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Full moon in Capricorn: Own your shit and grow!

Today’s Full Moon in Capricorn pushes us into our truth, dissolving barriers to intimacy, asking us to find an even deeper level of connection with our self and others.

Capricorn – a hardworking sign – takes a diligent, results-oriented approach to life. Today, the full moon (in opposition to the Sun in Cancer) snugs up close to potent Pluto, bringing exceptional power to this lunation, and amplifying the opportunity for results.

Pluto, comprised primarily of rock and ice, packs a punch. This dwarf planet (one-sixth the size of the moon) has a no-nonsense approach to personal transformation. Pluto transits often bring circumstances that are beyond our control, asking us to grow. Given Pluto’s proximity to the moon today, this full moon wants us to dig deep, dissolve the boundaries that keep us separate and isolated, and find our power. It requires us to face life head on.

But hold on tight, because with the Sun in Cancer right next to Mars, things might not seem as clear-cut as I am describing them here. Emotions might cloud objectivity, and instead this full moon has the potential to become very moody and possibly, even angry too.

If you find yourself indulging in crabby behavior (after all the sun is in Cancer), take a moment and check in. Acknowledge your trigger and develop objectivity around it. Name it and feel it. If you are angry, take a moment and reflect on why. Get clear on what is happening before you react. Be mindful to not let your mood get the best of you or, even worse, cause you to project your inner turmoil onto others. You don’t want to miss out on today’s positive potential, and there’s a lot of it!

Even with Pluto hanging out right next to the Moon opposite of Mars snuggling up to the Sun, today has stellar potential.

Venus, the planet of love and beauty, is right next to the largest and most benevolent planet in the solar system, Jupiter. Venus and Jupiter hanging out in a tight connection in Leo brings generous, feel-good energy that can uplift any mood. Further, Neptune, the planet of spirituality trines the Sun (a positive, supportive angle) bringing forth a mystical component too. This offers a higher vibration of love, and – dare I say – even the potential for transcendence. All of this happens in the context of a square to the nodes of fate asking for us to evolve.

This full moon wants to crack us open, so we can love more deeply, live with greater intimacy and get over the illusion that we are separate. On one level, it wants us to release the past so we can reach out for the new beginning. On another, it wants us to understand that we are all one and take down unnecessary boundaries to intimacy.

Evolution is calling us; how do we want to respond?

Full moons always call forward the spirit of completion. What is coming to completion in your life? It’s time to honor it. Further, this full moon wants us to get, in our bones, that we are connected profoundly to each other, the universe, and infinity.

Here are four things to check in on this full moon:

  1. Own your emotions. Be incredibly mindful of projecting your emotions onto others. Psychological projection, a term coined by Freud, means denying your unpleasant impulses, and instead attributing them to other people in your life. For example, if you are frustrated with a friend because she’s always late and are accusing her of being insensitive for this, take a look within and see where you are acting insensitively before you shame her for the very thing you are doing yourself. The only person you can ever change is you. Use this full moon to take a deep look within and own your own imperfections instead of projecting your stuff onto others. No one is perfect, and compassion is the name of the game. Start with you!
  2. Stay Positive. I am by no means a Pollyanna, and I believe emotions need to be handled, not just brushed over with positive affirmations. Yet, we need to stay objective with our emotions too. Today, take the high road and look at what is going well in your life. Meditate on what you are grateful for. Savor the positive. Stay in the light!
  3. Meditate, listen to music, transcend. There is uber awesome energy in the atmosphere today. Neptune is trining the Sun; Venus and Jupiter’s conjunction offer deep connection within and to others. Meditate on the higher vibration. Spend time getting centered in your spirit. Do what brings you joy. This is fantastic energy for listening to music that uplifts you. Get centered and have fun.
  4. Connect with others. Not in a superficial way, but in a soul-to-soul way. Own your shit, and be careful not to project it onto to others. Look for the similarities between you and others — not the differences. You may be surprised at the connection and intimacy that occurs as a result.
  5. As always I send you my deepest love. Let me know what it is up for you this Full Moon in the comments below.

    Big hugs,


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  • Judith

    Hi Jenn,
    Only slept 2 hours last night. Could not quiet the chatter in my head about forgiving my former spouse (betrayl) and, I believe, myself for allowing it during our 18 year marriage. I have been dealing with this issue for months and from time to time I can quiet my mind and sleep well. Any suggestions you have for me working with the full moon energy would be appreciated!
    FYI, I live in Gardnerville, Nevada, near Lake Tahoe.

    • jenn

      Hey Judith, This full moon is a tough one. Why don’t you make a conscious decision to let the hurt go, and do a little ritual to release? You live in a beautiful region of the world– so much nature and such beautiful energy. Spend sometime out doors. Align with what feels good for you. Look at where you need to grow, and make a commitment to step up and into the highest version of you and your life. The only way through this is forgiveness. On a very practical level, exercise could be crucially important for you. If I were you, I’d drive to Lake Tahoe and jump in. The cold glacial water is profoundly healing. The perfect thing to do on this full moon. Keep me posted on how this goes. Warmly, Jenn

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