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new year

Full Moon in Cancer: Kick Off the New Year Right

Happy New Year! Welcome to 2018—a year that I couldn’t be more excited to embrace. Like many of you, I took some time this holiday season to decompress, and while I’m slowly coming out of my holiday cocoon, I want to wish you a happy new year, and a happy full moon. While I have… Continue Reading

Welcome to 2017: Let’s Slay

Opening a new year can feel a bit like opening a present. Full of excitement and wonder, hopes and giggles, maybe even a bow or two. Yet, creating a year (or a life for that matter) doesn’t just mean receiving. It means crafting with incredible intention. So while 2017 remains vitally young, and still in… Continue Reading

New Moon in Capricorn: The End of an Era, and a Precious New Beginning

The other night I found myself at a table for 12 on the Upper West Side of Manhattan at a holiday gift exchange. The topic of numerology—a sister science to astrology—came up, reminding me that 2016, a tumultuous year for so many, represents a nine-year. A nine-year in numerology brings endings and completions. If we… Continue Reading

The First Full Moon of the New Year—Change is Necessary

I hope you had a fantastic New Year and 2015 is off to a tremendous beginning for you. I spent my holiday traveling in Indonesia taking some time to relax before I start the year in all earnest. If you haven’t yet, I encourage you to also allow yourself some time to relax and renew… Continue Reading

What to Do if the New Year Didn’t Kick Off With a Bang

I hope 2014 has kicked off with a bang for you. For me, it hasn’t really gone that way. The New Year brought with it a nasty case of the flu and I’ve literally been in bed since January 1. To make matters way worse, after being sick for nearly two weeks, someone very close… Continue Reading

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