New Moon in Gemini: Embrace Duality

new moon in gemini

Today’s new supermoon, occurring at 4º Gemini at 3:44pm ET, comes with a grand trine in fire, meaning Saturn, Uranus, and the North Node of fate are all supporting one another. In essence, this new moon helps us unlock our natural abilities to stand out and be different, while nurturing a community of friends, colleagues, and clients.

The energy of Gemini opens the door to new pathways of communication. With Mercury (the ruler of Gemini) in Taurus, ideas are grounded but illuminated. This is the time to talk and be social with friends and collaborators, and focus on listening and building upon each other’s ideas.

Today Venus and Pluto square (an awkward angle), meaning we have to look at our shadows and claim the disowned aspects of ourselves. We are called to take a look at how we relate to ourselves and others, and find a sense of growth in those internal and external relationships. Out with the old habits, in with a more evolved approach and mindset. Not always easy, but necessary.

At the same time, Mars and Saturn are in opposition. When it comes to pursuing our new moon goals, this energy may have us swinging between the pull of aggressive action and the need to withdraw and embrace structure. Gemini has us brimming with ideas, but also a little scattered—with some ideas pulling us in totally different directions. Be sure to bring a sense of focus and not run yourself into the ground.

In many ways, the pushes and pulls of this lunar cycle, and Gemini season, in general, bring us back to the very essence of the Lunar Logic philosophy.

You see, Lunar Logic—the root of how I approach astrology in a practical way—is about embracing ebbs and flows, as well as the duality inherent in ourselves and our world. Lunar Logic emphasizes the balance of the feminine with the masculine. It’s about living with feminine resilience, intuition, authenticity and conviction, while embracing attributes like determination, discipline, and logic.

This isn’t about manufacturing happiness. This is about becoming whole. And this path to becoming whole involves being radically honest with yourself: navigating your dark nights, acknowledging your vulnerabilities, tending to all of your emotions, tuning into your intuitive guidance, and staying devoted to your sensibility.

At the bedrock of all of this is resilience: building our capacity to withstand the low points of life and fully recover, while keeping on the path of flourishing. When we hit roadblocks, when we are pulled in different directions, when we are faced with conflict, we must rise to the occasion and strengthen our resilience muscles. This is the only way to remain healthy, present, and fully functional no matter what life throws our way.

So, welcome this new moon in Gemini with a sense of acceptance and strength. Listen to the call to be social and know when to retreat; look for the transformation in your relationships that are aching to happen; tend to the two sides of you that deserve equal attention and expression. This is who you are, in your entirety. Enjoy the wild ride as you expand your power.

A New Moon in Gemini Ritual

  1. Engage your unique qualities. Get weird. Let your creativity burst. Follow your curiosity and nurture the quirky side of you that may not always be so forthcoming.
  2. Talk it out. With a new moon in Gemini, you may find yourself bursting with new ideas and possibilities with forward movement. Engaging your network will not only help you gain clarity on where to best put your energy, but also may lead to even bigger and brighter ideas.
  3. Commit to your next best move. This new moon you’ve focused on standing out and talking it out. Now it’s time to zero in on a direction and commit, knowing deep down that this is where your energy needs to go.

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Now, I’d love to hear from you in the comments. What’s coming up for you as you welcome the new moon in Gemini?

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  • Kimberly

    I just want to express my gratitude and awe towards what you do. I just got home from a terribly stressful work day and everything in that email just reminded me of who I am and shook me back to now. Thank you a hundred times. My truth has been staring me in the face since childhood and it’s now- today that I decide to look back.

  • Fleur davey

    My next big move I’ve stepped up giving myself a kick instead of being negative about some new.
    I did it and love it
    I started yoga classes at monment 1 per week
    I’m so much calmer and centered
    A new step has formed

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