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Hi, I’m Jenn.

I’m a success coach and astrologer committed to personal, social and cosmic excellence –

and that’s true of the women-identified people I work with, too.

I work with incredibly smart and sensitive seekers, strivers, self-actualizers, entrepreneurs, creatives, coaches and corporate women on the rise.

My Lunar Logic coaching programs use evidence-based coaching + astrologically-informed practical magic to create brass-tacks behavior change for the ambitious modern mystic (that’s you!).

 I use it to help you:

Be brave, speak up, steer your life, more fully develop and express your innate gifts and use them to create change (yep, this means you’re on a path to becoming stronger, more powerful and more influential in your leadership). Map your physical and emotional patterns, manage your energy and predict the ebbs and flows of your body — and use that knowledge as a power source for smart decision-making and self-care. Understand the big-picture patterns — the cosmos, the cycles of nature/moon — that influence you and get in sync AND LEVERAGE them rather than fighting them (and yourself). Recognize and interrupt the unnecessary and oppressive social patterns in your individual life and culturally. Grow your ability to care for, advocate for and love yourself and others – in your relationships and in the world.

My work lies at the intersection of astrology, business, positive psychology and best in class health practices. I help women-identified people develop feminine resilience so they can go the distance in their career and life. I believe that when we learn to face the dark while staying fiercely devoted to the light, we flourish.

The Lunar Logic Revolution stands for blending the intuitive with the empirical, so we triumph!

Lunar logic coaching is a science-meets-spirit way of facilitating your personal growth and practical, internal skill-building.

It’s a way for you to resource yourself, internally and always, with the knowledge and skills you need to achieve conscious success.

And conscious success is radically, qualitatively different than conventional success.

Conventional success means a woman worked furiously to secure a place at the table…but she’s the only woman there, or there is only one kind of woman sitting there with her.

Conscious success means we’ve risen to that level of influence AND WE CHANGED THE GAME. The table is no longer a rectangle, but a circle. We don’t have to battle sexism to get there. The seats have not been reserved for one kind of person. Women of all colors + creeds (and I ABSOLUTELY insist and recognize that trans women are women) are at the table with us.

And we are using that table to do even more influential, transformative work in the world.

Because here’s the truth, as ambitious women we don’t just want to be included in what is, we want to change what is.

This is an audacious goal that’s wildly possible for you, in your own life, when you are committed.

My clients are growth-oriented; studied personal development; invested in career-growing training; are spiritually conscious; grasp the mind-body-spirit connection; feel called to something bigger than their current roles; they are committed to making it happen.

They resist mediocrity. They insist on actualizing and growing their internal resources and maximizing their freedom. They also are confident in using their voice enough to know the basics of asking for what they need. They are willing to process the tough stuff, and know that processing is the key to their emotional resilience, and personal freedom.

They are losing faith in step-by-step formulas that require them to substitute an expert’s opinion for their own and they do NOT  want to lose themselves in the grind.

That’s the tension you’re seeking to resolve: how do you achieve your vision without burning yourself out?

This is the moment we come together.


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