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new moon

New Moon in Sagittarius: Welcome to Our New Reality

Over the last lunar cycle, I led nearly 1300 hundred participants through the Moon Cycle Manifestation Challenge. We worked succinctly with the eight phases of the moon, towards the manifestation of one burn-your-gut-from-the-inside-out desire. With the Taurus supermoon that occurred on the 14th of the month, we had some serious lunar eye candy to sink… Continue Reading

New Moon in Libra: Luck is in the Stars

Luck is in the stars, and it’s coming your way. With the Sun and moon aligned at the same degree in Libra beside good luck and expansive Jupiter, the new moon happening on September 30th at 8:11 pm ET kicks off on a particularly strong note. The Sun and Jupiter aligning is often dubbed as… Continue Reading

New Moon in Leo: How to Shed Fear & Step Into the Light

Not too long ago a friend said something to me that really stuck. June feels like a Friday. July feels like a Saturday. August feels like a Sunday. September feels like a Monday. My sentiments exactly! So let’s get on with celebrating this month of Sunday, shall we?! August brings with it a fresh Leo… Continue Reading

New Moon in Cancer: Embrace Playtime!

In my book, the Fourth of July means fun: loud, raucous, party fun. There’s nothing I love more than spending time with my close friends, cranking up the tunes, and talking well into the night while indulging in delicious food and spirits. In my younger years, this sort of hang out happened on the regular. Nowadays,… Continue Reading

New Moon in Gemini: Create Your Own Purification Ritual

The new moon in Gemini, happening on June 4th at 10:59 pm ET, unleashes extreme power. One of the most intense new moons of the year, it comes a few weeks before the solstice, during Mars’ retrograde cycle, in the midst of us integrating the lessons of the recent Mercury retrograde, and a little more… Continue Reading

New Moon in Taurus: Let your Setback Be Your Comeback

Since posting my last blog post two weeks ago, my entire life did a 180. True to my post on reviewing things from the last 18 months, as I went backwards to go forwards, I discovered something that got lost in the shuffle. Something major. I encountered some game-changing information (oh, Scorpio) that altered every… Continue Reading

April New Moon in Aries: Move Forward with Fire-Fueled Action

Wow, we are finally in April—a month when we can (usually) expect things to go fast. April is the season of Aries, a powerful sign that knows how to get things started. As the fist sign of the zodiac ruled by Mars (the planet of action), Aries brings some ass-kicking qualities. Think Sarah Michelle Gellar:… Continue Reading

How to Be a Lady Boss Part I: Overcoming Your Shadow

As a customer, I tend towards the side of being agreeable, happy, and unimposing. Even though I don’t like drinking water with ice, I reluctantly accept it at restaurants out of not wanting to be too “fussy.” I never send back food unless the dish is profoundly flawed. (Having worked in restaurants for years, I… Continue Reading

Solar Eclipse in Pisces: Embrace the magic

  With two eclipses and the upcoming spring equinox, March is shaping up to be a magical time for creative transformation. We start with the new moon solar eclipse today (March 8, 2016), leading us into the spring equinox on the 20th and then a full moon eclipse on the 23rd. Eclipses usher in change—changes… Continue Reading

The New Moon in Libra: Don’t Let Your Relationships Define You

Intense. Riveting. Deep. A few words to describe the last couple of weeks. Given we just had a new and full supermoon eclipse, many of us experienced unexpected situations that commanded our attention, elevated our understanding of ourselves, and forced us to grow. Eclipses bring up what lies beneath the surface so we can face… Continue Reading

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