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Face your fears. Choose expansion. Shine on!

The full moon lights up the sky on May 3rd in the mysterious sign of Scorpio. Scorpio is an introspective, passionate, and penetrating sign that doesn’t settle for the superficial. Therefore, this Scorpio full moon promises to take us deep, helping us penetrate our psyche and claim a deeper level of authenticity within ourselves. Known as the enlightenment moon, Buddha reached a fully enlightened state under a Scorpio full moon!

A full moon happens when the sun and moon oppose one another at the midpoint of every lunation. When the sun fully opposes the moon (as it does at the time of the full moon) the moon fully receives the light of the sun — making it completely visible. The sun represents our vitality; the moon, our emotional and intuitive nature. The polarity of these two celestial forces creates peak creative energy. Full moons are an ideal time to channel energy towards our empowerment, growth, and transformation. This one is extra strong for enlightenment!

As the full moon in Scorpio opposes the sun in steady-stable-security-oriented-Taurus, it evokes the need to look at where we cling to security out of fear instead of our best interest. It does so while making an exact-change-making-angle to the planet of expansion, Jupiter. Jupiter is the largest planet in the solar system, two and a half times the size of all the other planets in the solar system combined. Jupiter in Leo wants us to connect with our deepest sense of self-esteem and creative passion. With this full moon exactly squaring Jupiter in Leo, it’s time for us all to dive within and examine where we hide. Where does our shame hold us back? Where do we need to let go of our unworthiness in order to claim our brilliance? We all have brilliance. It’s part of the human design! Additionally, Saturn (the planet of structure, order, and karma) opposes Mercury (our thinking mind), offering us a beautiful opportunity to bring discipline into the examination of our minds. Collectively we are being asked to identify where we deny our truth out of fear, prioritizing our need for safety over our growth. This full moon is about choosing growth instead!

Face your fears. Choose expansion. Shine on!

In mid-April, Jupiter woke up from its long retrograde cycle, blessing us with the opulent, positive, energy of this expansive planet in full force. By now, we should all feel more optimistic than previously in 2015. Jupiter lives in Leo until mid-August when it will move from jovial Leo into fastidious Virgo. We have until then to make sure our ego structure receives a reboot. Once Jupiter leaves Leo, it won’t be back for another 12 years. It’s important that we embrace this beneficial energy motivating us all to shine while we can. This transit wants us to express our personalities with truth, vibrancy, and playfulness. That said, use this full moon to look within and see where your ego might be wreaking havoc on your growth holding you back from shining on!

Don’t let this precious, conscious energy pass you. Take the time to examine your mind and find the cracks in your psyche where you are incongruent with the part of you that is ready to shine the brightest! We have three more months to get this mammoth lesson, download, and move into a potentially life-transforming identity shift. This full moon at 13 degrees of Scorpio, which is also in an exact square to Jupiter, wants nothing more than for us to channel this energy into a penetrative look inside. Lucky number 13 is in full effect, so don’t be surprised if you are brought back to re-examine decisions you made about yourself when you were 13!

Your homework this full moon!

Due to the potent energies in the sky, this is a fan-freaking-tastic time to journal! This full moon, give yourself an hour to doodle on the page and free write. Here are my recommended journal prompts to consider.

  • If I were 2% more authentic, I would…
  • If I shined in the world, I am afraid that…
  • I stop myself from shining because…
  • If I weren’t afraid, I would…
  • I know… to be true but resist taking action because….
  • When I was 13, I stopped expressing this part of me…

Once you’ve allowed yourself some time to write, go back and read through what you’ve written. Then, circle/underline the most provoking insights that come up for you…

Now take those nuggets and dive deeper into them. What do they bring up? What’s just beneath the surface asking for acknowledgment? Now that you’ve recognized this, how do you want to move forward?

After you spend some time pondering, journaling and excavating your mind, get clear on at least one precise action, you feel inspired to take based on this exercise.

Make a commitment to yourself. Commit to taking action. Get clear on a precise action you are going to take to move the ball forward in your life. Claim it.

I’d love to hear from you. What action are you committing to taking this full moon. Claim it in the comments below.

Because, I never ask you to do anything I don’t do myself, here’s mine. This full moon, I commit to confronting my fear of commitment and follow my heart when it comes to how I want to live. I vow to take action in three important areas in my life.

  1. My creative expression– there is a project that needs my full commitment. I vow to commit to this project. I am going to contact a couple of accountability partners to support my full commitment here.
  2. My family. I have a vision I am working on with regards to growing my family. I am committing to my first steps. (More to come on this in the future.)
  3. My travels. India is calling my name. Time to make some plans.

Now, over to you. What’s your commitment this full moon?

As always, I send you all of my love. Thank you so much for letting me into your life.

Shine on,


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  • Sandra

    This is brilliant and the timing is on point! I’m currently in a vulnerable time in my life traveling to find out where to settle myself next where I can create a living out of my passing me in ways I never before imagined or would *allow* myself to imagine. Scary as hell, but it’s where opportunity lies. Now I know I can use this time to my advantage with your thought-provoking self-examination questions and journal suggestions. Thank you!

    • Sandra

      Oops – I meant to type “passion” instead of “passing me” – darn autocorrect 😉

    • jenn

      Awesome Sandra! Keep me posted regarding how this goes:) Warmly, Jenn

  • Ruth

    Oh yes, I can feel this energy too. Such good questions and thought provoking writing, as always Jenn! I’m also at a super vulnerable time. I was initially worried I wouldn’t let myself feel the difficult emotions of a huge life transition I am going through but I needn’t have worried. Boy have I been feeling them!
    These reflections reinforced that I am on the right track – that I am stepping away from a life lived for others to one lived for me where I chose to serve others. So different even tho it sounds similar. A life where I love myself and let that love radiate out to others, rather than turning myself inside out for people thinking I can fix everyone’s lives for them, and then wondering why I feel so bad all the time.
    My action commitment is to get legal advice about this new phase of life.
    Thanks for sharing your insights about your own life too.
    It’s so amazing to feel how much life fits with the stars!

    • jenn

      I see you, Ruth! I know you will get through this. Yes, legal advice make sense. Please keep me posted on how it goes.



  • Jenny

    Jenn – I so look forward to your take on each Moon. You have such a way with words 🙂

    I’m committing to exploring some outcomes at the intersection of gardening and health this summer so that I can gain confidence in what my true opinions of those ideas are. Can I really find new and better ways to grow food that heals guts? I’d like to dig in and really own those outcomes, enough so that I can write a book or make a speech about what I’ve learned, and feel proud of my research. To do this, I need to release all kinds of bad behaviors – procrastination, indulgence, fears, you name it! They’ve all got to go…

    • jenn

      Awesome, Jenny. And so it is. Keep us posted on how this goes:) Big hugs!

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