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Hi! I'm Jenn,
astrologer, coach, & author.

Cosmic Health, my book, is the culmination of decades of work I’ve done with myself, as well as the intense work I’ve done with my clients for nearly a decade. By decoding what the planets and their cycles mean, it will guide you to a more intuitive understanding of who you are, how you relate to your health, and what you require to achieve conscious emotional, spiritual and physical well-being.

Cosmic Health illuminates how in the midst of intense challenges, chaos serves as a threshold to your becoming. By tending to your physical, emotional, and spiritual health you can build grit, resilience, and amplify your healing magic.

Cosmic Health will empower you to:

  • Open yourself up to the big-picture patterns that influence you—the daily, seasonal, and monthly cycles that govern your biology—and leverage those patterns for conscious action, growth, success, and a thriving life.
  • Understand and decode the planets, and their cycles, to get a precise blueprint of your evolving emotional, physical, and spiritual health needs— like how to exercise for vitality, cultivate your purpose, tackle obstacles, and skillfully care for your emotional needs.
  • Support your specific astrological make-up and goals with healing rituals that serve as sacred medicine to enrich your spiritual connection, improve your health, and create lasting change.
  • Develop the resilience to deal with setbacks, challenges, and chronic illness while learning to view health and life challenges as a threshold to self-actualization.
  • Develop a rock-solid understanding of the connection between astrology, health, and evidence-based personal development practices so you can cultivate resilience, elevate your well-being and realize your heart’s desires.

Cosmic Health is a comprehensive guide that will allow you to design an individualized health plan based on the astrological influences in your life! This groundbreaking combination of storytelling, science, and magic, will arm you with the knowledge you need to create the robust well-being and meaningful life you crave.

In addition to rituals, throughout the book, you’ll also find journaling prompts and mantras to help you integrate what you’ve learned and attune your inner cosmos to the outer cosmos. I’ve also included exercises—some action-oriented, others more reflective—to help you implement your Cosmic Health insights in a practical, accessible way.

About me

I am obsessed with astrology, business, and evidence-based science, particularly as it pertains to women’s health, success, and well-being. I’ve dedicated my life to helping women like you, amplify their impact, maintain their health, and enjoy their lives. I am here to inspire you into action, help you hear the voice of your soul, own your super powers, heal your shadow, and honor your health as you move towards your most significant life goals.

My Story: So how did I get here?

Have you ever felt lost? I have.

Six weeks after my 18th birthday a tumor the size of a bowling ball ruptured inside of my left ovary—after my doctors assured me, for months upon months, that my agonizing cramps and super irregular menstrual cycles were “completely normal.” Each time I left my gynecologist, I had a new prescription for the birth control pill.

By the time I turned 20, I had a full hysterectomy, was post-menopausal, survived cancer, had gone through various different cocktails of anti-depressants and was permanently prescribed synthetic hormones.

Talk about a lot to handle at a very young age?!

It took a few years to dig myself out of a deep clinical depression and find the holistic health practices to find true health for myself. No matter how many doctors and professionals I saw, I always got the sense they didn’t see the full picture. Trying to find someone who could help bridge what I experienced emotionally with what I endured physically felt impossible, so I started doing the work myself. I became obsessed with the mind-body connection, hormonal health, healthy living, emotional well-being and SO much more, including astrology.

Timing my life to the phases of the moon changed everything. It grounded me, guided me, and helped me become whole again.

I became obsessed with the moon and her cycles. I began tracking the other planetary cycles too. With the stars as my guiding light, I started to find my way out of the dark. I took radical action, became extremely resilient, and left my fate behind to create my destiny.

Years later, I found myself working an elite corporate job at a top tier global consulting firm. My career looked extremely promising. However, when I looked around, I found most of my female peers and colleagues were, like me, suffering: overworked, burnt-out, in survival mode. I knew I hadn’t come this far on my journey to settle for professional accolades in exchange for my health and happiness. My gut told me there was a better way.

It became exceptionally clear what I wanted to do: devote my life to elevating the happiness and well-being of successful professional women. So I got to work.

I found that the most effective way I could help people meant combining my love of evidence-based science with a profound understanding of the ancient science of the stars. I became a Duke Certified Integrative Health Coach, a Board Certified Holistic Health Counselor, a Registered Yoga Teacher, a Women’s Hormonal Health Coach, and deeply immersed myself in the transformational studies of positive psychology. On top of that, I began to take my talent for astrology seriously and devoted my life to mastering this art. To further master business, I consulted at a hedge fund. All of this has helped me successfully coach and counsel thousands and thousands of hours with hundreds and hundreds of clients.

Nothing means more to me than supporting women who are changing the world. Let’s face it: women are the ones rising right now doing just that—changing the world.

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