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Aries New Moon: Ready? Set Go!

2015 started off a tough note for many of us; myself included. Whether we wanted to or not, we had to face endings, and let the past go. The March 20th new moon eclipse and the April 4th full moon eclipse were about endings. The events surrounding the eclipses deeply impacted our relationships and hopefully offered us a more conscious understanding of ourselves. Kind of like being in a room when the lights go out and simultaneously having all of the furniture rearranged in the dark, we had to find our way around a familiar space where suddenly everything was different. That’s what happens during eclipses: familiar territory becomes radically different, forcing us to adjust.

This New Moon in Aries Marks a Turning Point in the Story

Now, it’s time to move forward, especially with your new insights in mind. Head toward the direction of your current dream. Let go of the old dreams and reorient yourself to what you want now. Before you do though, give yourself a pat on the back. Seriously, you deserve it. The last several weeks probably challenged you—big time! You’ve made changes, dealt with surprises, and faced endings. Recognize how you’ve risen to the occasion.

• How have you grown since the start of this calendar year?
• What personal strengths have you nurtured, nourished and developed?
• What insights have you gained?

Remember, you are where you need to be, on the right path in life. (You always are, but eclipses come in and realign things to make sure you are on point.) So, right now, especially, everything is as it should be. Acknowledge yourself. Savor what you are most proud of!

The New Moon in Aries

Aries, a fire ruled cardinal sign, initiates new beginnings. Further, with Mars and Mercury joining forces in Taurus (fixed earth) making fired fueled connection to Jupiter, the largest planet in the solar system, it’s time to take deliberate action. While all new moons are new beginnings, this new moon, is more than a new beginning: it’s a new chapter.

Ladies, it’s time to get this party started. Are you ready for your new life to begin?

Now that the eclipses and the Pluto square Uranus squabble have cleared, it’s time to charge forward. Seriously, claim your authority and GO in the direction of your dreams! A new chapter of your life awaits you. For the next month, there are a lot of celestial green lights. Take advantage. What do you want to see happen in your life? You’ve done a lot of work to get here. The time is now to savor your hard work and move in the direction of your current desires. Exactly one month from the Aries new moon, on May 18th, Mercury will station to go retrograde. At that point, the sound of metal on metal again will screech again, like a train coming to an abrupt stop. But, for now, GO! Take deliberate action. Stand in your authority and decide where you are heading. Take the ram by it’s horns, and implement!

This weekend carve out to time for you

The new moon happens at 2:56 pm EST on Saturday, April 18th. Give yourself some space to check in with you, and bring consciousness to this auspicious turning point in your life. Consider this: If you could have a dream come true in your life, what would it be? Write it out.

Don’t look back– look forward

So much happened in the recent months. You are different. Don’t hold yourself accountable for what you said you wanted a year ago or even at the start of this year. Give yourself the luxury of a new beginning and find the current desire that aligns with your truth, today! You’ll look backward in late May and early June when Mercury goes retrograde. For now, keep your eyes in front, stay in your own lane, and listen to your heart. She’s guiding you. Stay obedient to you—your truth, your desires, your inherent worthiness. Your new beginning has arrived. Make it worth the wait.

I’d love to hear from you. What’s the dream you are moving towards? Claim it in the comments below!

As always, I send you all of my love.



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  • Jovanka Ciares

    I’ve been feeling this tidal change intuitively and this post is now giving me the confidence to ask for what I want to manifest in my life. Thank you for always explaining astrological events in a simple, clear way.

    • jenn

      Go for it, Jovanka. It’s been a rough ride the last few weeks. Today get ready for a change in the tides. Reorient, recover and move forward accordingly. Thanks for your note!

  • Sandra

    Hi Jenn!
    I think we’re connected on Facebook, so if you’ve read my recent Facebook post, you’d know my life is in quite a pickle right now – really an extreme example of the upheaval you referred to in this blog. How right on you are about this time in the lunar cycle!

    My current mission is to a) search out communities where I’m likely to find my “tribe” within the sustainable food movement b) create something worthwhile with them for the benefit of others while making a meaningful career for myself with tribal support and c) find a place I want to live by the water (with a white Jeep Wrangler!) that will make me happy and can make that happen with ease and c) find true love to share my incredible love and life with and grow in the same direction 🙂

    • jenn

      So nice to hear from you Sandra. I am sorry to hear about your difficulties. Stay strong, you will get through. Thanks for sharing your intentions. Sending you so much love! Big hugs:)

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