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Full Moon in Capricorn: Befriend Your Inner Bitch

As women, we spend much of our adult lives learning to manage our emotions, thoughts, and feelings. We’ve read books, done the meditations, and practiced with the intention to… Feel our feelings and communicate them maturely without pointing the finger. Pause and breathe to prevent the verbal diarrhea from pouring out. Get up the next… Continue Reading

The Super Harvest Full Moon in Pisces

Tonight’s super harvest full moon in Pisces amplifies our healing capacities. While a moon in Pisces naturally invites our emotions to come forth, tonight we’ll get a whopping whammy of this super spiritual and emotional Piscean energy, amplifying our intuition and spiritual connection. The full moon is particularly close to the earth (hence the supermoon… Continue Reading

You Can’t Stop Rain When It Comes – You Just Have to Take Cover

It was my 16th day of silent Vipassana meditation at Wat Ram Poeng, in Thailand. I wore a white shirt with seven buttons up the front and two large pockets – one right, one left – as well as loose fitting drawstring white pants. Despite prostrating before ornate statues of the Buddha, modest meals and rising… Continue Reading

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