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Total Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius 2021: Get Honest

As we ride the waves of this morning’s intense total lunar eclipse in Sagittarius, (it happened in the wee hours of the morning on May 26th) it’s important to get honest (Sagittarius is the sign of blunt honesty).

Lunar eclipses bring closure to more prominent themes and stories in our lives. This particular eclipse, which happened at 5° of Sagittarius, highlights events that took place in May 2002—the last time we experienced a lunar eclipse at the same degree as today’s—and May of 2013, when we had a solar eclipse (new moon) at a very close degree to today’s, too.

If you can remember May of 2002 and/or May of 2013, consider the stories that emerged then and how they are connected to where you are in life now. Then, feel into what is coming to completion at this time. Indeed, something is.

As the seasons change and we come into a new iteration of the pandemic era, it’s essential to take a moment to pause and reflect.

With socializing and travel re-emerging here in the States, it’s all too easy for calendars to become booked. I know we are all anxious to regroup and get on with life after the last year we just had; I certainly am. And, we must give ourselves the space we need to develop hindsight about what we just experienced and process that which we want to become in the aftermath of many life-changing events. (It’s so important to get honest with yourself about where you are and what you need, and not let other’s needs drive how you spend your time.)

So many people made radical changes during lockdown; moved, changed careers, made new decisions about their love life, while others felt lucky just being able to use the bathroom without a child needing them. Regardless of where you fall on the continuum of life clarity at this particular moment, I encourage you to pause. Perspective is the keyword now.

Get Honest with These Simple Questions:

What did you learn over the last year?
What changes do you feel you need to make now?
What do you most want to do next?

Come Friday, Mercury goes retrograde and will be retrograde until June 22nd. Thus, the next few weeks provide us with the perfect opportunity to reflect on what we just learned. Couple that with the fact that June brings the second of three exact squares between Saturn and Uranus (June 14th), in addition to a north node solar eclipse in Gemini (June 10th), and the days ahead will no doubt be incredibly transformational.

The eclipse we are moving through now (May 26, 2021) is a south node eclipse, and it calls our attention to liberation and releasing responsibilities that no longer serve us. Add to it that Mars is opposite Pluto, and Venus is squaring Neptune, and this eclipse will likely feel incredibly emotional. Be brave and get honest about your needs, now.

Take some time to be with what is coming up for you and release what’s no longer needed.

For me, that looks like spending Mercury retrograde off screens and away from tech as much as possible. During lockdown, social media became a lifeline for me, and now that it’s nice enough to spend my days outside, I am keeping technology at the most minimal level.

Speaking of tech, I am in the process of birthing a new website and an entirely fresh visual identity. I’ve been working on this project since 2019— these things take time! However, I am close to completing the design and conceptualization phase, and I am soon developing the site (post-Merc retrograde). I am so excited about this!

So my quiet now is to really connect with what needs to be done as I gear up for what’s hopefully going to be an explosive fall!

To that point, I am also taking a break from writing for Well + Good, updating my blog, and posting to social media. (Breaks are so crucial to integration and longevity!) So I am signing off for the next few weeks but will be back in time for solstice!

I hope you, too, take time to regroup and tune into yourself. Remember, while everyone may feel anxious to move onto what’s next, very few have a clear picture of what’s emerging. So instead of following others right now, do the work necessary to keep up with you!

Getting quiet now will help you emerge from the upcoming Mercury retrograde centered and ready for life’s next season! Especially if you can get quiet enough to hear the most honest voice that lives within.

See you then,


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  • Donna Glasky

    Best to you dear heart ☺️

  • Robin

    After reading this, twice, I realize why I am feeling like I am standing at a fork in the road trying to figure out which way to go. I have several options open to me or I can stay where I am and continue my growth where I currently am, which is also a great choice. Maybe trying to learn more immediately and completely through online classes starting this weekend isn’t such a great idea. Thank you Jenn for all your work, your amazing book Cosmic Health, and the great questions and suggestions that I am going to spend time on this evening to help find the answers I am looking for. Robin

  • Jane

    Love your posts, loved your book–your work resonates. You are clear, you explain astrology in a way that makes it easy to understand/apply in day to day life. Thank you.

  • Jennifer

    Love this post and love how you have shortened Jennifer the same way I have! <3

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