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letting go

The Full Moon in Scorpio 2020: Stability Amidst Rapid Change

With the full moon in Scorpio happening on May 7th, 2020 at 6:45 am ET at 17 degrees, we can expect our psychic prowess to feel awake and alive. This full moon, also known as the Flower Moon, happens a little less than a week after Beltane. Since it also occurs just a few days… Continue Reading

Own Your Creativity: Full Moon in Sagittarius

Owning your creativity isn’t always easy. It requires a deep dive. Speaking of which, back in December, I took a deep dive. Literally. My husband and I spent a few days in the Caribbean scuba diving. Each morning, I’d wake up still blurry-eyed and waterlogged from the previous day, both feet firmly planted on land,… Continue Reading

What Do You Want to Commit to Next?

If your life looks anything like mine, you may find yourself at the end of a long, narrow road, completely done with where you have been, and simultaneously unsure of where you are heading next. A dead end? A cross road? A standstill? Nope. Rather, a cosmic unfolding beckoning your co-creation of an entirely new… Continue Reading

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