable income that allows me to live comfortably and gives me lots of choice can be relative. I also want to finish my book, get feedback, write a book proposal and get a book agent for a successful book launch that will help lots of people. What might be some helpful intentions when being specific about it may or may not be in my highest and greatest good?

  • Phoenix

    I started my new moon, goddess and dreaming circles in 1997 and have continued without stop practicing both myself, teaching them to women and it is still going strong. Its so nice to see that women all over the earth are using the power of intentions in their lunar work each moon circle ! beautiful, Phoenix the Elder.

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