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Venus Retrograde: Unite With Your Darkness and Reemerge

venus retrograde

While we may still need time to unpack the impact of the eclipses, astrologically we turn the page — to Venus retrograde. Venus, the planet of love, beauty, and feminine power, is now on her retrograde journey, taking us through a sacred passageway to the mystical capacities and healing graces of our feminine heart.

Venus stationed retrograde on the 4th of March at 13 degrees of Aries. Traveling retrograde until she gets to 26 degrees of Pisces on April 15th she spends the majority of her time in Aries. However, when she stations direct on the 26th she does so in Pisces (where she’s exalted) right next to Chiron, representing our wound. Venus is stationing direct at the same degree as Chiron indicates healing!

Interestingly enough, this Venus retrograde cycle — a 42-day journey of unearthing the feminine shadow — coincides with the Christian calendar this year. The entire retrograde cycle occurs during Lent, and Venus’s station happens a day before Easter in the sign of Pisces, which represents Christ. Much like the celebration of the resurrection of Christ, Venus, too, will have her resurrection, culling forth a refined version of feminine prowess.

Similar to Lent, a season of renunciation and purification, Venus asks us to enter into our underworld to face the sides of ourselves that we might not regularly identify with: our rage, anger, and jealousy. Our shadow begs for attention and healing. This may show up in how we relate to our bodies, money, relationships, female friendships, sexuality, fertility, and sensuality — all of which fall under Venus’s domain.

In all, Venus retrograde works to excavate an area in which we gave away our power to reclaim it. Those of us who choose to work with this productively and with a spiritual savvy stand to gain a tremendous reclamation of strength, power, and healing.

So how do we identify which particular themes need our attention and healing?

First, remember that Venus goes retrograde approximately every 18 months, so the last time we experienced this was from July 25th to September 6, 2015. While Venus’s retrograde cycle presented very differently then (she went retrograde through Virgo and Leo), we can look backwards to that period of our life to get a gist of Venus’s influence.

More directly correlated to this particular retrograde cycle, Venus entered her shadow on January 31, 2017. We can look at what has evolved in our lives since January 31 of this year for hints of what story will emerge this current retrograde cycle.

Throughout all this, be prepared to embrace your shadow side, too.

You see, in the times of Mesopotamia, Venus had two natures: one of peace and one of war. She was thought to be two stars: the Morning Star and the Evening Star. When Venus rises in the east with the Sun, she is the Morning Star, representing Lucifer (which means bearer of light) and the warrior side. When she rises when the Sun sets in the west she is the Evening Star, representing Hesperus and her adequately resourced side.

As Venus goes through her current retrograde cycle, she’s moving from Evening Star, where she’s a fully resourced feminine archetype, into the Morning Star, where her warrior aspects prevail to fight for her desires. Like the goddess Inanna, she descends into the underworld only to unify with her darkness and reemerge.

On top of that, Venus’s transition is occurring primarily in the sign of Aries, indicating that our feminine voice might scream to feel heard. Feelings of impatience might shake things up, so watch out for outbursts of temper. More importantly, work to not only befriend your shadow but also use it to your advantage.

This planetary cycle presents us with an opportunity to drop our pretenses, get real, replenish our power, and emerge emboldened — though it requires connecting intimately with our dark mother.

Your Soul-Work for Venus Retrograde, Should You Choose?!

1. Embrace your dark side.

Like Venus, you have multiple sides. Digest that duality, and allow yourself to feel the full range of your emotions. Call yourself out on your bullshit.

2. Watch out for unhealthy attachments.

This is not the time to play games with yourself or anyone else. Look out for attachments that can feel manipulative or leave you feeling dependent.

3. Pay attention to anger, and channel it productively.

If you notice you’re nursing a grudge, lovingly release it. Channel any anger, rage, or disappointment and use it as a wand for good.

4. Make art, exercise, or commit to a massive project.

Let it help you see yourself fully, and establish appropriate boundaries with yourself and others.

Remember, Venus retrograde lasts until April 15th. However, Mercury, the planet of communication, goes retrograde a few days prior on April 9th and will stay retrograde until May 3rd. Venus won’t officially clear her shadow until May 18th, so we have a long way to go and so much work to do. Are you ready?

As always, I’d love to hear from you. What’s occurring in your life this Venus retrograde?

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  • Sel

    hey jenn,
    thanks for your well written article. i was just sitting here and thought about the same..writing about venus retrograde. i wasnt expecting this hard reminder of specific things. glad she is doing it and yeah she really really kicks in. conjuncting my fiery trio (venus/sun/mars). so yes, yes, yes to everything you were just pointing out!!!!
    thank you for your work. much appreciated and explosive but warm regards from berlin, germany

  • Guri

    Thank you! Now i realize why i had this rage today! Haha thanks !

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