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Total Lunar Eclipse: How To Make The Most Of This Potent Lunar Event in Leo

The second full moon of 2018 brings force. Happening at 11 degrees of Leo at 8:26 am ET on January 31st, this rare lunar event—a total lunar eclipse that’s dubbed a “blood moon”—electrifies the atmosphere in a raucous manner.

But before we get carried away with jargon and superlatives, let’s break down what this means. Shall we?

What Does It All Mean?

First off a blue moon occurs when there are two full moons in one month. Some astrologers argue that the true meaning of a blue moon is when there are 4 full moons in a season (as opposed to the typical 3), and I find that argument valid. (You can read more about that here.) But for purposes of simplification, this particular full moon dons the status of being blue because it’s the second full moon in January.

A lunar eclipse happens when the full moon is blocked by the Earth’s shadow, preventing the sun’s light from reaching and reflecting off of the moon’s surface. Since a full moon occurs when the sun and moon are in a direct opposition, a lunar eclipse can only occur when the moon is full. Because the Earth’s shadow will cover the moon, the moon will turn a shade of red, creating the effect of a blood moon.

On top of this, the moon will be particularly close to the planet, hence the title “super moon” (simply meaning that the moon will appear larger than normal). Now, because the moon’s gravitational forces impact things here on Earth, especially water (the highest tides occur during full super moons), we can expect to feel this enormously in our bodies and our beings. With this in mind, I urge you not to underestimate the impact that our closest celestial body has on us as humans, and especially as women.

The Shadow Revealed

Further, while this fantastic eye candy warrants attention and scientific study, from a spiritual perspective, when the shadow of the Earth casts itself upon the moon (as opposed to light of the sun), it’s believed to render inauspicious activity. Yes—inauspicious. The shadow takes over, instead of the light, disrupting the normal course of events, bringing things to the surface that otherwise have been hidden in a blind spot.

Now if you’ve been following me for any length of time, you know that I am not a doom and gloom astrologer—so please don’t misunderstand me. Eclipses are beautiful and scientifically fascinating. Yet, they require respect and caution. They also warrant astute attention to details. On top of it, lunar eclipses (especially super moon lunar eclipses) can startle our emotional bodies, so they call for extraordinary self-care.

Because you can’t control a lunar eclipse, it’s essential to stay open to what it brings up. And even more so than a regular full moon, now’s the time to release that which isn’t working.

Eclipses require a certain sense of grace; the willingness to bend into them, rather than fight them. Lunar eclipses require the spiritual wisdom to stay in the seat of the observer, as opposed to the warrior. Now’s not the time to fight, but rather to witness, pray, and observe, and also fiercely release whatever is no longer serving you.

The Completion Of A Major Cycle

Eclipses happen in Saros cycles. This particular eclipse belongs to Saros cycle 124. A Saros cycle is 18 years, 11 days and 8 hours. The last time we had a lunar eclipse in this cycle was January 20, 2000. Because this is the next lunar eclipse in the cycle, it’s important to consider what chapter, which was unfolding then, is coming to completion now. In addition to Saros cycles, eclipses also work in Metonic cycles too, which occur in 19-year increments (or 235 lunar cycles), it’s essential to look back to 1999 as well.

Let me say this another way…

This lunar eclipse completes a cycle of 235 lunations.

I mean—that’s heavy.

Because of this, it’s essential to truly consider what’s coming up for you this lunar cycle, and how it relates to the many moons that have passed in your life since 1999.

When The Going Gets Tough, The Tough Get Going

In my own life, 1999 brought tremendous upheaval. As the first year after my radical hysterectomy, I found myself in the midst of heavy PTSD and post-menopausal. At 19 years old, my life fell in stark contrast to that of my peers. I didn’t really know what to do, so I did the only thing I could—keep going.

I took every travel opportunity that presented itself, hoping for a location cure. I went to South Africa to study abroad on winter break. When I came back, my intense episodes of panic only became worse, pushing me to the point of needing a complete leave of absence from school. I went on to backpack Europe. And while traveling to five countries in 21 days via the Eurorail  provided much inspiration, it did little to cure my anxiety. (Plus, it didn’t help that I was eating almost exclusively bread and cheese because it was all I could afford.)

Within a month of returning from that trip, I realized I needed an extreme change and finally moved to San Diego to reinvent my life. With very little money, I flew on a one way ticket to California from New Jersey on standby to restart my life. I had no idea where that journey would lead me.

In hindsight, I realize it commenced my healing in all earnest.

So, as I work with this intense full moon in my own life, I reflect on who I was at age 19, when I made some really bold decisions in the aftermath of cancer, menopause and trauma. Many moons later, with my life fairly settled, I have peace around so much of this, and in many ways I am healed.

Yet, I hold space for the deeper essence of my shadow to reveal herself to me. Because yes, there’s always more to learn! Further, this lunar event will likely shine a light on things I have yet to consider as it relates to my life journey.

Evaluate What’s Come To Fruition And Honor What’s Come To Completion

Here are five things you can do to embrace the power of this month’s super blue blood total lunar eclipse in Leo.

  1.  Journal. Think back to where you were 19 years ago and consider how much life has changed since then. What chapter did you start then, that’s coming to completion now. What can you do to ritualize this? Consider writing a letter to your younger self, thanking her. (If thinking back 19 years feels like way too big of a task, think back to the new moon that seeded this particular full moon on August 2, 2016.) Acknowledge your younger self for making the decisions she made then that helped you actualize your growth now. Process on paper how you have grown. What are you grateful for?
  2. Engage your creativity. Given the intensity of this lunation, you definitely want to dig deep and connect to your drive, determination, and creativity. Do you have a creative project you need to give your all to? Now’s the time to go deep. Focus your passion on productivity. Nothing creative percolating? Then bust out your crayons and simply color. Buy an adult coloring book and get to work. With this full moon in Leo, play goes a long way. So indulge it.
  3. Dance. With so much intensity in the sky and in our bodies, now’s the time to move. Put on your favorite music and let it take you away. Leo, the sign of the performer, deserves respect, so get down with some of the best performers of our time. Not sure what to play? Check out this video of the Pointer Sisters singing Yes We Can Can!

    Want to go deeper? I made a playlist for this Lunar Eclipse on Spotify. Listen here

  4. Consciously release that which isn’t working. Let go of items you no longer need. End the relationship that isn’t working. Let go of the client you can’t really help. Take out your sage and cleanse your house. And speaking of sage…
  5. Perform a lunar ritual. Not sure how? Start by cleaning your home physically. Then find space to set out some sacred objects (items that mean something to you spiritually) and some candles. Honor your spiritual support team (your connection to the Divine), light your candles and say a prayer, asking for support. Be specific in your prayer. Then give thanks. Honor yourself in a way that feels sacred to you.

Nothing like a blue-blood-total-lunar-eclipse-super-moon in Leo for a bit of drama! This passionate full moon might be a bit crazy-making in essence, but it asks you to embrace the drama… so try have a good time with it. Lead from your heart.

Now I’d love to hear from you. What’s coming up in your life? How do you want to dance with this full moon (both literally and metaphorically)! Leave me a comment below.

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  • Laurie

    This was such a fantastic explanation. As I thought back 19 years (I was 18, yikes!!) I wondered what this might mean for me. Inmdiately I realized that 19 years ago as a freshman in college, I chopped all my hair off. And last week, I did it again! It was such a random coincidence but to me it’s about freedom, and appreciating my own beauty and following my own path. Love this stuff! Thank you!

    • jracioppi

      What an interesting coincidence.Thanks for letting me know! Wishing you a transformative eclipse in the best possible way.

  • Michele

    Thank you!
    So much good, down to earth, easy to follow info!
    And for me, very interesting as 1999/2000 marks my final ending of my marriage and the start of my single mother phase which I feel is truly over now. 😀 I am going to take time to journal about this and definitely let it all go finally. There is no need to hold on or be pulled down by it anymore.

  • Sarnge

    Thank you for explaining the energy surrounding this amazing event so clearly. 19 years ago I met my husband and started the cycle of marriage and having a family. I have bern feeling unsettled for a few years now and desiring a change. So it will be very interesting to see what happens over the next month!! I am ready to embrace whatever changes occur. By the way, I bought myself a dSLR digital camera yesterday on the spur of the moment as I have a strong urge to pursue my interest in photography. Pursuing my creative interests!

    • jracioppi

      Hi Sarnge, Thanks so much for letting us know how the eclipse impacted you. I love the fact that you bought a camera. How cool! Please do keep up posted. All of my love, and thank you so much for reading and commenting.

  • Erin

    19 years ago I was addicted to drugs and was in an abusive relationship. This continued until I got pregnant in July 2000 and moved across the country to start over again. I went back to school and earned three degrees. I have a successful career, I’m married, and I’ve had another child since that time. Last month I decided I no longer wanted to drink alcohol, as it was no longer serving me and was draining my spirit. I drank on NYE and haven’t touched it since. It’s been much easier than I thought it would be. After reading this, I can’t help but think this is all connected. That I was finally able to release and let go. Thank you for this exercise.

    • jracioppi

      Wow! What a transformation and story. Please do let us know how this unfolds. It’s exciting to hear your evolution and success. Here’s to many more moons of health and happiness. Thank you for sharing this story, reading and commenting. All of my love!

  • Sthefane

    Met my husband 19 years ago… married 18 years ago… getting divorce now

    • Raga

      Wow! Me too! Married Dec 1999 and now divorcing. Amazing- may we have help from this moon cycle to truly be cleansed of what wasn’t working while honoring what growth we gained…

  • Erica

    Whoa nelly! Crazy to reflect on times like that. 1999…so young. I was about to get married. The many moons has brought much change my way including divorce that I am finally healed from…and oddly enough I am about to get married again. I have learned so much and pray for those downloads of wisdom to keep coming. I now know who I am which just wasn’t possible back then. When you say eclipses require grace, could that be as simple as sinking into gratitude and letting what comes, come and what goes, go? My family and I are in a huge transition and instead of feeling stressed and overwhelmed, I am just trusting the flow.
    I appreciate your guidance. So thankful to have this insight…grateful!

    • Nina

      Thank you so much for these precious words….
      They mean immense for me tonight, letting go a man I loved so much since I saw him with another woman by his side…. when I was hoping we could fix…..
      Now I understand it’s time to let it go all, him, the troubles and the pain, and also this useless love.
      Yes, 1999 I was a young woman…
      It’s difficult to believe my life will be fine again, but I must go on….
      Thanks for sharing to all of you….

      • jracioppi

        Oh, Nina, I can imagine how painful that is. How are you? Take tender care of your heart and trust that you are being guided in the right direction. I send you so much love! Be brave. Thanks for reading and commenting.

    • jracioppi

      I am so grateful to you, Erica. Thank you for reading and commenting. Congratulations on your marriage. Isn’t self-discovery a beautiful process? And yes, grace is gratitude. Trust that flow. All of my love!

  • Eli

    Thought this was a really deep and beautiful post. Thank you for sharing your story! I really resonate with the intensity of this lunar eclipse especially in my body, it feels a bit draining- its also bringing up deep memories. 19 years ago, I was 8 years old so its hard to remember much about that time but I did have a dream about a guy that I really liked then that I have had sporadic connections with till this day but he was sort of cold with me in my dream and I felt like I was chasing him. I wonder if that’s what I should let go of?

    • jracioppi

      Thank you for reading and commenting and your kind words. Yes, the eclipse was intense. I hope you are well. Regarding what to release, if you aren’t certain, don’t push it. Stay in the observer and see how things play out. However, if your intuition is loud and clear, please do trust it! Sending you so much love.

  • Robi Fugate

    Thank you so much….amazing article. The first thing that came to mind was the hype and unrest around the Y2K PREDICTION as we moved into the new Millenium. For me personally, I am in the midst of healing from auto-immune and have been feeling a shift….as I receive two IVs a week, diet, doctors…..and while I am taking a holistic approach at the chemical level, a lot of new modalities at the electromagnetic level are coming up for me….PEMF therapies, remote energy healing, etc. so today I am expressing infinite love and gratitude for the divine grace that surrounds and guides me. 💫🙏🌑

    • jracioppi

      May your healing be blessed, quick and full of insight. I send you so much love! Thank you for reading and commenting. A big hug to you.

  • Shane

    I’m knocking on a bit now 😉 so can’t remember too much about 1999…although Aug 2016 started with new employer & feel very much now needing to leave as I don’t believe I can add much more to them….looking for new opportunities now

    • jracioppi

      Here’s to new opportunities that align with your heart and spirit. Thank you for reading and commenting. Please do keep us posted on how things are for you.

  • Dmark

    19 years ago I was introduced to Homeopathy… this year I graduated as a homeopath…. ready to start my own practice!

  • Annie Alcorn

    Jenn, I love your grounded sharing of what’s going on with astrology and how thay plays out in our lives- it is spiritual and pragmatic which really resonates with me.
    19 years ago I was 22 and beginning to explore my connection with plants and Nature. I feel like what’s coming up for completion is all the story and distractions about status and bids for accomplishments that have been detours from who and what I truly am. I LOVE music, I love dancing around my kitchen cooking and I love that you included a playlist- thank you!

    ‘We cannot direct the wind, but we can adjust our sails’ – my family is also going through challenges and transitions- grace, gratitude and appreciation are helpful allies.
    Thank you! 💚

    • jracioppi

      Hi Annie, My pleasure and thanks for reading. I am glad that you find value in my work and the playlist. I am going to keep making them this year, as they help me channel my focus before I write the article. So yay, I am glad that you enjoyed it. May your sails adjust with incredible grace. All of my love and thank you! I appreciate your feedback. Namaste.

  • Loretta Turner

    Hi! I read these on the regular but this one REALLY hit home for me.

    First, looking back 19 years… I was about 7. I can’t remember much, but I do remember starting to understand that I was a minority… that I was different. And that was likely the start of me overcompensating and competing with my peers so that I could be seen, rather than leaning on those in my community for support. Not an easy task for many to do, let alone a 7 y/o! As I reflected, I noticed that chapter coming to a close and a new one opening where I FINALLY live my truth. I love (and forgive) who I was, I love who I am, I love who I am becoming. I’ve learned how to lean on my Kula to keep connected to my highest self.

    That being said, those doors really started to open for me when I got in my car and left my home in New Jersey and drove straight on through to San Diego 6 months ago. Do you ever travel back here? Would love to do some deeper, live work with you if you’re ever in town. I do travel home to the East Coast occasionally and could stay in the loop there too. I’m a friend of Allie Mason!! 🙂

    LT (@florettaa)

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