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New Moon in Leo: Take a Walk on the Wild Side

Summer: a time to enjoy warm weather, the outdoors, gathering with friends and family, and local sumptuous food. A time to sit outside, and breathe, and rejuvenate. At least that’s what it should be.

The first year of my business I lived a different story. My goal for the summer was to write as much as possible and keep plugging away until I had accomplished something. Enough blog posts in the bank, my offerings perfectly outlined, my systems fully functional, and some tangible markers of success.

So, despite the long days, warm weather, and my deep love of the outdoors, I stayed inside, in air conditioning, writing. And as August came to a close that year, I realized I hadn’t made it to the beach once—something I needed to rectify ASAP. So, I cleared my mid-week calendar and hit the road. With my toes in the sand, a breeze on my face, and deep love in my heart, an internal reconciliation occurred…

Why the hell would I work for myself if it meant foregoing summer the same way that I did when I worked at corporate?

Lesson learned.

Fast forward to today, where I live in the straight-up country—a bucolic town in upstate New York, with basically two types of businesses: family owned farms, and summer camps. While my fierce work ethic still commands a demanding schedule (I am busier than ever, and had some of the most important meetings of my career over the last week), my days are not spent in air conditioning. Instead, I take long walks, go for hikes, paddle board on the lake, and enjoy the freedom of summer in full exaltation. I still write (a lot) but I do it differently. I observe the growth of wild flowers, I relish in the sound of thunderstorms, and I make lunch with veggies from my own garden. This sort of life, completely divorced from urban living, does require a bit of sacrifice, yet, I love it—especially in the summer.

To live seasonally means to embrace the gifts and diversity of the year. It means to abandon the linearity of time and adjust to the transient and impermanent opportunities afforded by the cycles of life. It means to live with rhythmicity.

As we approach the new moon in Leo on July 23rd at 5:45 AM ET, we find ourselves in the height of the season of growth and development.

Before we talk about this new moon, though, let’s look back over the past few weeks. With the Sun and Mars traveling through Cancer opposing Pluto, and squaring Uranus, our emotional bodies, as well as our need for safety and security, fell under the opposition of the dwarf planet of darkness, and the great initiator of change. A time of deep internal evaluation and an inner look at how we honor our confidence, our self-esteem, our safety, and security.

And as we prepare for the next cosmic turn of events: a new moon in Leo, a lunar eclipse in Aquarius, Mercury retrograde, and the second consecutive new moon in Leo dubbed as the Great American Eclipse (the solar eclipse in Leo on August 21st), at least we can’t say it’s boring—it’s anything but that.

August presents us with one of the most outrageous rides we’ve had in awhile.

(I plan on riding it like a bull, and I hope you do too.)

To honor it, I am hosting a special event on Monday, July 24th with my dear friends—the founders of Soul Camp—to discuss all of the upcoming cosmic events and once-in-a-lifetime opportunities August presents. I will be doing some free live readings, too. You seriously do not want to miss this.

It’s free to join us on the 24th. Come learn more about this current new moon, the upcoming cosmic roller coaster, Soul Camp, and maybe even get a free astrology reading! Head over to my Facebook Page on Monday, July 24th at 5pm ET to tune in LIVE.

So what’s up with this new moon in Leo?

This new moon happens at 0 degrees on July 23rd at 5:45 am ET—the perfect time and day to set intentions to play, grow through courage, embrace visibility and leadership and see yourself for who you really are: a divine creature with a purpose.

It’s a strong new moon with many positive aspects, particularly because Mars, the planet of action, joins the sun and the moon in fun-loving Leo! Prepare to feel the energy and excitement of fire— the heavens are ablaze! Now is the time to get your ducks in a row so you can let go, have fun, and embrace the passion of creativity, play, and courage.

The challenging part of this new moon is that it squares Uranus, the planet of radical change, which will keep us on our toes. Be ready for anything, because anything might just come. And at the same time, this new moon asks us to smash the old and boring, and breakthrough into our next level of authentic, self-led, leadership.

Are you with me?

And if your life sounds like mine a few years back—if you’re missing out on fresh air and craving a bit more fun—you may just want to check out Soul Camp East! This year Soul Camp kicks off just a two days after the Great American Eclipse, providing a soft landing, and incredible integration as we wrap up August and head straight into Virgo season. It’s cosmically timed, to say the least. I am going to be teaching a two-hour astrology intensive, and two additional classes on resilience. Come meet me and play. We’ll be learning, paddle boarding, dancing, hanging out by a fire, and forming life-long bonds. I would love for you to join this transformative party!

Now over to you. What are your intentions for this new moon? Let me know in the comments!

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  • Kelly

    I am ready to embrace anything that is coming my way. I have been in a very dark place for a very long time; worked my butt off to finally do what I love, finding myself impatiently waiting for the next chapter to begin. My intentions for this new moon is to gracefully receive any radical change the universe has planned. Wish me luck!

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