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New Moon in Sagittarius: Let Wisdom Guide You

As 2017 wraps up and we approach the final new moon of the year—a new moon in Sagittarius—the cosmos throw down a hand full of fire.

With five planets in the sign of the archer—including Mercury in retrograde, and Saturn, which is about to exit Sagittarius to move into Capricorn—a high-level emphasis exists at the Galactic Center (the black hole at the center of the Milky Way). And since all of these planets align in a harmonious angle with Uranus (in fellow fire sign Aries), this new moon ignites possibility.

Shake Off the Past and Step Into the Future

This ain’t yo’ average new moon.

This potentially paradigm-shifting new moon may pull you closer to your life purpose and intrinsic values while simultaneously shining a light on the obstacles standing in your way. And while all new moons initiate new beginnings, this new moon asks you to wrap up issues from the past, too.

It’s just as much about closures as it is about commencements.

Saturn in Sagittarius: Your Karmic Quest

As we gear up for 2018, we don’t just gear up for a new year—we gear up for a new Saturn cycle, too. Saturn, the great disciplinarian who animates life lessons and offers soul direction, has traveled in Sagittarius since late December 2014. Since then, you’ve been asked to redefine the aspects of your life having to do with Sagittarius—the quest for freedom, the ability to be bold, blunt, and to speak the truth. (Caveat: Saturn retrograded back into Scorpio from June 14th until September 17th, 2015.)

Sagittarius correlates with democracy, international relationships, ideology, and religion. It represents athleticism and wanderlust. It represents the quest for knowledge and the attainment of wisdom.

Consider the dominant story that unfolded in your life since Saturn (the planet of lessons and karma) entered Sagittarius.

What have you needed to digest over the last couple of years?

(To simplify this, specifically look at what has occurred in your life since late September 2015.)

Try journaling on the following questions:

  • What’s emerged and since restructured your life since then?
  • If you had to tell the story of the last 2(ish) years, what would the theme be?
  • What was the dominant lesson you learned?
  • What vision for your future crystallized?
  • What are you now committed to building in your life?

Give yourself a solid 20 minutes to free-write and see what arises. Remember where you’ve been and what you’ve learned. Name the hard lessons you’ve digested. Make peace with your past.

Also, since Saturn often leaves a gift when he changes signs, keep an eye out for what’s crystallizing now. Something is coming into form! It should be a positive solidification of your hard work over the last two to three years.

Saturn takes 29.5 years to circle the sun and will enter Capricorn on December 19th… So, before the solstice (which happens when the Sun moves into Capricorn on the 21st) we initiate a new Saturn cycle, too. Right after the solstice, Mercury stations direct (on December 22nd), emphasizing the need to decompress, digest, and integrate soul lessons that correlate with Sagittarius principles even further.

The New Moon in Sagittarius

The new moon, arriving on December 18th at 1:30 am ET (please convert to your time zone), comes with guns blazing. With the planets moving into earthy Capricorn soon, you’ll want to take advantage of the alchemical fire of this new moon. Use this new moon as a time to listen, dive deep and hear where you’ve been and solidify where you wish to head. Using the power of choice, you can concretely assert your intended desires, and influence the new path of potentiality opening before you. Where does wisdom want to lead you next? (Even the word wisdom is very Sagittarian in nature!)

Set Your Intentions

While a fancy ritual with crystals and sage is always lovely when it comes to a new moon, the most important thing you can do now is show up with your most refined consciousness. I promise—it’s the quality of your presence that counts most, everything else is just an accoutrement. Take the time to set clear intentions that serve your long-term goals.

Sagittarius Holds the Wisdom to Guide Your Vision

Take time to articulate your vision for where you wish to head next. Affirm what you are creating. Solicit divine guidance. Conjure support.

As 2017 quickly comes to a close (I know time feels like sand slipping through your fingers), instead of rushing around and spinning off center, I encourage you to pace yourself instead. Manage your energy—not your time—by focusing on really good self-care. Limit sugar. Do your best to get some cardio or other movement in. Get plenty of rest. Bend time by staying focused and in flow when it comes to your work. Repeat your new moon intentions to yourself and affirm that everything is getting done.

I’ll be writing again in the next few days to discuss the solstice, but now I’d love to hear from you. What are you conjuring this new moon? Leave me a comment.


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  • Libby

    I love your insights Jennifer! This new moon I’m concentrating on authentic connections with others and strengthening my connections with family over the holiday period (and also my birthday on the 21 Dec).

  • Lorie

    I always look forward to your posts/blog/articles/emails. Your insights help to calm and focus my sporadic EnErGy! I am setting my intentions for this new moon on decluttering and organizing areas of my life so I will be positioned to create my vision of: healthier eating and exercising, building upon my professional coaching practice and mature financial responsibility in the new year. Eventually I will be consulting with you on my chart… just a heads up! LOL

  • Kristen

    OMG I must admit I don’t always read your emails but I am so glad I read this one. I know you said look at your life from Sept 2015, however when you mentioned that this began in Dec 2014; Oct 2014 is when I feel like I began getting my life lessons and finding my soul path – very much in the form of a quest for freedom, the ability to be bold, blunt, and to speak the truth. At the end of 2014 I started working with a toxic person at my job, my workload had essentially doubled with no support, I was for sure burnt out — it took me a while to say anything to my boss for fear of idk what — but has definitely helped me find my voice. Among this a dear friend from college died – the first person I had lost in my life. Around 2016 things finally began shifting – my workload lightened, the toxic person left and I got the idea for my soon to be launched business. I know everyone hated 2016 and even more 2017, but for real its been like a shit storm over here since before then. I am so so looking forward to launching my new business and feel so strongly that it is the path I’m meant to be on. Thank you xoxo.

  • cristina

    It’s so funny, the word that I find I keep saying to myself is “wisdom”. It’s so interesting that you mention it’s a very Sag word! I just turned 40 on the Dec 14. #somanyfeels but definitely conjuring speaking my truth, being intentional about self care, and seeking all the wisdom.

  • Anca

    Hi Jennifer,
    For me, this new moon is all about letting go of judgement and expectation, toward myself and others, really finding my truth and what I really desire is have a career that is aligned with my core values and also get financial freedom in order to travel more.

    Thank you for all your posts and insightful advice. Love reading your blog and Instagram. 🙂

  • S

    New subscriber. Loving your email and Instagram . thank you

  • Martine

    Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom and knowledge ☀️
    This post talked to me in so many amazing ways…
    The most important one is that over 2.5 years ago I started a 360’ transformation when removing alcohol and drugs from my life… today, happy and sober, I’m getting ready to embark on the journey of life time to India… dipening my yoga practice, helping abused woman’s and opening my heart to new possibilities…
    Being a Sagittarius myself, November 30, I’m excited for watch is coming and working hard in staying grounded in the now…
    Happy holidays to all humans 💜
    Martine 🙏🏻

  • Noelle

    This was a powerful journalling exercise. I opened my Akashic Records to journal, then I chose Oracle Cards to do the journalling again…Same messages! Go figure~!

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