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Chart, Change + Sustain Your Results with Ongoing Coaching

You are a woman out in the world, aspiring to live an awesome life, magical even.

You have crazy-big, crazy-wonderful opportunities in store for your career and yourself.

You strive to achieve your wildest dreams in a sustainable, authentic, feel-good way.

You don’t settle for complacency or mediocrity. You bring your A-game to your career, and you give to others with an open heart.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, an executive, or a successful creative, you are reaching for sustainable success.

But sometimes, your life seems out of control.

You fear you are on the verge of becoming run down, burnt out and frustrated.

You wonder how you are going to keep everything together—your incredible career, your relationships, your family, your commitments—without losing yourself in the process.

You want to pursue your continued personal excellence without letting your most important priorities slip through the cracks.

On top of all this, you know deep down you have so much more to offer.

You desire the turning point of something big—a significant career change, a book deal, a TV show, empire status, a game-changing endorsement, the largest launch of your lifetime. However, given how hard you have worked to get to where you are today, you do not even know if you have it in you to go after that next big thing.

You know that success takes hard work—the willingness to fail, the resilience to pick yourself back up, the courage to rinse, repeat, and do it all again.

The good news is that it is totally possible to handle everything you have manifested in your life with grace, while taking it to the next level. It’s about building a foundation of resilience, coming into your own power, and fully embracing the highest expression of yourself.

By doing so you will be able to stay the course with all you have in motion so you can reach that tipping point with joy, health, and well-being. Life will always be crazy, but you will have the strength and positive mindset to face it full-on.

Through this in-depth transformational program, I’ll help you plan and execute your success while taking supreme care of yourself, so you don’t burn out.

We’ll start with a 1-hour kick-off session where we’ll…

+ Get to the bottom of who you are: your strengths, your weaknesses, what you’re going after, and how you uniquely approach your life and work.

+ Get in touch with your roots: why do you do the work you do? What is truly important to you? What is all your work for?

+ Pinpoint your stresses and the threats to your foundation and resilience, and how you can best adapt to them, so they don’t hold you back anymore.

+ Examine your business, your career, and your path and make sure you are optimizing your opportunities and leading as effectively as you possibly can.

The kick-off session will be followed by two 45- minute coaching sessions each month. I’ll help you navigate the crazy-big, crazy-wonderful opportunities you have in store for your life, so you can not only work towards the achievement of your wildest dreams but will do so in a sustainable, authentic, feel-good way. 

During our coaching sessions, we’ll discuss what’s working, what’s not working, and why. You’ll learn how to recognize your inner strengths and talents, and how to use them to navigate the moments when you’re stuck, overwhelmed, and unbalanced. You’ll…

+ Be able to stand up to the challenges of your day to day life. Those 21st-century stressors like wearing 18 different hats, internet overwhelm, fear of missing out, pressures on time.

+ Be stronger physically. You’ll feel more resilient and able to maximize your potential.

+ Become better at trusting yourself—tapping into your intuitive power so you can confidently move forward in your desired path.

+ Make significant progress towards your most meaningful life goals by busting through blocks and taking strategic action.

Whatever it is, we will navigate this together. Throughout all this, I’ll help you make sure you stick to your goals and accomplish your work without hurting your well-being.

Transform yourself into the person you are deeply meant to be.

Ground yourself with your inner power and strength.

Build a foundation of resilience, stay faithful to your dreams, and push the boundaries of what you think is possible in life.

Join me! The minimum commitment is for 4 months.

The Price: $4,500 for four months.

By application only. 

** Please fill out the contact me form and let me know why you think you are a match for this program. If I think I can help you I will email you to set up a complimentary consult to determine if we are a right match. Thank you for your interest and your patience.

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