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Becoming All of You — Shadow + Light

When I decided to step away from a lucrative, stable career in corporate to strike out on my own in business, I took a considerable risk. I had a vision of running my own business and helping women increase their productivity without compromising their health, but I wasn’t sure of the path I needed to… Continue Reading

How to Be a Lady Boss Part III: A Foundation of Gratitude

In the first part of my How to Be a Lady Boss series, we started with self-leadership. We  learned that being truthful about what you think and what you want will make you, your work, and the others around you stronger and more respectful of your presence. In the second part, we focused on building… Continue Reading

How to Be a Lady Boss Part II: Building Your Team

In the first part of my How to Be a Lady Boss series, we talked about overcoming your shadow. It is so so important to honor yourself and your needs—and to have the strength to speak up in order to get the job done right! As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, working with others will… Continue Reading

How to Be a Lady Boss Part I: Overcoming Your Shadow

As a customer, I tend towards the side of being agreeable, happy, and unimposing. Even though I don’t like drinking water with ice, I reluctantly accept it at restaurants out of not wanting to be too “fussy.” I never send back food unless the dish is profoundly flawed. (Having worked in restaurants for years, I… Continue Reading

The Secret to Your Success: Knowing & Being Who You Are

There’s a really brilliant quote by my man Warren Bennis that has always struck a chord with me. “No leader sets out to be a leader. People set out to live their lives, expressing themselves fully. When that expression is of value, they become leaders. So the point is not to become a leader. The… Continue Reading

The Ability to Lead Others Starts With The Ability to Know Yourself

Great leadership is a skill rooted in authenticity and there are as many ways to be a great leader as there are people in the world. But before you can lead others, you must first be able to know, embrace and embody your true self. More vital than charisma and intelligence, the ability to empathize… Continue Reading

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