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blue moon

Total Lunar Eclipse: How To Make The Most Of This Potent Lunar Event in Leo

The second full moon of 2018 brings force. Happening at 11 degrees of Leo at 8:26 am ET on January 31st, this rare lunar event—a total lunar eclipse that’s dubbed a “blood moon”—electrifies the atmosphere in a raucous manner. But before we get carried away with jargon and superlatives, let’s break down what this means.… Continue Reading

Full Blue Moon in Sagittarius + The Summer Solstice: Embrace Your Vibrational Attunement

The Sagittarius full Blue Moon at 7:02 am ET on the 20th pushes us forward with power and velocity—one of my favorite full moons of 2016. It’s time for vibrational attunement. Why exactly is this full moon so special? Well for starters, it’s the second full moon in Sagittarius in a row. Sagittarius, a sign… Continue Reading

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