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A Full Moon Ritual For Extremely Intense Times

We need rituals for extremely intense times, especially a full moon ritual.

Moon rituals are an ancient and sacred practice that originated in Egypt, Babylonia, India, and China where honoring the moon was a part of the culture. The phases of the moon influence the growth or decline of plants, animals, and human life. Basking in the moonlight was seen as a sacred and necessary part of every cycle (rightfully so).

Today, moon ritual carries just as much sacredness and brings a beautifully primal practice into the modern world (especially full moon rituals). It’s something we need all the time, but especially during times of high stress and instability, it’s essential to our emotional well-being. (I mean, who doesn’t need emotional well-being and modern rituals for the extremely intense times we live in?!)

The beautiful thing about rituals—especially those related to the moon—is that they invite you to get quiet. They ask you to plant seeds of intention and be one with the energy of nature’s full potential. Away from the fast-paced, high-stakes news cycle, away from societal and performance pressure. Just you, your heart, and the moon.

While there are 8 phases of the moon, the most obvious phases are the new moon and the full moon.

A new moon is a perfect time to set intentions to realize your desire. You can do that by clearly writing out an intention for that lunar cycle and actively working with it through the corresponding full moon, approximately thirty days later. Ideally, your intention will align with the sign that the new moon occurs in.

That said, these are unprecedented times of transition as a collective. We’ll come out on the other side much stronger than we started, but the breaking down of long-held societal structures is stressful at best, devastating at worst.

It’s important to continue to honor the new and full moon phases, but we should also pay special attention to the first (waxing) quarter and third (waning) quarter phases. These phases mark a turning point in the cycle. They ask us to re-check ourselves and release any tension that’s built up. These phases are all about catharsis. Take extra care to release tension through movement, meditation, connection, and creativity.

Working with the Full Moon through Ritual.

Full moons are a time to cultivate your power. The full moon is also a time of the month where your intuition might feel heightened and your energy may feel “different.” How a full moon impacts you is specific to you.

A Full Moon Ritual For Extremely Intense Times

Rituals are like recipes; the best ones have been honed over time. Treat this ritual as a jumping-off point, not a final destination. This one connects you to the elements and helps you balance the earth, air, fire, and water within.

First, you want to set the tone for your ritual. This begins with assessing your physical space and how it feels to you. Is it clean? Is it cluttered? Do what you can to make your space feel like a conduit for transformation. You may also want to use sage to smudge your home, which purifies the energy.

While cleaning, play the music that feels like a match for the energy you wish to call in.

Once you’re ready to begin your ritual, it’s time to begin your Cosmic Bath. If you prefer showers, they work just the same. For a shower use a salt scrub instead of a soak.

Draw your bath. Add one to two cups of Epsom salts and a few drops of your favorite essential oil. I generally suggest lavender or eucalyptus, but any will do and it’s your preference.

You may also want to add a few flowers to your bathwater, or anything that invokes a sense of inspiring beauty.

Soak in the bathtub for twenty minutes. Imagine the salts removing anything that is less than divine as your body absorbs the healing magnesium. You may want to add a crystal to the tub if you work with them. I suggest rose quartz. When you get out of the bath, nourish your body with a healing oil like sesame oil or jojoba. As you nourish your body with this oil massage into your body your intention for magic: What are you currently manifesting?

 After your Cosmic Bath, dress in an outfit that feels special to you. This can be your favorite pair of pajamas, a party dress, etc. 

 Next go to a place in your house where you can meditate, preferably by an altar. You’ll want a candle, incense, pen, paper, and a lighter or match. Take a moment to center yourself, and then light your incense. 

Once you’ve lit your incense, take a moment to connect with the elements:

  • Honor the element of air by connecting with your breath. Take a deep exhalation.
  • Honor the element of fire by connecting with your desire. Visualize your desire for your health or your life. Conjure as much passion for it as you can.
  • Honor the element of water by connecting with your intuition. Listen to the quiet voice within. What is she whispering in your ear, or communicating to you through your feelings? Intuition is generally heightened at the time of the full moon. Take a moment to write down what you’re hearing. If journaling works better for you; journal on this question: What is my truth right now?
  • Honor the element of the earth by connecting with your body; if possible, go outside to stand beneath the moonlight. Take at least five minutes to reconnect with the outside world. You can do so with your eyes open or closed, but the idea is to connect with the moon’s light, when that’s possible, and simultaneously, your personal power. Say a prayer or repeat an affirmation that you are working on. Meditate.

Once you feel complete, you can come back in and return to your altar or candle. Thank yourself, your breath, your spirit, your intuition, and your body by honoring the elements. Extinguish the candle and bring your ritual to a close.

To learn more; check out my book, Cosmic Health. Cosmic Health will teach you many rituals for extremely intense times, and it will help you to become more resilient in the process. And to learn how to manifest with the moon, go here.

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