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The First Full Moon of the New Year—Change is Necessary

I hope you had a fantastic New Year and 2015 is off to a tremendous beginning for you. I spent my holiday traveling in Indonesia taking some time to relax before I start the year in all earnest. If you haven’t yet, I encourage you to also allow yourself some time to relax and renew… Continue Reading

New Moon in Sagitarrius—What’s Your Personal Philosophy? Here’s Mine!

Happy new moon in Sagittarius! Sagittarius represents the part of us that loves adventure, travel, and philosophy.  It’s no coincidence that the sun moving into Sagittarius initiates the holiday season. Sagittarius is a sign known for festivities! Happy (almost) Thanksgiving! While we are under the fiery influence of Sagittarius, I want to encourage you to… Continue Reading

What Do You Want to Commit to Next?

If your life looks anything like mine, you may find yourself at the end of a long, narrow road, completely done with where you have been, and simultaneously unsure of where you are heading next. A dead end? A cross road? A standstill? Nope. Rather, a cosmic unfolding beckoning your co-creation of an entirely new… Continue Reading

Making it Happen– Using the New Moon Solar Eclipse to Your Advantage

After a tumultuous couple of weeks, the stars are aligning for us to create new beginnings and transform our lives. I don’t know if you have felt it, but the last few weeks for me have encompassed many surprises and delays. With Mercury retrograde and the full moon eclipse making sure we are all on the… Continue Reading

The Full Moon Eclipse in Aries- Change is Coming!

A rockin’ total lunar full moon eclipse in the sign of Aries will boldly light up the sky tonight/early tomorrow morning (depending on where you live). A lunar eclipse means that the earth will be exactly between the sun and the moon casting a shadow on the moon. With this lunar configuration, we can expect… Continue Reading

Turn Your Limits Into Your Liberation

Several hours had passed since we first heard she entered labor. We anxiously occupied ourselves as the anticipation of meeting our nephew grew: brunch, laundry, email, obsessively checking text messages, even a 95-minute vinyasa yoga class. We were beyond ready for some news when the phone finally rang. Lawrence Joseph Mamellow (Mamellow means patience in… Continue Reading

You Can’t Stop Rain When It Comes – You Just Have to Take Cover

It was my 16th day of silent Vipassana meditation at Wat Ram Poeng, in Thailand. I wore a white shirt with seven buttons up the front and two large pockets – one right, one left – as well as loose fitting drawstring white pants. Despite prostrating before ornate statues of the Buddha, modest meals and rising… Continue Reading

New Moon Eclipse in Taurus: The Moon + Money, Say What?!

It was early spring twelve years ago when I walked into Rainbow Bridge, a local Lake Tahoe new age/metaphysical shop. The winter was winding down, my job teaching ski lessons at Squaw Valley was coming to an end, and my 3-year relationship with my boyfriend who held my hand through cancer was also wrapping up.… Continue Reading

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