- Jennifer Racioppi

Cosmic Health is a science-meets-magic approach to conscious wellness that leverages the intersection of integrative health, positive psychology, and astrology to build comprehensive, holistic resilience. This type of resilience stems from knowing and leveraging your astrological chart, working with the cosmic rhythms of the universe, and paying attention to the intervention of serendipity in your […]

Cosmic Health is a science-meets-magic approach to conscious wellness that leverages the intersection of integrative health, positive psychology, and astrology to build comprehensive, holistic resilience. This type of resilience stems from knowing and leveraging your astrological chart, working with the cosmic rhythms of the universe, and paying attention to the intervention of serendipity in your life without giving up the grounded, practicality of science and best-in-class evidence-based practices. 

Cosmic Health is not about surrendering to the stars. It’s not about relying on astrology to tell your fortune, or leave your self-care to the random whims of daily horoscopes. Nor is it about rejecting modern-day science, ditching evidence-based protocols, throwing away the keys of modern medical science. This book is about embracing the “and.” It’s about radical acceptance of your astro-individuality, your intuitive knowing, and real-world science-based health practices. 

Cosmic Health guides you home to your own internal wisdom, taking you on a journey through the universe to uncover a more intuitive understanding of who you are, how you relate to health, and what you need to resource yourself with the knowledge and skills to achieve conscious wellness.

Along the way, I share my story of healing through from gynecological cancer by opening my heart and mind to cosmic guidance and leveraging astrological wisdom, too. I literally followed signs in my life as a way of navigating the complexities of my post cancer existence. This helped me to develop holistic resilience and step into what I call cosmic health.

Through Cosmic Health, you are going to: 

  1. Understand your astro-individuality. Decode your Sun sign to get a precise reading on your individual blueprint. By doing so you’ll better understand your unique health needs based on astrological insights. You’ll learn specific health rituals that support your astro-individuality. 
  2. Complement your spiritual health understanding with evidence-based practices. You’ll ground your astrologically influenced health needs with science-based, integrative health practices based on positive psychology and mind-body health. 
  3. Integrate a new rhythm of health. You’ll tap into a powerful, sustainable practice that embraces key concepts of rhythmicity and impermanence as the backbone of your wellness philosophy.
  4. Reclaim inherent worthiness. Stop outsourcing your worth and start owning your innate power to actualize true self-love and self-care.

Life may never get easier. But you can get stronger—and smarter. Become friends with the stars, and you’ll be much more in-tune with how things are set in motion and how you can best show up in your life ready to take it on. 

How This Book Came To Be: My Story

Six weeks after my 18th birthday, in the midst of a July heatwave at the Jersey shore, alarming abdominal pain caused me to buckle over, fall to the ground, and crawl to the phone to dial 911.

Within minutes my 97-pound frame strapped onto a stretcher, the roars of the ambulance echoed the alarm as anxiety gripped me within. 

Hours later in the emergency room, I found out a tumor the size of a bowling ball ruptured inside my left ovary. I needed immediate surgery. This after my doctors assured me, for months upon months, that my agonizing cramps and super irregular menstrual cycles were “completely normal.” 

Life decided to deliver a twisted repeat—just one year later and days before my sophomore year of college, I received word of a second gynecological cancer diagnosis. Instead of settling in to the first class of the semester, I found myself marching into the operating room for a total hysterectomy. Hours later I woke up in the hospital, castrated and in surgical menopause—30 years too soon. 

Though I feigned gratitude and wholeness—attempting to mimic happiness that modern medicine had saved my life (again)—I felt violated. 

Like two racecars colliding, my life prior to my endometrial cancer diagnosis and my life post radical hysterectomy explosively barreled into one another, engulfing me in flames. My overnight entrance into menopause left me trying to make sense of an equation that failed to add up. I felt dissociated from my body, unable to integrate what I went through and who I’d become in the process. 

To cope, I threw myself into my studies, my relationship with my then-boyfriend, and the role of the “Strong Cancer Survivor” I desperately wanted to own. 

But panic attacks followed. Intense episodes of heart-racing mania regularly brought me to my knees, causing me to question my sanity. I slipped further into anxiety and depression. My doctor suggested zoloft, but it didn’t do the trick. And after an encore stay at the hospital due to surgical complications, I realized I could no longer continue like this. 

So I bought a one-way ticket to San Diego and flew standby to restart my life—and take my health into my own hands. I assumed total financial responsibility for my life.

I secured a job waiting tables two blocks from my new apartment, started saying phrases like “right on” and “for sure,” and began to acclimate. I dove into literature on the mind-body connection, hormonal health, healthy living, and emotional well-being. A true California transplant, I started to explore alternative healing modalities, too. I vowed to banish the darkness and release myself from feeling held hostage inside of myself. 

But no matter how many fresh-squeezed veggie juices I drank or chiropractic adjustments I received, I just couldn’t catch my breath. My body screamed from the loss of something I felt helpless to identity. Was I going to feel so broken forever?

My relief came not through disciplined study or from making the right doctor appointment, but from a serendipitous meeting with a tarot reader in a Lake Tahoe new age/metaphysical shop. It was early spring 2001, and transition loomed like a scary storm out in the distance as the winter wound down, my job teaching ski lessons at Squaw Valley came to an end, and my 3-year relationship with my boyfriend who held my hand through cancer met its final moments. Now three years since my last menstrual cycle, I continued to feel incredibly disconnected from my own wisdom. I needed support.

I wandered to the back corner of the store, where a short tarot reader with long dark hair sat comfortably offering readings while wearing a felt cowboy hat. Debbie seemed like a fairy embodied as a woman. Her petite frame and rhythmic voice spoke to a refined sensitivity informed by her deep connection with nature. Within minutes she earned my respect. 

Debbie’s sharp, intuitive knowing immediately pinpointed the root of my problems, helping me realize that in the wake of my trauma through cancer and hysterectomy, I had lost one critical element to well-being: rhythm. 

What Debbie told me next was something I would never have come across through my parade of health research and doctor’s visits. She told me that to reconnect with my feminine rhythm, I had to develop my relationship with the moon.

A relationship with the moon? Really?! This was going to heal my body from the roller coaster of cancer, hysterectomy, depression, and anxiety? 

My brain and intellect began jousting over the proposition. This skeptical disbelieving repartee went on for some time in my mind until I finally surrendered. I accepted an offer to go to Debbie’s house the next new moon, for a sweat lodge and sacred circle. After all, what did I really stand to lose?

So I made plans to attend this full day event.  Before entering the sweat lodge, an energy worker saged me and told me that my third eye, my psychic center, had extreme power, but due to fear, I shut it down. She encouraged me to meditate on opening it in the sweat lodge. So I did, for hours. I meditated on opening it. And to my own surprise, it worked!

When I got in my car to leave Debbie’s West Shore home, I put my five-speed in reverse, looked up at rearview mirror and noticed an almond shaped protrusion extending from my forehead.  My third eye? A sign, indeed. 

In the weeks following that sweat lodge experience, I took Debbie’s advice and prioritized my intuition and desire above all. Instead of trying to “figure” out my life, I followed the signs around me, and worked off of intuitive guidance. I made plans to move to San Francisco, alone, with next to no money, and proceeded to complete college. I used Debbie’s method of lunar living, and not only did I heal, within time I began to thrive.

I soon came to consider the moon my closest confidante, as syncing with her phases provided my life with a deeply missed rhythm and the courage to go after what I most wanted in life: a purpose-driven career, a thriving relationship, and new avenues for traveling and education. But most importantly, I learned that inherent in the moon’s cycle was a rhythm of creation and destruction, that I could key into day by day, month by month, to cultivate my resilience and happiness. Before too long, I found myself in a state of post traumatic growth: healing from anxiety, and depression. I learned to process difficult emotions and tend to my body with mindfulness and skill. 

I became holistically resilient.

Inspired by the transformation I already felt in motion within me, I learned to decode other planetary cycles, too. In doing so, I finally grasped how our lives are inherently rhythmic, set in motion by the interweaving of dozens of cycles—both internally in the cocoon of our own skin and externally in Mother Earth and throughout the galaxy. We as women are especially connected to the moon, the universe, our hormonal rhythms, and our inexplicable intuition. I became the expert on me, and in doing so, my healing could finally begin in all earnest.

When we learn how to leverage these rhythms—the ups and downs, the initiations of new phases, the closure of others—we learn how to co-create with the cosmic force of creation. We unleash a radical new version of self-ownership, allowing us to pursue sustainable health, achieve a deeper form of happiness, and move forward with resilience to realize our most heartfelt desires. 

Each step I took towards finding health and happiness, I swore my journey wouldn’t be in vain. To make the impact I wanted to make, I knew I would need more education and experience. I doubled down on my studies to become a Duke University certified health coach, an expert in positive psychology and resilience, and a forever student of astrology. In 2011, I opened up my own practice blending transformational coaching with custom astrological guidance.

In the 16 years since that fateful day in Lake Tahoe, I got my degree in Creative Writing, traveled the world, set roots in Brooklyn, climbed the corporate ladder, got married, ditched the corporate ladder, formally studied integrative wellness, positive psychology, and astrology, and built an international business. All of these accomplishments reflect my evolution from post-traumatic stress to post-traumatic growth.

As a success coach blending evidence-based mind-body practices with the science of the stars, I continue my mission to help other purpose-driven women remain embodied, healthy, and grounded as they each make their mark on the world. I know that when internal and external worlds unfold in parallel rhythms, health, happiness, intention, and power magnify.

In short, I support you to become cosmicall healthy.

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