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The Full Moon in Scorpio: Catalyzing Truth, Magic, and Change

full moon in scorpio

April’s full moon in Scorpio is a supermoon catalyzing transformation. It’ll help you to embrace truth, cultivate resilience, and ride the waves of change.

It happens at 7° of Scorpio at 11:31 pm Eastern on Monday, April 26, 2021, when the moon will be enormous and bright as it closer to earth than usual (aka, a supermoon.) The moon in Scorpio asks us to go deep– Scorpio is a fixed water sign that cares far less about superficiality than it does about getting to the heart of what’s real.

In its quintessence, a Scorpio full moon is about intimacy. Yes, it’s a sexy full moon, which bodes well for feeling free to explore pleasure, either with yourself or with a partner. However, it’s also about excavating what’s most real within.  No matter how messy your inner-world may feel, honor yourself. Remember, emotions are not right or wrong, good or bad, they just are. As I teach in my book, Cosmic Health, learning how to honor your feelings, no matter what, helps you to cultivate resilience.

Now’s the time to hear your inner truth, and prioritize following it.

This full moon boasts a fixed t-square. And, it’s a tricky configuration to tend to since it highlights one of the year’s most challenging transits, the Uranus-Saturn square so profoundly. Shocking revelations may come to pass. But keep this in mind, the moon makes a helpful angle to Mars in Cancer, a trine, allowing for emotional awareness and empathetic connections to be formed too. No matter what comes up this full moon, take time to be with and process what is.

There’s no point in avoiding the truth now. Embrace things precisely as they are. Then, rise and do what you can to make them better.

Even a 1% improvement will make an impact now. Acknowledge how you feel, and what it’s asking you to do.

Cultivating resilience takes practice. Contrary to what toxic positivity teaches, we don’t have to feel good all of the time or most of the time, to become our best selves. We have to be honest regarding what we are feeling, be with what is, and embrace truth.

To quote commentator Ellen Odonnell:

“Resilience doesn’t mean bouncing back to normal, it means being transformed to a new normal…

Acceptance doesn’t mean being okay with what isn’t okay or acting as though things that are hard are easy. It means acknowledging that things are not as we want them to be and then finding ways to live and even thrive in spite of that; changing what needs to be changed even when it’s really hard. Acceptance often means forging a new path.”

Tonight’s full moon is another cosmic moment to work towards transformation. To that point, this is a particularly potent full moon for magic and ritual. So, if you have a practice of tuning into the full moon for spiritual purposes, you don’t want to miss the opportunity this one unleashes. It offers intense momentum for clearing away that which is no longer and opening up to the most profound truth within. (If making moon water is something you like to do or want to try, this full moon bodes well for experimenting. You can learn how to make moon water here.)

Come Wednesday, Pluto goes retrograde, ending the recent retrograde planet-free zone we’ve enjoyed since mid-February. Pluto going retrograde also has a subterranean feel. Like the days prior, Wednesday builds on the theme of things coming up from the depths within. Now’s the time to confront, accept, and integrate truth, and let the rest go.

While this full moon and the days that follow it may feel a wee bit overwhelming, ride its wave. And use this intensity to soften into your truth, cultivate resilience, and grow. Despite how hard things feel, accessing healing magic is entirely possible, especially if you listen to your inner voice and embrace its truth.

Healing magic is a sacred medicine that helps unlock greater strength and capacity within. It honors our cyclical nature and amplifies our ability to flourish, no matter the circumstances at hand. In doing so, it amplifies not just our ability to withstand and recover from pain, but also our ability to leverage our personal healing towards the collective good.

Our self-ownership and connection to the cosmos are intrinsic to our healing magic; each necessitates the other. By aligning with the cosmos and nature, we develop the capacity to stay with our healing process even when it feels like one step forward and two steps back. By unearthing our sacred desires, we amplify our ability to, potentially, bend reality into a desired form.

May this full moon support you to be with what is and unearth your sacred desires for what can still be. I send you all of my love as you conjure and create!

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