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gemini zodiac sign

Gemini Zodiac Sign: The Networker, Teacher, Writer.

Gemini (May 21st – June 20th) Networker. Teacher. Writer. *** Gemini Sun Sign That spark you feel when you’ve made a connection—to a person, place, or when you’ve threaded together a string of ideas? That’s the very essence of the Gemini star sign at work. As an air sign ruled by the messenger planet of… Continue Reading

Teaching The Phases of the Moon

Last month marked five years since I brought this business baby of mine online. What, what?! I made it five years teaching people how to sync health and success with the phases of the moon?! Huh?! Seriously, what a journey. Especially for someone like me who innately shies away from being “out there,” fully exposed—my… Continue Reading

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