Lady, You're Ready.


To deeply trust the unfolding of your life.
To know that what is meant for you will never miss you.
And that, RIGHT NOW, you are exactly where you should be.
Whether right now feels like a shit show or utter bliss, it’s all good.
Sometimes life is crazy messy, and sometimes it’s crazy magical.
It’s how we show up in either scenario that really matters. You know this. That’s why you’re here.

Because you’re so done with self-doubt and the little worries that derail your faith and focus.

You’re ready to emerge as a refreshed, confident, and resilient version of yourself. A woman who possesses an in-love-with-life attitude whether there’s a hurricane raging or the sun’s shining.

You balance the moments that bring you joy with the circumstances that bring you pain. And you still live your life, while handling every single curve ball with unshakable grace.

There might even be a part of you thinking right now …



Abso-freaking-lutely, yes.

You are so special. Because you want to live a life of contribution, generosity, and impact.

And more than ever, this world needs YOU—your heart and your value to shine brighter.

What if I told you that there was a way to get you from point A to point B?

A roadmap.
A support system.
A written-in-the-stars guide to being YOU.



An Astrology Mastermind

In this transformational, six-month personal development mastermind, you’ll receive life-changing coaching as you step into your resilience, tenacity, and feminine power.

You’ll have the support you need to make that dream of yours a reality.

You’ll fully align with your vision, your values, and your soul, authentically creating results that satisfy your deepest longings and desires.

You’ll be a part of a community of strong women.

You’ll learn how to work closely with the phases of the moon and the rhythms of your body.

You’ll also take a deep-dive into pleasure and embodiment.

We’ll also get to the core of what’s holding you back and catapult you forward.

You’ll journey with me to beautiful Chianti, Tuscany for a life-changing immersion and rare experiential learning opportunity that will facilitate deep transformation.

In Italy we’ll practice yoga together, dance, meditate, explore Tuscany, study astrology, honor the solstice, practice ritual, and have an epicurean adventure.


We’ll be going to Italy for a seven day transformation vacation.

That’s right! We’ll meet in Chianti for a week long retreat where we’ll tap into the power of the renaissance, eat delicious food, travel slowly and intentionally through Tuscany while studying (and embodying) Divine Feminine practices. (More details below in the FAQ.)

This experience will empower you to develop a long-term relationship with astrology and the moon, while infusing you with clarity around your purpose and desires, and the resilience required to ride the ups and downs of life.

You’ll have an unshakable connection to your intuition, and experience a reclamation of your mystical powers. You’ll learn how to navigate and quickly recover from the ups and downs of life with strength. You’ll step into a new level of confidence and trust.

Oh, and did I say it’ll be fun? Lots of FUN!

If you’re ready to revolutionize your relationship with yourself, step into the fullest expression of who you really are, and do the inner work to get there, this mastermind was designed for you.

Let me show you how to sync up with your soul’s mission and the cosmos to amplify your power + focus … and make everything simpler.

(It won’t be all rainbows and unicorns; this will require you to dig deep and do the work, but I promise, it will be oh so beneficial.)


Astrologer & Transformational Coach

As a women’s success coach + astrologer, I’m here to place the tools of power back in your hands — where they belong. For almost a decade, I’ve charted the success of hundreds of women so that they have the astrological roadmap necessary to ride the ups and downs of life without giving up on their dreams.

I blend astrology, positive psychology, and women’s health practices to help women build a foundation of resilience, execute their potential and stay faithful to their dreams.

Feminine power requires being in touch with both the light and the dark.

Nobody wants to go through life feeling off-course, out of touch with their truth, or burnt out. The great news is… you don’t have to. Peace of mind isn’t just a dream.


I have been lucky enough to work with Jenn over the last few years and she is truly magical. Jenn is the real deal! She is a mixture of coach, therapist and mystic all in one. She has the ability to blend her brilliant array of coaching skills with her connection to astrology. After my sessions with her I always feel reassured that I am heading in the right direction. I refer to my session notes often to make sure my events are scheduled according to Jenn’s recommendations and when it’s best to stay in my creative mode and when I should be going outside my comfort zone. Jenn has the ability to guide from a place of love and knowledge.
–Christine Egan

Jenn combines her fierce, practical, no bullshit, linear mind with her incredible, powerful, feminine intuitive energy that leaves you feeling balanced, inspired and on fire. Jenn is seriously my go-to when I’m confused in my business, need help in my relationships, or need guidance in my life. She’s truly my secret weapon and highly recommend she be yours too. She’s a wise-woman oracle meets badass business maven and she’ll change your life.
–Julie Santiago

Lunar Logic Moon School was a ‘game changer’ for me. Not only did it provide amazing insight to my personal life, but it also helped me navigate several key moments in my business that, looking back, were pivotal to it’s growth. Jennifer was a blessing – I find all that she does very confusing but she has a way of making it clear, understandable and actionable. Lunar Logic Moon School is now part of my business and my life as a whole and I am forever grateful to Jennifer for the difference she continues to make in my life.
–Michelle Cooper


Great question. It’s for you if…

  • You want to join a community of ambitious, accomplished women, reclaim your mystical powers and enjoy life
  • You want to deepen your relationship with the moon, ritual, the cosmos and magic
  • You have a thirst for adventure and you want to go to Italy for an immersion
  • You understand that working with the cosmos is key to your success
  • You are interested in leveraging evidence protocols from positive psychology too
  • You want to sync your life to your cycles
  • You’re craving the support of an expert and the insights of other women to guide you
  • You understand that life is messy and you’re ready to do the work to rise anyway
  • You want to become your own expert, your own coach, and your own secret weapon so that you can have a huge impact on your world


In this six month mastermind, you’ll receive…

  • 2 PRIVATE ASTROLOGY SESSIONS. By looking at your chart in an indepth process, we’ll chart your success. In these sessions, I’ll guide you lunar cycle by lunar cycle through your year. You’ll have a deep understanding about how the cosmos will influence as well as how you can leverage your potential.
  • 2 PRIVATE COACHING CALLS. You’ll become better at trusting yourself—tapping into your intuitive power so you can confidently move forward in your desired path so you can make significant progress towards your most meaningful life goals by busting through blocks and taking strategic action.
  • 6  MONTHS OF LIVE VIDEO COACHING SESSIONS (RECORDED!). During small group video coaching sessions via Zoom, we’ll discuss the current astrological events and how we can leverage these aspects for tailored action towards our dreams. You’ll get personalized, laser coaching, and will leave each session with concrete steps to make your dreams a reality.
  • NEW MOON AND FULL MOON RITUALS: You’ll have a tailored ritual to your specific needs, and your astrological chart.
  • A TRIP TO ITALY! This once-in-a-lifetime retreat will take you on a journey to beautiful Chianti, Tuscany, where you will immerse yourself in astrology, art, culture, and the divine feminine (and of course food, too!). All retreat costs, including room and board, are included in the cost of the program with the exception of airfare and lunch.
  • PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP ACCESS. We’ll gather together on Facebook between group calls to celebrate our successes, work through moments of uncertainty, and collectively follow the moon and astrological influences.


  • Clarity around your goals and visions for the future, and your very own action plan to make them happen
  • Increased health, vitality, and happiness
  • My unwavering support as you step into a more aligned expression of who you are
  • Each month, you’ll unpack your intention and determine the next right action to take in order to bring you closer to achieving it
  • Cultivate deep trust in your own intuition
  • Discover how to tap into your body’s rhythms coupled with the phases of the moon to stay grounded in who you are and what you want
  • Greater confidence in making strategic decisions and actions
  • Unbreakable resilience, built by utilizing positive psychology and ritual
  • Release what’s holding you back
  • Access to a transformational process that will catapult your life in the perfect direction, empower you to let go of stubborn blocks, as you step into greater levels of success
  • Be surrounded by rip-roaring-smart women supporting you along the way
  • Productivity — new ways to create, launch + lead … without frying yourself to a crisp



Trust that feeling.
Trust that urge.

Trust that knowing.

That’s a cue from your intuition. That part of you that guides you in making pivotal life decisions.

Following my intuition has always steered me in the perfect direction.

Will you trust yours right now?


As an entrepreneur there was this feeling that I should always be pushing, striving, hustling – there was no ease. Through my work with Jen and LLMS I found a rhythm and alignment with the moon that gave the peaks and valleys of my energy and productivity purpose – it’s allowed me to find cycles and ease in my work and I feel like I have a friendly force keeping me centered in the sky.
Cassandra McCrory

Jennifer’s Lunar Logic Moon School was the best investment I have made in myself and my journey – spiritually, personally and professionally. I now consciously work with the lunar phases in all areas of my life, from planning my work hours to my downtime. I take full ownership of my decisions and choices, and I feel that THIS is the greatest gift a woman can give herself. Whether you are a budding entrepreneur, raising a family or simply feeling the call to live the best life you can, working with Jennifer, the Moon, and the Lunar Logic Revolution is the “call to arms” you have been looking for.
–Suzi Russell
My astrological reading with Jennifer Racioppi was an illumination into the depths of my soul from which I walked away with an innate knowing of where I’m headed in this life. I’ll be looking to Jennifer to chart my stars in business and in life for years to come.
–Licia Morelli
President & Freedom Family, LLC


I want to skill-build with you. I want to support you in cultivating your capacities and genius.
I want to resource you so that you can both fulfill your own professional ambitions and use your life to create change in service of all humanity.

I want you to answer the call to something bigger than yourself, AND I want you to to have comfort, joy and pleasure.

I want you to have the skills to understand and work with your body and energy and natural rhythms, not against them.

I want you to use Lunar Logic to navigate the material world with radical skill and tap into your deepening cosmic knowledge as a source of power and prescience.

I want you to do great work without overworking, over giving and burning out.

I want you to see what’s coming and rise to meet it. This is excellence in all things.
This is charting your success.


I can’t wait to welcome you!


What are the dates?
Lunar Logic Moon School starts on April 13th, 2018, just before the New Moon in Aires. We’ll meet virtually for three months leading up to our live retreat in Italy. From June 23rd until June 30th, 2018 we’ll be living at the Tuscan Renaissance Center in beautiful Chianti, where we’ll deepen our connection as a community. Once we return we’ll finish the program virtually. Our final date together is September 24th, 2018, the same day as the Full Moon in Aries.

How much does it cost?
The tuition is $6,995.  The payment plan is $695/month for 10 months. Interested? Apply here. Of course, there is a very affordable payment plan too.

What’s included?
All group and private coaching, access to the private Facebook Group, course materials, accommodations, activities and excursions, and most meals while on retreat in Italy.

What’s not included?
Airfare to Italy, lunch while we’re there, and any memorabilia or other personal purchases on the trip. If you want in-depth private coaching with Jenn during the program (beyond what’s included) you can purchase additional sessions. This is not a certification course or an in-depth training on astrology.

My schedule is all over the place. What if I can’t make the calls?
I put you into strategic groups based on time zone and availability to make it easy for you to be there with us live. If you miss a session, it will be recorded. However, this is not a digital training program. Each call is live and personally led by me. You won’t want to miss them!

Italy sounds great, but I can’t eat gluten or dairy…
That’s not a problem! We have a personal chef who specializes in authentic, local Tuscan cuisine, slow food preparation, and who knows how to accommodate all dietary restrictions.

What if I don’t speak Italian?
Me either! 🙂 Our amazing hosts will handle all necessary translations for us while we’re there.

What exactly are we doing in Italy?
While staying northeast of Siena in a historical monastery turned upscale retreat center, we will enjoy seven days of ritual, astrology, art, food, and wine. At the retreat center, you can stroll through the beautiful rose garden, vegetable garden, olive garden, or vineyard, relax by or take a dip in the olympic-sized outdoor pool, cozy up with a book or connect with your new friends. We’re staying in a 12th century home, all while nestled amidst the beautiful Tuscan hillside.

Daily activities will include:

  • Lunar-inspired chakra balancing yoga with NYC-based yoga instructor, Allie Mason
  • Esoteric tours of Florence + Siena to study art and astrology
  • Moon rituals
  • Excursions to hill towns + vineyards
  • Activities and workshops where you’ll learn about astrology, the Renaissance, and the Divine Feminine

Consider this a transformation vacation.

How do I get to the retreat center?
There will be transportation provided from Florence to the Retreat Center and vice versa. All transportation once on retreat is included.

Do I get to have a private room while on retreat?
All prices are based on double occupancy. Private rooms are limited but available for an extra fee. Please contact me ASAP so we can ensure you have what you need to be comfortable.

How many people are going to be in the program with me?
The absolute max for this program is 24 and we do expect it to sell out.

I love the idea of going offline for the week, but I don’t know if it’s possible for me… Will there be wifi?
While I would love for you to fully unplug for the week, I do understand that you have a life that may need attending to. There will be wifi available for urgent matters.

Do I need a passport?
If this is an international trip for you, then yes—you will need a passport.

This sounds interesting but I am not that woo-woo. Is it for me?
Lunar Logic Moon School blends astrology with positive psychology and integrative approaches to health to create a well balanced combination of inutitive arts and evidence based science. It’s a grounded and magical journey.