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Libra moon

Full Moon in Libra: Resilience + Resurrection

The full moon happens at 7:12 am Eastern on the 19th at 29 degrees of Libra: the second full moon in Libra in a row. Given how rare it is to have back to back full moons in the same sign, the universe is providing us with a cosmic opportunity to digest Libra’s lessons. Libra,… Continue Reading

A New Zodiacal Beginning + Full Super Moon in Libra

As the cold weather starts to ebb here in the Northern Hemisphere, new beginnings sprout. We’re now approaching the astrological new year and a full supermoon in Libra. And as we do, we notice the reappearance of the sun and later sunsets, as well as the scent of things starting to grow just beyond our… Continue Reading

Libra Zodiac Sign: The Artist, Advocate, Liberator.

Libra (September 23rd – October 22nd) Artist. Advocate. Liberator. *** Libra Sun Sign Every time you step into a museum packed with fine art, hear the thrum of harmonious chords syncing together, or get a whiff of an elegant perfume, that’s the Libra star sign at work. Of course, your taste is exquisite—your sign is… Continue Reading

Virgo Zodiac Sign: The Mentor, Engineer, Editor

Virgo (August 23rd – September 22nd) Mentor. Engineer. Editor *** Virgo Sun Sign Every stitch in a carefully sewn sweater. A bookcase sorted in alphabetical order. Clean lines and edges, the faint scent of antibacterial soap, and perfect cursive writing. The Virgo star sign rules all of these things, and all require a steady hand… Continue Reading

New Moon in Libra: Balance Is A Myth

With the new moon in Libra occurring on October 8th at 11:46 pm ET at 15 degrees, the cosmos present us the opportunity to call forth a new version of balance, truth, and justice. Reflecting on Equilibrium This Libra Season If anyone was looking at my life from the outside in this year, they’d probably… Continue Reading

New Moon in Libra: Commit to Radical Truth

Over the last few days, #metoo posts have dominated my social media feeds. So many of my friends took a bold stand and spoke out against sexual harassment and assault online. TBH, at first I thought, wow, so cool—I support that, and simultaneously, I am going to pretend that I didn’t see that because I… Continue Reading

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