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I believe we are on the brink of a revolution in the way women think about their bodies, their work, their purpose, their success, and their self-led destiny. It’s time for the modern woman to step into her true whole self, so she can take on the crazy, magical, wonderful, overwhelming life that is all hers.

As an integrative health coach, hormonal health expert, business secret weapon, and devoted astrologer, I offer unique, exciting, and deeply moving speaking experiences. I combine the latest evidence-based health and success practices with spiritual groundwork and guidance. I’m all about getting a truly holistic sense of who we are, where we’re going in this world, and what we need to do to get there. I’d be honored to speak at your next event and teach others how to optimize their minds, bodies and daily rhythms for radical success.

Topics I speak on

+ The History of Astrology

+ Success Isn’t a Race, It’s a Rhythm

+ Why Leadership is Knowing Who You Are and Being Who You Are

+ Success Doesn’t Create Happiness, Happiness Creates Success

+ Women’s Health, Productivity and Power: how to optimize your health + hormones, maximize your creativity, and remove unnecessary friction from your daily groove to (literally) make success inevitable.

+ The Lunar Revolution: The New Rules of Success + Satisfaction for Women in Charge.

Ready for a game-changing chat on health, happiness, and success? Invite Jenn to speak at your next event.
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Sharing Praise

I have sent nearly every single person I know to Jennifer Racioppi. Friends and family looking for truth, for their next steps, for peace of mind. Those looking to make an imprint, to find their purpose. Jenn is practical, pragmatic and incredibly intuitive. She intermixes astrology with visionary guidance, and tells it like it is! I have enlisted Jenn whenever I have a major decision to make, in my personal or business life. I trust her innately, and believe that her work is unlike anyone else I have ever experienced (and I have experienced a whole lot!) She is not only a beloved Soul Camp instructor, leading (packed) groups and workshops in all of our camps over the last few years, but a beloved coach and guide in my own life as well.

Michelle Goldblum

Jenn Racioppi is my north star (and she should be yours too!). She is the most gifted astrologer I've ever encountered and her unique ability to literally translate a person's astrological chart into practical business and life advice is unmatched. Jenn has been a guest expert teacher on my Fix Your Period group programs for the past two years, and my women cannot stop raving about her. Jenn's combined personal experience, along with her coaching and women's wellness expertise are greatly needed by modern women who want to more fully understand themselves and their path in life.

Nicole Jardim

There is no question, Jenn's work is absolutely life-changing. I walked out of my first session with her having an understanding about my life that I had been craving for years and so many tools for how to access everything I have ever wanted. Her ability to be deeply compassionate all while blowing your mind with her brilliant wisdom is a combination for accessing total success in your business and your life. Since then, I've invited Jenn to speak at multiple events with me-- and she has always made a major, positive, impact on the audience. On top of that, for the last three years she's been the resident astrologer at my annual Self Love Celebration event.  Words don't do this woman's talents justice. Go see her - NOW!

Nitika Chopra

Jenn's wisdom for visionary and entrepreneurial women is profound and far beyond her years. Her talent to lead, guide, motivate and mentor is a rare gift that women business owners would benefit from gifting to themselves. If you're looking for a breakthrough in your business, an understanding of why things are happening in your life the way they are and to truly be seen, heard and supported, I highly recommend working with Jennifer Racioppi.

Gina DeVee

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