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How To Create More Ease On Your Journey To Success

Lately many of my clients have confessed to me a deep desire for things to feel easier in their lives and work.  They long to not have to push so hard as they contend with grueling circumstances and deny themselves time for rest and recovery.  Instead they want their work to feel like play.  They… Continue Reading

Embody Your Truth!

This week Marie TV (created and hosted by the infamous Marie Forleo) spotlighted Danielle Laporte and her Desire Map. Though I haven’t yet purchased or worked with Danielle’s Desire Map, I faithfully completed the Fire Starter Sessions (a massive influence in creating this website, business and blog!) and am really looking forward to digging into… Continue Reading

What’s Your Definition of Success?

Sarah Ban Breathnach, author of Simple Abundance – the blockbuster book that led a wide sweeping movement to ritualize the practice of gratitude in the mid-nineties – recently appeared on Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday to discuss the rise and fall of her financial success, as well as her new book, Peace and Plenty. Oprah led… Continue Reading

Yoga, My Savior

Like two racecars colliding, my life prior to my cancer diagnosis and my life post radical hysterectomy explosively barreled into one another, engulfing me in flames. Emotionally decimated by this crash, I tried to make sense of an equation that failed to add up. How could I go back to being who I was before… Continue Reading

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