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New Moon in Leo: How to Shed Fear & Step Into the Light

Not too long ago a friend said something to me that really stuck. June feels like a Friday. July feels like a Saturday. August feels like a Sunday. September feels like a Monday. My sentiments exactly! So let’s get on with celebrating this month of Sunday, shall we?! August brings with it a fresh Leo… Continue Reading

5 Ways to Reconnect With Your Inner World

Here’s a truth all of us summer lovers hate to admit: we’ve reached a turning point in our beloved season. The solstice has passed, and although summer is at its peak, we’re beginning to lose one very precious commodity: daylight. August 1st marks the cross-quarter day—the halfway point between the summer solstice and fall equinox… Continue Reading

How to Overcome Bathing Suit Anxiety

  Remember when summer felt like freedom? The time of year where all responsibilities fell away and everyday was spent outside, at the beach, and running around in bathing suits? I think many of us still have the same love for this time of year. Yet, underneath the summer love lies some summer anxiety. Bathing… Continue Reading

Keeping the Magic of Summer Alive

I recently celebrated my birthday on June 2nd; can I get a woot-woot! I love my birthday because not only is it a solar return, it also falls right before the start of summer. That means warm weather, longer days and lots of socializing!  As a Gemini, I’ve always looked forward to this time of year, especially… Continue Reading

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