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Full Moon in Capricorn: Befriend Your Inner Bitch

As women, we spend much of our adult lives learning to manage our emotions, thoughts, and feelings. We’ve read books, done the meditations, and practiced with the intention to… Feel our feelings and communicate them maturely without pointing the finger. Pause and breathe to prevent the verbal diarrhea from pouring out. Get up the next… Continue Reading

When Turning 37 Feels Like Turning 77

About six weeks before my birthday, on the full moon in Scorpio, I traveled to Maine to see a holistic gynecologist: an alternative-minded healer who helps me navigate the nuances of being nearly two decades post-menopause during my prime years. We reviewed test results. She uttered the word “osteoporosis.” Fuck. Osteoporosis, a disease rampant among… Continue Reading

New Moon in Virgo—Pay Attention to the Details

Now I know, Virgo gets a bum wrap but I gotta say, I really love Virgo energy. (Did I mention my moon, Saturn, and north node are all in Virgo?) While Virgo energy may feel utterly nit picky and overly concerned with details at times, (yes, I know: details, details, details) Virgo brings with it… Continue Reading

Make Change Fun

As a Board Certified Holistic Health Counselor and Nutritionist, and a Behavior Change Specialist, you can imagine that I have an opinion or two on diet. I eat gluten and dairy-free, and always organic whenever possible. I do my best to follow a low glycemic yet alkalizing diet. I love eating fermented foods and I… Continue Reading

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