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Libra Zodiac Sign: The Artist, Advocate, Liberator.

libra zodiac sign

Libra (September 23rd – October 22nd)

Artist. Advocate. Liberator.


Libra Sun Sign

Every time you step into a museum packed with fine art, hear the thrum of harmonious chords syncing together, or get a whiff of an elegant perfume, that’s the Libra star sign at work.

Of course, your taste is exquisite—your sign is ruled by alluring Venus. But in truth, this innate sense of aesthetics comes from the allure of balance, composite, and harmony in general. This is reflected in your flair for choosing just the right statement piece or canvas, but also in your overall worldview. Libran souls deeply believe in justice, balance, and that every action equals an opposite reaction. This viewpoint is literally baked into your DNA.

As the seventh sign of the zodiac, the start of Libra seasons falls right in the center of the astrological calendar, which is exactly how you prefer it. As an Air sign, you’re not one to ever find yourself short on acquaintances or topics of conversation, but you’re at your best when you can connect to the core with those around you. Your journey into your power involves your relationships, love. It may seem like a paradox that you have to find yourself through others, but think of it this way: by interacting, learning, and loving others, you learn how to help people liberate themselves through your wise counsel.

For you, the grass is always green on both sides of the fence.

Your ability to cut through the BS and see the pure potential in any side or situation means that often you rely on what something could be (under the right tutelage) instead of what it truly is. Sometimes the grass isn’t grass… it’s just mud.

While it’s easy to see the best in others and win over friends with your social charm, you’ll first need to begin a loving relationship with yourself. To reach your highest potential, be sure to spend some time getting to know yourself in the same way you would others. Dress up, take yourself out to dinner, or even just bust out your best bath salts and remind yourself of all the things that make you, you. When you know what matters most to you, it’s easy to make decisions around your relationships that align with your highest values. That way, you spend less time on unequal relationships and more on making a social contribution for the greater good.

Libra Rising Sign

If there’s anyone who looks like they have it all together, it’s a Libra Rising. From your killer wardrobe or epic art collection, you know what it means to honor the sophistication of the human spirit.

Not only can you find soul essence in canvases and couture, you’re also excellent at bringing out the best in your fellow humans IRL. Relationships are your domain, people of all walks of life tend to flock to you. You make them feel comfortable in their own skin, love. It’s healing through radical acceptance.

For your rising sign, in particular, you’ll need to pay special attention to the way you expend your energy. Balance is key, and you often find friends, family, and fly-by acquaintances would love to take up every bit of your free time if you let them. You’ll need to find equilibrium between the internal and external, social graces and firm boundaries to keep you healthy and happy for the long run.

Libra Moon Sign

As a Libra moon, you take the idea of balance to the next level. For one, you feel your best when every aspect of your life is vibing. From your friendships to your career, you prefer if everything and everyone would just chill.

But that’s not how life works, Libra love. While you prefer to stay even keel, you’ll need to learn to first go through the more unpleasant emotions that make us all human and then find equilibrium from within the storm. Accepting less harmonious emotions in the moment is the key to developing long-term resilience. You can’t prevent the scales from tipping, but you can trust that in time, it all finds its way back to center.

Be sure to let yourself go deeper sometimes—to feel it all. Then do what you do best and find the beauty in it all.

Are you ready to embody your cosmic destiny?

If you’ve been lucky enough to be born with a Libra sun, moon, or ascendant in your chart, it’s time to allow your judicious, balancing presence to heal those around you. It’s time to expand your community into a soul-driven, big-hearted movement that has the power to usher in change through love.

As women and woman-identifying people, we’ve come to a crossroads in our political and social history. It’s time for us to fully embody our highest potential and put to use our greatest spiritual gifts for the betterment of our world. It’s time for us dive deeper into our personal soul-traits so that we can leave a wider, more powerful imprint on this critical moment in time.

Join me for my annual Moon Cycle Embodiment Challenge starting on November 7th. The very next day, Jupiter, the planet of good luck, good fortune and abundance enters into Sagittarius, we’ll begin. You’ll learn how to harness the 28-day cycle and unparalleled energy of the moon to renew your feminine connection, deepen self-care practices, reclaim your health rhythm, and learn more about astrology. *This challenge is for anyone who identifies as female.

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