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4 Ways to Embrace the Luckiest Day of the Year

October 26th kicks off on a particularly strong note, with Jupiter and the Sun both aligned in Scorpio. This is often dubbed as the “luckiest day of the year,” where big changes can happen, opportunities easily open up, and long-held intentions finally come to fruition.

With one of the most auspicious days of 2017 upon us, I urge you to find success through service. As the feel-good, positive influence of Jupiter combines with the Sun, we can expect acceleration when it comes to honoring our ambition, but also through being kind and generous with others.

This is a time of productivity and larger-than-life gains—especially for service-driven missions and expansive compassion. Be good to others.

Four Ways to Harness the Energy of Lucky Jupiter and the Sun in Scorpio

1. Connect to your higher calling

With the largest planet in our solar system, Jupiter, and our Sun both in this intense, fixed, water sign, it’s a particularly auspicious time to connect with your life purpose as it relates to how you’ll be in service to the world. Take a few days to consider:

  • Deep down, what is your purpose in life?
  • What are you doing for the planet?
  • How are you orienting your ego with your greater surroundings?

Now is your opportunity to form a stronger alignment between your personal aspirations and what you are meant to offer this world. Achieve a more holistic sense of self by honoring your higher calling as well as your place and duty to Earth and society.

2. Invest in your work

Scorpio’s driven nature also brings a very productive energy, so dive into your work and get things done. The luck of the season will open up opportunity and let things finally fall into place (don’t be surprised that you are making true gains in your work). Use this success to propel further and achieve more.

Even better yet—this work will feel good, as long as you stay aligned with your purpose and reason for your labor. Scorpio is ambitious and emphasizes honesty and sexuality. Use this time to stay in the zone with what you’re doing, and know that maintaining a healthy life balance will ensure you harvest the best fruits of your labor.

3. Don’t be afraid to go big

The industry and responsibility of Scorpio pairs well with Jupiter’s “go big” influence. The giant planet will encourage you to go for things that are bigger than you—especially if they’re service driven. Focus outside of yourself with a sense of devotion, and the big achievements and breakthroughs will come.

With Jupiter in Scorpio, we are poised to make great gains in our personal work and to contribute to our outer environment in a truly authentic and feel-good way. The luckiest day of the year is the perfect time to kick off on a deep-dive into your soul’s purpose and feminine prowess, setting you up for further success. Honor the range of emotions you feel, as that will help you discover your true desires in life and work.

With so much BIG energy circulating, it’s important not to overdo it. Be mindful when it comes to eating, drinking and shopping. Pay close attention to addictive tendencies.

4. Send loving kindness to others

Never underestimate the power of giving to others what you most want to receive. As you go through your day today, imagine others happy, healthy, and whole. Hold the door for a stranger, donate to a cause, or just simply be kind. You may even want to spend some time chanting the Sanskrit mantra, “Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu.” This means, “May all beings everywhere be happy and free, and may the thoughts, words, and actions of my own life contribute in some way to that happiness and to that freedom for all.” Learn the mantra here.

With Jupiter, the biggest planet in the sky aligning with the Sun today, we really want to take a stand for happiness, kindness and well-being.

Now over to you. What are things you do to increase your well-being and good fortune? Any rituals that you use to increase your sense of prosperity? Leave me a comment below!

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  • Katell

    Hi Jenn! I am Scorpio with Scorpio ascendant and I really want to make the most of today. Your words really resonate with me, thanks!

  • Jeanne

    Thank you for sharing your wisdom in such an easy and concise manner! I love your suggestions on ways to honor this energy!

  • Vaishu

    By feeling that I am at peace and the universe has got me in it’s warm hands and everything is going to be okay. Love you 💞

  • Hope

    I am a Scorpio with Leo ascendant. I am looking forward to this amazing energy! To increase my well being, I immerse myself in nature. I LOVE walking dogs at the local shelter during my lunchbreak every day…I dream of someday being able to do more for them.

  • Jessica Tyrrell

    I pray everyday for clarity & abundance. I am really struggling with understanding my true zdesires in life and work.

    • Ryan Worlds

      Jessica, me too! I’m just trying to stay open and mindful so that I can receive the answers when they do come. Here’s hoping we both get the clarity we want!

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