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New Moon Solar Eclipse in Virgo and Mercury Retrograde: Step Into Your New Beginning

new moon solar eclipseWelcome to September, a month that brings significant celestial and planetary influence. Two powerful eclipses define much of the month: a solar eclipse in Virgo on the 1st and a lunar eclipse in Pisces on the 16th. Both eclipses bring an emphasis on letting go of what doesn’t serve us (possibly without our understanding of what that even is), so we can become a more aligned version of ourselves. Get ready to embrace change!

We have the new moon solar eclipse in Virgo, Mercury retrograde in Virgo, and Jupiter about to leave Virgo, all while the Sun traverses the sign of the Virgin, too. Since happy-go-lucky Jupiter has been traveling through the sign of Virgo, increasing our attention to health, well-being, work, and service over the last year, we are no stranger to the devotion this sign conjures. That said, the new moon eclipse happening at 5:03 am on the 1st of September offers us a stellar opportunity to set a strong intention for how we want to be of service to our health, in addition to the world.

With Mercury traveling retrograde in this mutable earth sign devoted to service until the 21st, you can expect to find new purpose in your work, supporting intentions set with this new moon solar eclipse immensely. Even more so, now that Jupiter is at the tail end of Virgo, prepping for his departure into Libra on the 9th, this Mercury retrograde and eclipse ask us to capitalize on the gains we’ve made over the last year and solidify our intentions for where we want to go next.

And good news: Mercury and Jupiter are transiting the sky extremely close this new moon solar eclipse, bestowing a strong gift upon us. There’s something crystallizing within us that we’ve worked hard to create. So be sure to name this for yourself and honor it. Then set strong intentions for the manifestation of your intended desires.

Embracing Mercury Retrograde

If you’ve been following for any length of time, you know that I love Mercury retrograde periods.

While Mercury in retrograde might set off the warning signals and encourage you to go on the defense, double check each and every message you send, back up computers, halt travel plans, or become suspicious of opportunities that come up, I advise you to approach this period from a slightly different angle.

Mercury retrograde is not something you need to fear, nor is it a time to halt forward motion.

Why? Because at its core Mercury retrograde is a period of recalibration, when we slow down to hear the natural callings of our souls, a fantastic opportunity to turn the volume up on our inner knowing. Even though many view Mercury retrograde as a time we should expect the worst, I see it as an opportunity to make wiser decisions, follow my gut instinct, clean up issues from my past to align more with the present, and obtain clear direction on what to execute next. And yes, it can feel incredibly frustrating too, however; I choose to focus on its benefits as opposed to its challenges. (We tend to create what we focus on, so being a ninja with our thoughts helps!)

I celebrate Mercury retrograde as an auspicious time, because in our go-go-go world, this is when we are meant to pause and review what we’ve already done to figure out what has slipped through the cracks. It’s a time to connect with our intentions for where we want to go next!

The fact that Mercury retrograde is happening in the midst of eclipse season in the sign of service, work, and health, while disciplined Saturn in Sagittarius squares dreamy Neptune in Pisces for the third (and final) time on the 10th, means we are going to feel the push to claim our dreams! So keep your eyes and hearts open to see and feel this.

Eclipse season and Mercury in retrograde are your opportunities to get crystal clear on exactly what you need to do to align further with your truth. Period. If you are already certain what your next steps are, by all means, forge ahead, but do so with curiosity. The universe may lovingly redirect you along the way, so be open to guidance. If you aren’t clear, now is the perfect time to figure out exactly where you’re stuck, what needs to be released, and how you are going to set intentions for what you will create in the next segment of your life.

4 Ways to Use Mercury Retrograde and the New Moon Eclipse to Further Align With Your Truth

1. Expect your intuition to increase and prepare to take action on it.

Expect to receive intuitive messages more than you usually do. Instead of thinking about an answer or a solution, feel your answer. Mercury’s retrograde is a period when your intuition will become stronger, and if you work with it, instead of against it, you can move ahead faster.

Over the next few weeks, make sure you tune in and follow your instincts—let your body guide you—and be prepared to take action on the wild insights you receive. Take the time to meditate, check in and reconnect with yourself.

2. Become even more comfortable with all of your emotions.

One of the key things you can learn is how to be comfortable with all of your emotions without needing to fix them or deny them. Can you be present with everything that comes up for you emotionally? What do you need to do to strengthen this relationship with yourself? What support do you need to help you better feel your emotions?

Should you feel the need, give yourself permission for a good cry—it’s okay. If crying is something you struggle with, rent some tear jerkers and have a movie night to let yourself release and feel.

3. Fix the glitches.

Mercury retrograde and eclipse season are times to slow down and finally address your blind spots, especially when in the sign of Virgo. When you listen more deeply, asking yourself where you are resisting your truth and not honoring your needs, you can find the glitch in your thinking, systems, or communication. You can then turn towards breaking out of behaviors and patterns that hold you back and crush your individuality.

4. Don’t hold on too tight.

Regardless of your astrological sign, prepare for change. Things are going to move quickly, maybe even with abrupt velocity. So get ready to pivot! Be open to letting go of the things that do not serve you so you can call in exactly what does. Do not hold on too tightly to what you think “needs” to happen. Instead, surrender and trust.

The challenging piece here is that your ego maybe not totally be down for this transformation. However, if you can take a step back, and see your life through the lens of the observer, you will find things moving along exactly as they should, chaos in tow.

If you feel like you are on the verge of throwing in the towel altogether, assess why. While you do need to surrender what is not aligned, do not give up on your purpose or mission. Stay true to you, and stay open to guidance. Keep your focus on your intended outcomes. Set strong intentions for what you are now guided to create. Remember we are all in this together.

In the comments below, set an intention for this new moon solar eclipse and Mercury retrograde!

As always, I send you my love.




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  • Elsa

    Thank you for another inspiring post Jennifer! My intention for this eclipse and Mercury retrograde is to discover and grow more into who I truly am.

  • Doug

    So useful! I dreaded retrograde times and this really helped me see it in a different light.

  • gina

    Everyday I step into living my most authentic life.

  • Shelly

    My intention for this new moon is, “I trust myself.”

  • Meagan

    My intention is definitely, “Let go of your ego.” I’ve been able to notice it more and more recently.

  • Loretta

    – To find a way to be a leader and good example in my community, and also kind. I can be mean.
    – To not push too hard
    – To not worry about whats coming next
    – Get crystal clear on exactly what I need, not want

  • Shauntay

    Awesome read! Thanks for being so connected! My intentions for this new moon is to connect, listen, and trust myself more than ever.

  • Penelope Pumpernishi

    My intentions…. Be a better partner, be a better friend, strive to be conscientious and kind wherever possible, listen and stay focused.

    Love this! Thank you..

  • Nicole

    Another great post from you Jenn! I love your new take on Mercury in Retrograde. xo

  • Jens

    To embrace and engage and unleash all the great potential within me and around me to enjoy abundance, peace and bliss with loving people in my circle.

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