Happy Valentine’s Day.

I fondly remember writing valentines as a child—handwritten notes on cute little cards—and passing them out to my classmates. Things felt so much simpler then.

A little bit of chocolate, some sugary pink and red hearts, and any other candy I could get my hands on delighted me. Fast forward to my adult life, and this day comes with many more emotions.

Of course, I love reaching out to my girlfriends to tell them how much I adore them. I will celebrate the day with a dinner, a movie, and a game of Scrabble (yes, scrabble). All of this feels kitschy and fun. But underneath it, a part of me wants to scream from the top of my lungs that we should celebrate love every day—not just on Valentine’s Day.

As an astrologer, I field requests from media outlets who want me to weigh in on what the “stars” say about Valentine’s Day. Yes, it is fun to write or talk about what each zodiac sign needs to know to make this day “extra sexy,” but I also hesitate to feed the idealization that Valentine’s Day creates.

Let’s face it: not everyone can relate to the stereotypical version of Valentine’s Day. I understand this. Over the last few years, as I trudged through the end of my marriage and rebirth of myself, I certainly felt many growing pains regarding love.

To that point, recently, I sat down with my friend, Sarah Tacy, to record an episode for her podcast, Threshold Moments. In this episode, I pull back the curtain to give you the full story of how I traversed the threshold of ending a long-term relationship with my ex-husband.

Sarah is a true friend. Someone I adore, share some of my deepest secrets with, and who has championed me for years, especially the last few. She specializes in somatic work to help her clients process trauma and regulate their nervous systems.

So, instead of telling you how to make today a little extra sexy, I prefer to give the full scoop on how I handled the ending of the most important relationship of my life—my marriage. I hope it will comfort anyone going through non-brag-worthy romantic dilemmas!

Getting to the other side of this dramatic, topsy-turvy time of life required me to pull back from many iterations of my existence: friendships, social media, some of my more visible work, and tune into my body and soul so I could wholeheartedly heal and emerge from the wreckage a better, stronger, happier version of myself. Which, thankfully, I have. I wouldn’t trade the me I am now for anything.

So, with that in mind, I am grateful to share Sarah’s podcast and my story with you today. Please give it a listen and let me know what you think!

As always, I send you all my love!