Chart Your Success - Jennifer Racioppi

Move Forward

 with Aligned & Powerful Action

 Tap into all parts of yourself, uncover your gifts, and create lasting transformation.

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Craft Your Path

Craft Your Path

Craft Your Path

Craft Your Path

Craft Your Path

Craft Your Path

Craft Your Path

Craft Your Path

Craft Your Path

Craft Your Path

Live A DeepLy Meaningful life full of Creative Satisfaction and Purpose.

Tune in to the cosmic cycles, understand yourself better, and get focused.

If you’re seeking to have a greater impact and experience more profound alignment


You’re ‘astro curious’—what you’ve heard and read has resonated, but putting it into action in your unique circumstances feels abstract then stick around.


Craft a life that honors your greatest potential.

Craft Your Path
is the perfect combination of…

Astrology  Coaching
Brain Body
Science Intuition
Rigor  Ritual

These pieces together foster wholeness, peace of mind and insight
to help you move forward with confidence.

 Different from traditional astrological counseling, life or business coaching this work combines multiple modalities that lead to bigger transformation.
It  will help you become a better leader in your life, career, and community.  Comprehend your strengths so you can know yourself more intimately and understand the current opportunities and obstacles of your life so you can make wise decisions that support your soul’s deepest intentions.


Certified Duke Integrative Medicine Health Coach, holistic health counselor, Positive Psychology coach, & astrologer.

I help my clients pursue greatness and stay true to themselves with even more depth, meaning, and devotion.

My work is grounded in science to create the perfect mix of tangible momentum and magic in all areas of your life.

I’m here to inspire you into action, help you hear the voice of your soul, own your superpowers, overcome obstacles, master your creative process, and honor your pain as you move toward your most meaningful life goals.

The way she combines business know-how with astrological knowledge is an alchemy that I’ve never found elsewhere.

“Jennifer is wise, funny, and whip smart. The way she combines business know-how with astrological knowledge is an alchemy that I’ve never found elsewhere. Her cosmic knowledge is a business success secret sauce. I love consulting with her to plan out our business calendar because I love knowing that we have the moon and stars on our side for the extra magic on top of a solid business strategy. “

Kate Northrup

She has guided me through my darkest moments and helped made sense of the hard times.

Jenn has been a guiding light to me for years. She was the first person to tell me that my fate was to be a spiritual leader, back when that dream was my biggest secret. She has guided me through my darkest moments and helped made sense of the hard times. She’s helped me be a better mom by reading my kids charts and helping me see my strengths, and to be a better partner by doing sessions with me and my husband. I will never forget her explaining to Jonathan that I have no Earth in my chart and therefore he can’t expect me to be detail oriented, and he just needs to enjoy my fire more. Changed our entire dynamic! Her work is magical and practical, and I can’t imagine my life with out her.

Sarah Jenks

About this coaching style

This Session is for you
if you’re:

Ready to do the work so you don’t miss out on being who you really are in order to do what you’re here to do.

In a transitional phase that has you calling out for support and guidance.

Ready to contextualize pain points and move past victimhood and anger.

Craving grounding, deeper presence, and more understanding.

Fed up with people-pleasing and want to become the healthiest, most authentic version of you.

You’re ready to see the results you crave in your business, personal life, and health.

This Session is not for you
if you’re Seeking:

Seeking  typical astrology ‘reading’ or psychic predictions for your future.

Business support only vs. a more holistic outlook on your whole life including health, relationships + career and bigger picture “Why.”

You aren’t craving a greater understanding of your true self through a blend of coaching and astrology.

Think you know it all and aren’t humble, honest, or willing to do the work.

Aren’t open to having a meaningful discussion, but rather want to a practitioner who will talk the entire session without engaging you with questions.

Chart Your Path

To Deeper Meaning, Impact, + Alignment With Astrology

 A single 55-minute consultation

In this single session we’ll dive deep into your life, natal chart, and transits. The purpose of this astrology reading is to help you become a better leader in your life, career, and community.

 I’ll guide to you understand what was happening in the sky the moment you took your first breath and in doing so we’ll understand the blueprint of who you are.

This work will help you uncover…

Your strengths, weakness, and inclinations, and how to work with them productively, in pursuit of your purpose-driven success.

You’ll  get an aerial, big-picture view of where you are right now in the unfolding of your life—the current cycle and season, as well as what’s just around the corner for you….so you can navigate it with grace, leverage it with power, and rise.

Deeper self-awareness- get to know ourself more intimately  and the life cycles you find yourself in, while developing a deeper understanding of your direction so you can honor the truth of who you are.

How big-picture patterns—the cosmos, cycles of nature/the moon—influence you and leverage their power instead of fighting against them (and yourself).

Your ability to care for, advocate for, and love yourself—within your relationships and your greater place in the world.

 A soulful vision for your life, and gain the confidence to go for it.

What You’ll Get
This personalized one-one offering is a hybrid astrology reading and coaching session done via phone or zoom. It’s a one time sixty minute session that will help you develop a deeper understanding of who you are and where you are in your life cycles, offering actionable takeaways so you can have peace of mind, clear direction, and a plan. While predictions may be part of a reading, they are not the focus. This offering includes to-the-point coaching to make quick changes and gain deep insights. It serves anyone with a  pressing question or area of focus requiring an in-depth astrology/coaching session. If needed, I provide follow up via email or phone support for those requiring specific dates or planning outcomes. However, in some cases, I may requires you to book two sessions to cover the full scope if you are looking for multiple dates for a launch or event planning purposes. 

Cost: $400

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Jenn uses what’s going on in nature and the stars to guide our health and vitality.

Jenn has a lot to share + I connected to elements of her journey. She walks her talk and has used her skills to navigate her own difficult experiences. Jenn uses what’s going on in nature and the stars to guide our health and vitality. She’s helped me discover how these powerful tools help us lean in to what’s going on in nature to make our lives easier.

former client

I walked away with an innate knowing of where I’m headed in this life.

My astrological reading with Jennifer Racioppi was an illumination into the depths of my soul from which I walked away with an innate knowing of where I’m headed in this life.

Licia Morelli

Frequently asked questions

What is an astrology chart and why is it important?

Your chart can help you get a sense of your whole self while also decoding the current cycles of your life and the future cycles you have yet to encounter. By exploring your natal chart, you can uncover your gifts, your deep-seated beliefs, your passions, and your true calling in this world. You can tap into the power and energy that allows you to achieve your life’s work in a way that feels authentic and natural. Your natal chart is a cosmic road map representing the spiritual potential that existed at the moment of your birth. You are the material representation of that moment: the placement of the planets and how those energies converge and imprint upon your disposition, your environment, and your unique life path.

Do you predict the future with astrology?

I am not a predictive astrologer. While predictions may come up in the reading, they are not the focus of the work.Instead, I help you to discover how to make growth-oriented decisions and leverage your potential, so you can orient yourself towards the future you desire and the realization of your most authentic self.

What if I don't know my time of birth-- Can I still get a reading?

If it is impossible to figure out your birth time, we can do a solar chart reading. However, it’s always ideal  to have an accurate birth time.  A birth certificate, baby records, and/or verification from a parent are the best ways to ensure you have an accurate birth time. While I am happy to work with you to give you a reading with integrity, I encourage you to do as much as you can to verify your birth time in advance.

Where are you located? Do you see clients in person?

I live in upstate New York– the Hudson Valley.  All of my work is done via zoom or phone. I do not offer any in person sessions and my clients live all over the world.

Is the session recorded?

When working on zoom, I will give you the option to record the session. When working via phone, we record the session and provide a link to the session; all sessions must be downloaded within one week of the session. And, by no means do we guarantee a call recording; sometimes there are technical fails, and we will not redo a session because we couldn’t provide an adequate recording.

How do I prepare for a session?

It’s normal to be a little bit nervous before speaking with an astrologer, but don’t worry, that’s a part of the process.

To prepare for the session, please make sure you’ve done your best to have the most accurate birth time. If possible spend some time journaling about your intentions. Write down key questions you have, and what you’d like to get out of the session.

When it comes time for the session, make sure you are in a private place with minimal distractions. Shut down notifications, turn off email, and allow yourself the gift of presence.


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