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Welcome to 2017: Let’s Slay


Opening a new year can feel a bit like opening a present. Full of excitement and wonder, hopes and giggles, maybe even a bow or two.

Yet, creating a year (or a life for that matter) doesn’t just mean receiving. It means crafting with incredible intention. So while 2017 remains vitally young, and still in a honeymoon period, let’s stay in the place of possibility.

But let’s also be real about what that possibility entails.

I wish I could say to you that 2017 is finally the year we enter the golden age, where drama evaporates alongside war, environmental degradation, gender inequality, and racism.

And that finally you will have an unobstructed path to your deepest, most heartfelt desires.

Unfortunately, though, that’s not in the stars.

A change in the year does not equate a magic pill.

As an astrologer, the question I am most often asked, especially this time of year, is when will things get easier. When will life start to feel easy?

The truth is—it won’t. Sorry.

Despite resetting the clock, life—as it always has—will continue to provide us moments of immense beauty that bring us to tears, as well as gripping pain that makes us fall to our knees.

Life doesn’t get easier. We just get better. Until we are humbled (yet again) and have to integrate a whole new set of lessons.

And this also means that we can’t wait on the stars. We have to show up! Through years of doing this work in a 1:1 capacity with clients, I’ve learned that even with incredibly aligned astrological support of benefic forces, we still need to step up to the plate to ensure our own grand slam. Very rarely do things manifest on their own. Even more curious, I have also found that some of my clients who have had the absolute hardest aspects (malefic) have shot out of cannons in success.

Conclusion: Sometimes friction does us good. And often ease is overrated.

Despite all the challenges and gifts, we still have every single opportunity to live with immense love, depth, richness, and profound power. We live in painful times, yet at the same time, we live with extreme abundance, opportunity, and hope.

I know, this dose of tough love might not be what ya thought… and certainly not what ya want. But, the beautiful thing about the truth is that it sets ya free.

So with that in mind, let’s get on with freedom! Let’s get ready to slay.

Looking back on 2016, one of the things that surprised me the most about the year had to do with a love affair I had with Beyoncé. (I know, this is a strange segue, but bear with me on this one.)

You have to understand I am an avid music lover, yet I grew up a total tomboy. While I see dozens (if not more) of live shows every year, I usually attend shows where the ladies room does not have a line, and the men’s room line coils like a snake.

So, falling in love with Beyoncé certainly didn’t strike me as likely. Yet, Lemonade (her visual album) hit me in every way and gave me all the feels.

I ended up at a stadium in Philadelphia in the pouring rain to see her sing her heart out in crazy ass boots, a leotard, perfect hair, on an extremely wet stage.

As I stood at the Formation Tour, drenched beneath a crinkly plastic poncho, I felt immobilized by her insane presence.

She belted lyrics addressing her haters, claiming her power, while making a political statement.

“Get what’s mine. Take what’s mine. I’m a star. I’m a star. ‘Cause I slay. I slay.”

With an uncomfortable dampness resting upon my skin, and a stadium singing in unison, it hit me: this chick slays, indeed.

So as I step into 2017, I bring a bit of Beyoncé with me. I invite you to do the same.

I don’t anticipate it to feel easy (nor should you), but I do anticipate holding my power close to my chest, and using it (as needed) to annihilate my obstacles.

I intend to slay.

Let’s slay together, shall we? After all, isn’t that what feminine power is all about?

Here’s to our rising. Game on.

All my love,


P.S. “You just might be a black Bill Gates in the making, ‘cause I slay. I just might be a black Bill Gates in the making.” —Beyoncé

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  • Erica Tewell

    This is everything! I love the message. Being proactive in our lives to make it happen is essential but not always easy. Slay…take/create what is ours is a wonderful kind of affirmation. Healthy reminder that the universe provides for all and there is enough to go around and we are all more than deserving! Peace!

    • jracioppi

      Thank you, Erica for this comment. I appreciate it a great deal. Yes, there is more than enough for everyone… Happy New Year to you and yours.



  • Penelope Pumpernishi

    Just getting back into the groove of 2017 and this post could find me at a better time. Thank you so much for the inspiration and perspective. 2017 is still a great unknown that can cause me to be anxious at times. Reading this I now feel a much higher level of inspiration to take on all challengers and welcome success and happiness. THANK YOU JENN!

    “And keep your money, I got my own – get a bigger smile on my face being alone…Fu** you hater, you can’t recreate her. I am the dragon breathing fire, beautiful man, I’m the lion, beautiful man, I know you’re lying.” – Beyonce (Lemonade)

    • jracioppi

      Hi Penelope, Thanks for this comment. I certainly understand how a new year can feel like stepping into the unknown. That said, we’re all in it together. I am happy you found this post helpful. Thank you for being an inspiration to me.

      Haha, and yes, those lyrics! All of my love.



  • Kelsey Y.

    RESTORE is my word of intention for 2017. It came as a took a restore yoga class, and the word continually repeated in my mind for the next couple of days. I then realized this was the word I needed this year. It has already found its way into many facets of my life, and I’m grateful for it. I’m striving to restore confidence in following my intention, restore the knowingness of keeping things in my life that align and getting rid of what doesn’t. It goes on =) Thank you for your post!

    • jracioppi

      Hey Kelsey, Much like you, my word for year is yin, which has incredible elements of restoration implied in it. I believe we can honor the feminine attributes of rest, and yin, and still be a force. I look forward to connecting with you more in 2017. Thanks for reading and commenting.

      Happy New Year to you. So grateful to be on this path together.

      All my love…



  • Suzi

    The jury is still out on how I intend to slay in 2017….I am just emerging from that blanket fort I have been ensconced in….but I do know this….I want to nurture myself, and learn how to be my own best friend….re-discover who I am and really explore the concept of “service”….either way, it is going to be remarkable work….game on!

    • jracioppi

      Nurture yourself and learn how to be your own best friend. Two wonderful, utterly productive, intentions. Sending you so much love and so excited to see 2017 unfold for you. Big hugs…

  • Nitika

    OMG Jenn I love this blog so much!!! So good + the writing is incredible. I intend to slay with you by my side. Love you! xx

    • jracioppi

      Awe, thanks love. I so appreciate your sweet words. Yes, we’ll slay together. Here’s to 2017.

  • Sarah

    When you talking about creating a life by “crafting with incredible intention” – I said hell YES!

    2016 was a year of epic change for me. I went really deep, reflecting on so many levels, learning more about myself than in ages. Then 2017 introduces itself and I realize the growth from 2016 was the introduction, the preview.

    2017 feels like the Phoenix rising from the ashes. I’m headed back to school to pursue a career path I’m really excited about. Opening myself up to dating and romance in a sincere way has me feeling lit up. Plans to travel abroad in the summer are giving way to creating more trips and adventures throughout the year. When I’m still and listen to myself, I’m hearing my body say get outdoors and explore.

    Thank you for being an inspiration to craft my life with beauty and love.


    • jracioppi

      Hi Sarah, I appreciate what you are saying here, and how easily we can confuse the main course for the appetizer. Here’s to you rising like the phoenix. How excited to be going back to school, I can not wait to hear how this unfolds for you. Please keep us posted. All of my love… and bug hugs.

  • Nichole Kellerman Wurth

    “Sometimes friction does us good. And often ease is overrated.” I needed this Jen, thank you!
    My intention for the year is very simple but something I need so badly – FUN. So looks like I’ll be slaying fun 🙂

    • jracioppi

      FUN heals. Fun reveals. Fun is so damn therapeutic. I fully see having the fun and joy you desire (and being the fun and joy you crave). Thanks for reading and commenting. I so appreciate you. All of my love.

      Big hugs!


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