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Super Blood Moon Total Lunar Eclipse in Leo

super blood moon lunar eclipse in leo

As we prepare for the super blood moon total lunar eclipse in Leo, the last of the Leo eclipses, it’s time to celebrate accomplishments, release what’s no longer working, and begin to journey in new directions.

Yup, we officially end a chapter of eclipses happening on the Leo/Aquarius axis (which we’ve experienced since February of 2017), clearing the way towards new beginnings. With the sun at zero degrees of Aquarius and the moon at zero degrees of Leo, we’ve come to the end of the road of eclipses in these signs.

(The nodes of fate move backward and have already shifted into Cancer and Capricorn, so this final eclipse is Leo brings the last crescendo.)

Now’s the time to understand where you’ve been, digest your growth, and open your heart even wider to let more love in.

Eclipses work on multiple levels at the same time. They block light, and force a shadow, expediting consciousness– presenting the perfect opportunity to develop a deeper sense of compassion for ourselves and others in our life.

You see, on January 21st at 12:15 am ET, the full moon’s light will be entirely blocked by the earth’s shadow. The earth’s position in the eclipse disrupts the flow of light from the sun to the moon and back to us on earth. The sun’s light becomes reflected back via the earth’s atmosphere, causing the moon to appear red. Due to the moon’s proximity to the earth, it appears bigger, making it a super moon. This moon is also the first full moon of the new year, known as a Wolf Moon.

At the time of the eclipse, kind and loving Jupiter conjoins Venus in Sagittarius, amplifying lessons of growth, and actualizing the most profound truth within. Hello, Sagittarius! However, this eclipse brings with it immense challenges too. Venus and Jupiter form a challenging square to Neptune, who wants to elevate our spiritual knowing; but, may bring an aura of confusion. Meanwhile, Mars, dignified in Aries, makes a loving trine to Jupiter and Venus, and, simultaneously a harsh angle to Saturn. Mercury in Capricorn moves away from his exact conjunction to Pluto, while Uranus not only squares the nodes of fate; but the sun and moon too. Ouch!

Uranus in his final degrees of Aries may blind us with knowledge we didn’t even realize we needed to know, so please pay attention to lessons as they present.

As the luminaries fall under a shadow, we are forced to see our own shadows.

This mixed bag of a north node eclipse, asks us to move forward in alignment with our highest destiny, while simultaneously asking us to look backward to discern what we’ve learned, digest it, and take ownership of our spiritual paths on an even deeper level.

In its purest sense, the super blood moon total lunar eclipse is asking us to open our hearts, (and in Leo fashion) stand tall as we look straight into our own darkness.

Take it one step further.

Beyond just looking at how this particular eclipse impacts us, and how the eclipses in Leo and Aquarius have changed us over the last two years, it’s important to also look back to January of 2000 too. The last time we had this exact same eclipse happen; a lunar eclipse at zero degrees of Leo was January 21, 2000.

While the last two years, no doubt, reshaped the part of the chart belonging to Leo and Aquarius, the last 19 years, did a full revolution of our existence. So, take time tonight, or over the next two weeks while the moon wanes, to digest how you’ve grown, what you’ve learned, and what you still need to acknowledge. Think as far back as January 2000. After all, as we process this intense full moon, we sit on the precipice of a new frontier of understanding who we really are.

You see, total lunar eclipses emphasize points of growth, and present incredible opportunities to study the nature of the universe, and the universe within.

In the words of Soren Kierkegaard, “Life can only be understood backward, but it must be lived forward.

Secrets revealed. Shadows presented.

When the sun and moon oppose one another at the time of the super blood moon total lunar eclipse while the earth aligns between the two of them, it impacts our experience of time and space (because time and space are a part of the same continuum). Lessons, karmas, deeper soul understandings that take time to digest come full circle. So, pay attention, close attention.

One of the best books I’ve ever worked with as it relates to understanding my shadow is a personal development classic by the late Debbie Ford. The Dark Side of Light Chasers changed my life in 2004 when I hired my very first coach who was trained by Debbie. (I still love this book!)

Remember, eclipse viewing isn’t a spectator sport.

While this eclipse is viewable by almost the whole western hemisphere, I will be spending my time at my altar chanting on behalf of peace– not staring at the sky. I want to actively participate in this eclipse and my way of doing that is through ritual.

An opportunity to co-create with the Universe!

Let’s embrace the paradigm-shifting capacity of this eclipse and collectively up our game when it comes to our health, well-being, resilience, manifestations, our activism, our love for our community, personal creativity and more, together.

You see, when we align our inner cosmos of desire with the cosmos of the universe, we become particularly aligned with the force of creation. In the most basic sense, that is the opportunity this eclipse provides. Alignment.

It’s a time to release that which we no longer need and confront the parts of ourselves that are hard to see. It’s a time of reconciling our past and getting clear on our futures.

It’s active, not passive.

In the comments below,  please let me know how this eclipse is impacting you! How has your life changed over the last 2 years, and possibly even the last 19? What are you committing to this full moon? What are you releasing? Who are you becoming as you embrace, and own, your shadow?

And, last but not least, I want to leave you with a song I recently sang in a circle with my dear friends Sarah Jenks. I have listened to it dozens of times this weekend. I hope you enjoy it! All of my love!

P.S. If you need a reminder of how to set up a ritual for yourself, you can check out my article on that here.


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  • Adrienne Penderell

    19 years ago, I began medical school and in 2001, I was dumped by my fiance (when I became terribly sick) and met my husband to be while at home recuperating.
    Now, I am seriously ill again, and am leaving that husband, a man who seemed right for me early on, but as I grew and changed, and I gave birth to three children, one with autism, our priorities drifted away from each other, as did our hearts. I’ve been lonely in my marriage for so many years, being separated will be a relief!
    And as for Western medicine, I am leaving it too, to practice mindfulness teaching and functional medicine.
    I am also finally coming out as non-heterosexual and am moving somewhere where that wont draw stares.
    I have 3 wonderful children who need a whole, deeply happy, authentic Mom, and so I move forward in fear and excitement for what’s to come.

  • Joanne Young Elliott

    Thank you for all you do. I have a lot to process before I share, but I wanted to say the song you shared here is perfect for how I’ve been feeling lately.

  • Lynn Asher

    Hi Jenn

    I so appreciated your email tonight. I resonated so deeply too with the beautiful song/chant you shared, and allowed the lyrics and beautiful melody to uplift me and fortify me as I sang along. I am a Leo, and this Full Moon Eclipse is something I am feeling deep in my soul. I have been feeling very sensitive this past week, emotional and curious. I have also been feeling as though I am coming out of a 2 year deep sleep, awakening to a shift in my awareness of what I haven’t been paying attention to while healing. It’s as though I finally let go of feeling like I had to control everything, to be in constant motion, to be a human doing instead of a human being. Letting go of that was a HUGE shift in the way I have lived my life for the past 20 yrs!! I know that change is happening in my life that will lead me in new directions, building off of many years of growth and learning through extremely challenging events in my personal life, namely my health and well being. I feel my heart slowing opening to trusting love again, emphasis on slowly…. I feel it is important for me to practice heart opening rituals, and to move my body, shaking out any stuck energies and old, fearful, limiting beliefs. To connect to the divine Feminine, and continue to let go of negative self talk. The love that I am opening my heart to first is love for myself. I know I must fully love myself before I will be able to allow anyone else to love me in return. I am so grateful to be able to share this with you Jenn, knowing that you are a kindred spirit with a huge heart makes me feel deeply connected to you. I am hopeful that this is a wonderful new chapter in my life where I can express my whole self, and allow myself to flourish, create and live fully and freely. And so it is!! Thank you Jenn for your tremendous wisdom and gifts. With love and a huge hug!! XO Lynn

    • jracioppi

      Big hugs to you, Lynn. I am curious what house Leo/Aquarius fall in your chart?! Excited to see your next chapter bloom.

  • Mia

    Thanks so much for this insights! I feel like the energy is still pretty intense even after the eclipse and hope for some more releasing and ending. And love that Song! You have such beautiful voices ❤️ Thank you!

    • jracioppi

      Hi Mia! There’s a great deal of opportunity to release that which you no longer need in the hours and days that follow an eclipse. Use it wisely. Also, that song is by Faith’s Hymns, definitely not me! All of my love….

  • Taylor

    I had read on another site that during the eclipse is a powerful time to pray and set intentions. Interestingly, I felt it much easier to pray for my daughter and everything I wish for her than to pray for myself and my life. It was a reminder to myself to let my true values (family) guide me in my goals for myself and my business this year.

  • Martyna

    Wow! What a day! Full of emotions and explosions! All of what was happening for me for the past week makes sense now as it brought out all the shadows into the light. Saying that it also ties very strongly with everything that was happening for the past 2 years. Thank you for sharing this.

  • Kathryn

    This year, I looked back like you suggested, and I feel like I am getting a karma redo to make the right choices this time around. Where I was and what I was doing 19 years ago is where I am now with decisions being made again, but with all those life lessons that have made me a more aware person of how making the harder right choice is the way I need to go. Thank you for all the love you put into your blog.


    I enjoyed your article! I have Uranus in Leo, 04°, and Pluto in Leo, 28°, in the 2nd house (Leo cusp). Regulus in Leo, 29° in the 3rd, and conjunct Pluto. Chiron in Aquarius, 17°, in the 8th house (Aquarius cusp). It has been a very long life of struggle and losses. Especially the last 19 years!😩

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